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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Andrew Yang get recognition

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Entrepreneur Andrew Yang knows most people initially viewed his candidacy for U.S. president – and his campaign promise to guarantee every American a basic, government-funded income – as a gimmick.
"You all heard at some point there's an Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone $1,000 a month," the 44-year-old New York Democrat said to laughter and cheers inside a packed union hall this month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Then he turned serious: "We're in an era of economic change, and we need to think differently."
That way of thinking has propelled Yang, the Ivy League-educated son of Taiwanese immigrants who would be the country's first Asian-American president, from what many considered to be an entertaining diversion to a mainstream contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.
Now Yang's campaign, which began in 2017 but has seen its fortunes rise sharply in recent months, is rushing to catch up with rivals.
He stands near 3% in the latest public opinion polls, putting him in sixth place in the 19-candidate field ahead of numerous sitting lawmakers. His $10 million fundraising haul in the third quarter was the sixth-most among Democrats and more than triple his total for the second quarter.
Most importantly, he continues to inspire a fervent following known as the Yang Gang, supporters who wear blue "MATH" hats - a tribute to Yang's devotion to data that has since become an acronym for "Make America Think Harder" - and revel in his "nerdy" campaign.
When Yang promised to become the first president to use PowerPoint in a State of the Union address, the Las Vegas crowd chanted, "PowerPoint! PowerPoint!"

Yang's central message – that automation is destroying U.S. jobs and that his "Freedom Dividend" is the best way to mitigate the damage – has particularly resonated with young, male Democrats, independents and some Republicans, according to Reuters/Ipsos polls.
In that sense, Yang appears to be drawing many of the same types of voters U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders did in his unexpectedly strong outsider run for the White House in 2016.
According to Reuters polling data, Sanders supporters are three times as likely to choose Yang as their second favorite than backers of either U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren or former Vice President Joe Biden, the other two leading contenders.
Las Vegas resident Kelsey McCormick, 30, said she "fell in love" with Yang after hearing about his universal basic income proposal.
"It's refreshing for a politician to say he'll give people what they need without telling them how to use it," she said.

Buoyed by last quarter's cash infusion, Yang's team is aggressively hiring in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, just in time for the crucial stretch ahead of the first nominating contests in February.
Yang's aides, while reluctant to share precise figures, said the campaign staff - currently in excess of 75 - had tripled since Sept. 1 and would triple again by Nov. 1.
The hiring spree is aimed at translating Yang's online strength – including Yang Gang volunteers across the country – into on-the-ground operations such as neighborhood canvassing and phone banks.
Several Democratic officials in New Hampshire and Iowa said Yang's ground operations still lag well behind those of his main rivals, including Warren, Biden, Sanders and others, who were able to build up teams earlier in the year.
Last week, Yang staffers held a two-day retreat in New York City, where they mapped out strategy and played appropriately nerdy bonding games, like presidential trivia.
The campaign, whose top aides early on were all political neophytes, has brought on more than a half-dozen seasoned Democratic operatives since the summer.

One of those new hires is national organizing director Zach Fang, who oversaw field operations in several states for Sanders' 2016 campaign and previously worked for Democratic U.S. Representative Tim Ryan's presidential campaign this year.
Like many of Yang's supporters, Fang said he joined because Yang's focus on automation made sense to him after he spent time working in Silicon Valley, where he saw firsthand the way technology was threatening traditional work.
"There was no one else saying what Andrew was saying," Fang said. "I didn't realize how many other 'me's' there were out there in the world."
During the Las Vegas town hall, Yang dismissed the various theories propagated by cable television pundits as reasons for Trump's victory in 2016: racism, Russia, Hillary Clinton.
"The real catalyst and the numbers – I'm a numbers guy – is that we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa," he said. "And if that list of states sounds familiar, those are the states that Donald Trump needed to win, and did win."
Yang said Nevada, which relies heavily on its hospitality industry, will lose more jobs to automation than any other state, noting that MGM Resorts International has announced plans to replace bartenders with robots at its casinos.

