Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do not angry

Heart ping gas and the pain of the heart.
A young boy, have a bad temper, so his father just give him a bag of nails and told him:
" whenever you lose your temper, you'll nail a nail in the back of the court on the fence!"
The first day this boy nails down a total of thirty-seven nail, slowly every day under the nail of the decline in the number, he found that he can control their own temper, than under those nails nail came easier. Finally, one day, this boy will never lose their patience has learnt to temper, he will be glad to tell his father, father hear after told him:
" from now on, whenever you can control their own temper, when it was pulled out a nail!".
A little bit every day in the past, the last boy told his father, he finally put all the nails all pull it out. The Father held his hand to the backyard said:
" you're doing good, that's my baby! But, look at those on the fence nail pull out of the hole left behind after, these fence will always can't reply to sing once upon a time piece of stakes. When you're angry said angry things, just like these nails, like, in someone else's heart has left her with scars! Like you take a knife stab stab someone, no matter how many times you say I'm sorry, the wound will always exist."
Note: between people, often because some can't let go of each other's insistence that caused hurt forever. If we can all from themselves, begin to see the tolerance
To be others, believe that you must have received many unexpected outcome; help someone else to open a window, that is, to allow ourselves to see the more complete the sky.
Especially when people get mad, often can't tell you what a good word. Therefore, in order to avoid build hau industry, and even said the wrong thing and the usual trouble, it should be in a fix
A Multi-put in effort, provided below us a little bit big de experience, let everyone do reference:
(1) angry, take a deep breath before the third, speak again. (people in general are applicable)
(2) when she becomes angry, xiannian amitabha third, speak again. (Buddhism are the most applicable)
(3) angry at the front, two methods, if an appointment after the void, the re-take a deep breath, and then again Buddha ten times, after talking, to ensure the effective.
Why this fù zá de please you big de attention? Because the words of the pain, just like the real wound, like, is unbearable. As the saying goes :" Words to leave a third of the population " so angry but also cautious when words and actions!

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