"We're in the midst of the greatest economic transformation in the history of our country, what experts are calling the fourth industrial revolution," he said. "When is the last time you heard a politician say the words 'fourth industrial revolution'?"

Thursday, October 10, 2019


海外网10月10日电 香港的暴力活动持续数月,严重威胁了公共安全。香港警察每天执法时面对暴徒的攻击,承受的风险和压力愈来愈大,令香港市民既欣慰又心痛。不少香港市民主动用不同的方式慰问警察,一位远隔重洋的11岁加籍华裔男孩Brian(化名),更是利用自己的零用钱买了一大箱零食寄到香港,以示慰问和尊敬。
虽然最近一段时间,香港的暴力活动持续,但是一幕幕暖心的情景也多次上演。近日,一名香港市民目睹暴徒玷污国旗的行径,忍无可忍、挺身而出,虽遭暴徒追击围殴住院,但他仍呼吁市民与暴力割席,“要做勇敢的中国人!”7日下午,香港湖南青年会数十名成员自发集会,拉起写有“止暴制乱,刻不容缓!守家园,撑警察,反暴力!”的横幅,并高喊“支持(特区)政府立禁蒙面法”“支持警队,严正执法”等口号,最后众人合唱国歌。参与此次活动的成员均希望,香港能够恢复平静, 大家热爱祖国也热爱香港,坚决反对和抵制暴力。8日上午,香港警嫂来到香港葵青总区青衣警署,将自己及香港与内地网民共同购买的300余双防暴手套捐赠给警队。得知警署洗衣房因防护衣清洗问题经营受挫,内地热心网友纷纷自掏腰包捐赠物资助港警摆脱困境。

Thursday, October 3, 2019

China is stronger than ever

We study recent China history, we know when your country was weak,other countries would try to invade or occupied just like Japan invaded China before second world and UK waging war with China and occupied Hong Kong.
But the country stronger, internal traitors combined with foreign countries mostly same old imperialist,try to unstabllize China using all kinds of excuses.
But this evil acts will not successful.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Andrew Yang at Peterborough

From Internet

PETERBOROUGH — On his potential path to the presidency, Democrat Andrew Yang leaned on humor to deliver his message at Post and Beam Brewing Thursday night.
“If you’re here tonight, you heard something like this at some point: There’s an Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone $1,000 a month,” he said during his speech, to laughter and whoops and hollers.
That was the tone of the evening, where at least 150 people showed up to see the entrepreneur and tech guru — though crowd estimates varied, since many attendees couldn’t get in the standing-room-only building.
Before starting his speech inside, Yang, 44, stopped for a minute to address a large group of overflow guests who were turned away at the door. He gave a few remarks standing in the brewery driveway and elicited several reverberating cheers.
He touched on all of the trademarks of his campaign: the employment threat of automation and his plan to implement a universal basic income of $1,000 per month to every U.S. citizen over 18. He’s dubbed it the “freedom dividend” and told attendees that many of America’s problems can be solved by putting more money into people’s pockets.
Yang had a clear following at the event. His call-and-response tactics honed over the past few months on the campaign trail were greeted with enthusiastic replies from attendees who knew all the lines in his stump speech.
At one point, Yang explained his plan to pay for a universal basic income with a value-added tax on tech companies, and he compared it — as he has in the past — to one state’s dividend program.
“And what state is that? (ALASKA!) And how do they pay for it? (OIL!) And what is the oil of the 21st century? (TECHNOLOGY!)”
Co-owner Erika Rosenfeld said Post and Beam Brewing has hosted a handful of presidential candidates so far in this political season, and Thursday’s crowd was the largest yet. She said Beto O’Rourke was a close second.
She clarified that the brewery doesn’t endorse any candidate who uses the space for a campaign event, but she said it’s been great to see the building being used that way.
“When we opened we said we wanted to be a community brewery, and part of that is helping people get to know their candidates,” Rosenfeld said.
Pubs were the political hub in America’s youth, she added, so events like these get back to the country’s roots. Plus, having a beer in an intimate setting is more inviting than sitting far away from a candidate on a stage.
“[This] makes it a much more conversational environment,” she said.
Joseph E. Johnson of Jaffrey attended with his 8-year-old daughter Sienna. While he’s researched Yang before and plans to check out his book from the library, Thursday was the first time Johnson had seen the candidate speak.
He already liked his ideas, he said, and “this just sealed the deal.”
Johnson said he’s supporting Yang because of the universal basic income and his plans to tackle climate change.
Yang told the Post and Beam crowd that he’s in the camp that believes climate change “is worse than you think.” If elected, he would sign the U.S. back onto the Paris Agreement, but he said America also needs to “lead a global effort.” There are ecosystems that need to be protected and rebuilt, he said, and other countries need help turning to renewable energy sources.
“I would pass a Constitutional amendment saying that safeguarding the environment has to be a core responsibility of the government, to make sure it stands the test of time,” Yang added.

Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren tax policies

From NewYork Time

In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, and Andrew Yang, a former tech executive and entrepreneur, have both proposed bold plans for redistributing economic resources.
Their plans are as different as can be. Only Mr. Yang’s is practical.
Let’s start with some undeniable preliminaries. First, we live in a time of great economic inequality. Economists debate the roles of technology, trade and public policy in explaining this fact. But there is no doubt that disparities in income and wealth are far greater todaythan they were half a century ago.
Second, reasonable people can disagree about the role the government should play in addressing this inequality. The issue involves not just economics but also political philosophy. Like most people, I have opinions on this thorny question, but I won’t try to resolve it all here.
Instead, let’s consider a simpler question: Assume that one way or another, the government is going to pursue new policies to increase the equality of economic outcomes. Given that assumption, what is the best approach?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Andrew Yang about culture and ceremony

From Yang2020
There are many draws on the President’s time. Promoting an agenda. Meeting with legislators. Directing the executive branch. Receiving briefings and keeping America safe from enemies both foreign and domestic. Pardoning turkeys.
One of those things doesn’t seem to fit on the list.
While certain ceremonial aspects of the Presidency are important, they pale in comparison to the work done each and every day. Additionally, the number of cultural or ceremonial events in this diverse and populous country is huge, and the President can’t possibly make an appearance at every important event.
By appointing a Head of Culture and Ceremony, the President can have a surrogate dedicated specifically to attending these important cultural touchstones. This will drastically increase the number of events that the office of the President can be represented at. It will also allow someone to be selected for the talents required to maximize the value of these events. The position can rotate periodically so that different people can take it on over a given term.

Monday, September 23, 2019

AndrewYang about Robo-calling

From Yang2020

Robo-calling has become somewhere between an irritation and harassment for millions of Americans.  Companies have determined that the cost of a robo-call is zero so if even a handful generate sales leads they pay off.  This has led to many of us tuning out our phones and regarding people reaching out to us with suspicion as we pick up to hear an automated voice pitching us something we don’t need.  
Our attention is valuable, and companies that occupy it should be improving our lives.  If they are simply wasting our time there needs to be some disincentive or deterrent.
As President, I will initiate a robo-calling text line.  If you receive a robo-call that you feel was a waste of your time, simply forward the number that called you to our robo-call investigations line (800-ROBOCAL).  The FCC will follow up with the company that called you.  If the FCC receives numerous complaints about a particular company, they will issue significant fines.  This will quickly discourage companies from adopting marketing tactics that customers find unpleasant or unwelcome.  

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Andrew Yang interview

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Andrew Yang gives 10 families 1000dollars

Americans are lining up in hopes they'll be among the 10 lucky recipients of one of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang's "Freedom Dividends." But those hoping for a cash handout face lottery-like odds: As of Monday, at least 450,000 people had entered Yang's raffle to receive the $1,000 per month allotment through his campaign website. 
To enter, hopeful recipients must visit and enter their name, email address and Zip code. Entries will close Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Alexis willing to help Andrew Yang


I like this idea so much I'll do it personally for those 10 people if you can't. We talk about the future of AI often at
-- our nation needs to start exploring ways to adapt to the massive automation shift that's already happening.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


#YangMediaBlackout suddenly became Twitter trend in USA. How come YangMediaBlackout so popular?
This was because @AndrewYang , one of the USA presidential candidate treated badly by USA main stream media.
During the first democratic debate, Andrew Yang talked only less than 3 minutes but other candidates all talked beyond three minutes, Some even talked nearly 20 minutes.
This was the unfair situation.
This biased media is MSNC.
During the second Democrats debate, Andrew Yang talked about 5 Minutes , and Andrew Yang talked to the points and people started to Google Andrew Yang. His Twitter followers increased greatly. Now Andrew Yang got 740k followers, not bad at all.
The YouTube video showing Andrew Yang in Democrat second debate taken down by CNN after few weeks. That gave the impression that CNN wants to destroy AndrewYang.
About releasing poll results ,Andrew Yang got the 5th place but the main stream simply ignore it or never showed his photo.
That is Why Andrew Yang Supporters feel badly and Twitter #YangMediaBlackout ,and suddenly it become the hot #.
Thanks, #YangGang ,the Yang supporters. Let's continue to Google AndrewYang.


Andrew Yang is one of the USA Democratic presidential candidates. Trump said:" I am worrying some unknown persons coming for election.".
Actually Trump no need to worry for that. What he worries is that he will be defeated in next year election.
This is not easy especially for Asian to run for presidency.
Main stream medias just try every means to stop people to know Andrew Yang. Either they intentionally not included his name,photo even his poll results were higher than others.
So , Andrew Yang supporters #YangGang ,have to do something and they put efforts to advise people to #GoogleAndrewYang , that's why #GoogleAndrewYang ,becomes Twitter trend sometimes.
Election must be conducted in fair manner , #YangMediablackout ,also Twitter trend sometimes.
Now @AndrewYang , is moving slow but steadily.
Twitter followers are shooting up to 850000, incredible.
To counter bias, AndrewYang also come up with some surprising plan.
You can go to to find out .

Friday, September 13, 2019

Andree Yang USA president 2020

Let's visualize Andrew Yang the USA president what benefits he will give to voters.
Ubi universal basic income of $1000 will go to your wallet for the duration of his two term.
Housewives get awarded and appreciated.
Jobless one can survive.
Many people will become happier, healthier.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Andrew Yang universal basic income

Andrew Yang the USA 2020 President hopeful, his proposal about universal basic income of $1000 I'd the good idea.
The money comes from giant companies in which they earn tones of money, some even never pay taxes. I think human beings need to ready having the new mindset. We need to be ready caring to all fellow citizens especially the middle class and lowest class.
We need to ready make Americans think harder. Big companies benefited from automation and new technologies. Because of this, many people lost the jobs.
So, all these accumulated profits must not just benefit the few big investors. Some of the profits need to be shared amongst all citizens from beggars to the richs. Human beings need to put humanity inside everybody soils. Caring must be done through real action. To be fair, Universal basic income will be given to those citizens age between 18 to 64.
Can you imagine this kind of unselfishness will create appreciation.
For those wealthy, they can donate out if they want.
All people will be happier, healthier.
This is what I like to see.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Fassi Family of New Hampshire - Andrew Yang's 2019 Freedom Dividend ...

"We're going to get people clean drinking water, that's for damn sure." ...

"I Voted for Mr. Trump... I'll Have to Follow You Now." | Andrew Yang fo...

Andrew Yang Talk After BIll Maher Show

Simulation #162 Andrew Yang - UBI & Presidential Candidate 2020

Andrew Yang Portland Oregon July13 LiveStream Andrew Yang YangGang Rally...

Inside the internet-fueled rise of Andrew Yang

Joe Rogan Experience #1245 - Andrew Yang

Yang: Amazon needs to pay their fair share

Andrew Yang can win USA Presidential election 2020

Andrew Yang is now extremely popular on internet. On line users just type or google Andrew Yang, all information about Andrew yang will appear.
Andrew Yang got a sign that his top campaign issue is resonating when, he said, Joe Biden sidled up to him during a commercial break at the first presidential debate last month.
“No matter what happens, Andrew, you and I need to sit down and talk about the fourth industrial revolution because I’m terrified that we’re going to gut the middle class,” Yang recalled Biden telling him.
“And I said, ‘Hell yeah, Joe,” Yang said Tuesday during a campaign appearance in San Francisco. “This is a very, very positive thing that the message is getting through in ways big and small.”
     As Yang puts it, the U.S. is “in the third inning” of “the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of the country,” and its leaders have done little to prepare for the changes ahead.
One of his solutions: Offer a universal basic income of $1,000 a month to every citizen, regardless of income. He says it’s not meant to replace existing safety-net programs. He would pay for it with a 10% value added tax, a form of taxation used in 160 countries where goods are taxed at every point along the supply chain.
“We’re going to create a trickle-up economy,” Yang said, adding that even Republicans would support a universal grant because “cash is very hard to demonize.”
While he’s been the idea’s only proponent in the Democratic field, Yang said that the personal relationships he has developed with his fellow candidates make him “very confident that we’re going to mainstream the issues that are important to this campaign in the days and weeks to come.”

Unlike some of his better-known rivals, Yang is in good position to make the debate stage September 12 in Houston when the qualification requirements double. To qualify, candidates must receive 2% support or more in four national or early state polls and donations from at least 130,000 donors. Yang is one of eight candidates who has met the donor threshold.
There’s a quirkiness to Yang’s campaign that has caught on with a sliver of voters. His acolytes — dubbed “The Yang Gang” — chant “PowerPoint” at his rallies. They wear ball caps that say “math” on the front — for “Make America Think Again” — a nod to the business entrepreneur’s pride in being “numerate data-driven,” 
From: San Francisco Chronicle
Andrew Yang is one of the best USA Presidential candidates considering him as the non veteran politician. There are so many supporters across USA including white,black yellow. left right.
Yes, Andrew Yang can do it for sure. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Andrew Yang 2020 USA President

Andrew yang and Yang Gang become popular on Internet.
Andrew yang proposed to give those citizens age 18 to 64,to get $1000 every month.
This is sensible to collect tax from those companies which earn huge profits.
This $1000 can make people happy,healthy and money circulated to create jobs as well.
This policy call Universal basic income.
Andrew yang gain more and more popular.
Can Andrew yang can become USA President?
I think Andrew Yang got the hope.
Let us study more about Andrew yang and his policies in next posts.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

William Tan Seng

I am William Tan Seng,I joined face book many years ago. My face book friends slowly decreased because I have no extra time to go press "praising". and mostly I post same type of words related to Namoamituofo, Chinese call 南摩阿弥陀佛。If you want to add my as friend, I welcome you.But you can see my post always Amituofo 阿弥陀佛。



Thursday, July 11, 2019

Peaceful mind

Life is ready short and now I realize the which one is important and not.
Now, I using the formula to examine.
Eyes,hearing, taste,mind: What we see/hear/taste things and it will affect our mindset. For example,I read news about trade war, Huawei saga and Hong Kong protests and my mind will have the opinions. My opinions can be different from others due to individual experience and background. From that it creates like and dislikes. Our emotions can be happy,sad,agitated,etc. This is ready bad because it creates greed,hatred and stupidity.
Realizing this, I don't want to be attached to all these, I want peaceful mind,this is my freedom of choice. I don't want to be in this daily confusion. So, I have deleted my recent blog posts about current affairs related to China,USA,Hong Kong.
After deleting it,I feel so nice,all my rubbishes cleared and I can focus beautiful things.
Life is ready good,it is up to individual. Actually my good friend told me to do something good and don't bother all these worldly conflict.
I take the advice and I think it is good to stop writing all these rubbishes.

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龍德 上師:給世間女子的四個忠告Lung Du Yung Jing Rinpoche:the four advices for the women.

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