Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Graceful world

An article which I like to share with you. There is six tips provided.

1. Be grateful to those who have hurt or harmed you, for they have reinforced your determination.

2. Be grateful to those who have deceived you, for they have deepened your insight.

3. Be grateful to those who have hit you, for they have reduced your obstacles.

4. Be grateful to those who have abandoned you, for they have taught you to be independent.

5. Be grateful to those who have made you stumble, for they have strenghthened your ability.

6. Be grateful to those who have denounced you, for they have increased your wisdow and concentration.

So, Be grateful to those who have made you Firm  & Resolute and helped in your achievement.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Living in a Grateful world

 As a great virtue said in "Living in a Grateful World":

Grateful to the person who hurt you, because he tempered your mind;

 Grateful to the person who deceived you, because he has improved your knowledge; Be grateful to the person who beats you, because he eliminated your karma;

Grateful to the person who abandoned you, because he taught you to be self-reliant;

Grateful to the person who tripped you, because he strengthened your ability;

Be grateful to the person who scolds you, because he has contributed to your concentration.

These few words are worthy of our deep consideration.  Generally, we grit our teeth with hatred for those who have hurt ourselves, and even hope that something unsatisfactory will happen to him.  But in this passage, we should "grateful for those who hurt you."  Why should you be grateful to him?  Because if no one has ever hurt us, we may be like flowers in a greenhouse, unable to withstand any wind and rain. It is precisely because someone has hurt us. When we recover from this injury, our minds  It has matured greatly.

"Be grateful to the person who scolds you, because he has contributed to your concentration." Many people think that they are well-trained and never lose their temper.  Why?  Because many people around him are admiring him, complimenting him, and saying some beautiful things to him.  When a person suddenly came to him one day and pointed to his nose to scold him, if he could still maintain that kind of cultivation, that kind of smile, and that kind of patience, this would show a person's true determination.  Hui.

 So we should be grateful to all those who are helpful to us.  This is just as the great writer Balzac said: "The things in the world are never absolute, and the results are completely different from person to person. Suffering is a stepping stone for genius, a wealth for capable people, but it is for the weak.  An abyss."

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Life is wonderful

 Life is wonderful indeed. To live happily til last breathe is all human want.

For body, we need food to survive day by day. To live properly, we need right mindset. We need to adopt positivity.

Humans all got different mindset. The highest mindset is free from hatred, greed and silliness.

Some people having hatred like to carry out terrorist activities. These people have zero wisdom and their lives wouldn't be good but they will suffer sooner or later. 

Greed is very common. The wise person wouldn't get whatever not supposed to get. Those robbers will have bad lives somehow.

Everything happened all got reasons behind.

With right mindset, we wouldn't easily by negative propaganda.

In short, we need to examine ourselves, try to amend all our mistakes, then we can have positive life.

All human need to live happily even beliefs are different because of different locations, different teachings, different cultures. We can't follow bad practice if we know it is bad for human.

We do our best.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Singapore enforces new environmental law

 From 1st September, anymore who dine in hawker centre, after eating you have to clear your tray, tissue, bowl, cup to a collection point. Those who never do, you will given warning or advice. Second time, if you never do it, then you will be fined just 300 dollars.

From next year onwards coffee shops you have to do also, if not you have to prepare " donating " 300 dollars only.

Dish collecters only responsible for cleaning dining tables. Those who has genuine inability to carry will be excused.

So, if you visit Singapore, please take note on it. If you don't want to wear mask, if get caught, you have to prepare to pay fine or go court. Singapore law is very strict, don't play play ok!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Fortune and misery

 The Exalted One (Lao Tzu) states: Fortune and misery do not happen at 

random and nor are they the result of chance or machinations; they are 

instead caused by the karmic actions of each individual. The rewards for a 

person's virtue and good deeds as well as the consequences of evil deeds 

follows each like a shadow.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Peace starts with me

 Yesterday I went to coffee shop to have dinner. A 80 years old said he always tell people to do good things. This old man that he was very disappointed of human beings don't want to do good things but all bad things.

I told him just focus on doing good things . You can advise them to do good but don't be unhappy because they don't want to do.

We have to do ourselves within. Anyway human beings can do ready good if they can wake up.

I think Buddha teaching is ready good especially in this era.


Buddha told us not to kill, steal, illegal sex, lies, alcohol, etc.

The important part is to have compassion towards all lives

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Common karma and different karma

Master Chin Kung always teach people about human lives. Let's see what master said: Everyone hopes to have blessings, and fortunes must also be motivated.  The Buddha tells us in all scriptures that generosity is the cause and condition of all blessings.  The wealth, wisdom, health and longevity we have gained are the result.  The retribution does not come out of thin air, it is accumulated in the past life.  There are reasons and destinies for accumulating merit.  Because of victory and inferiority, your heart is brave and disorganized.  Fate also has advantages and disadvantages. When you encounter a great fate, the result is particularly good; when you encounter a fate that is not victorious, the fruit is almost repaid.There is no cause and effect in all the laws of the world. If we want to accumulate merits and cultivate real merit, we must know how to give and provide, especially the Dharma, and the Dharma. This merit is boundless.  If you are truly willing to give, give sincerely, help the society, and help all suffering beings. If you are blessed or not, if you give it to everyone, the accumulated virtue will become more and more extraordinary.  We know that we are blessed, and we must work hard to grow blessings. We hope that this blessing will grow, the Three Treasures will bless us, and the Dragon Heaven will bless us.We see that today's society is not good, and there are many people who cause evil karma, which is a precursor to the future of the great catastrophe. Fortunately, there are also people who have accumulated meritorious deeds. Therefore, there are still Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to support and stabilize the catastrophe.  If no one in this place accumulates their contributions, the future of this area will be unimaginable.  It's good for us to understand these things in our hearts, so when we meet a real fellow Daoist, we must persuade him to study hard, turn evil into good, and turn confusion into enlightenment.  Although karma has common karma and different karma, our other karma can affect the common karma, especially when there are many Buddhist students and many people who truly cultivate, it is decided to influence the common karma.There are too many people in the world now, and it is prone to war.  Especially because of the inequality between the rich and the poor, most people live in this world and complain about others. This is very terrifying.  In today's world, the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons has gradually increased, and the world's ethical and moral concepts have fallen, which is terrible.  No one can predict the change of the situation right now. It is really changing rapidly. We know the current situation, and we have to be serious about the practice of Buddhism.  Especially in this era, with natural disasters and man-made disasters, Teacher Li said before his death that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas could not be saved by this catastrophe, and sentient beings felt karma.We have common karma with all beings, but there are different karma in the common karma, which is individual practice.  Individuals earnestly practice, this is another karma, which can avoid disasters.  We know that after a great disaster, there are some people who can be spared, and those who can be spared are blessed.  As the saying goes, if you don't die in a catastrophe, you will have a blessing. If he is not blessed, how can he escape the disaster?  There is no way to restore the common karma of all living beings. There are different karma in the common karma, not individual ones. This is something we should cherish especially If you are truly motivated and practice according to teachings, then you are a bodhisattva, and a bodhisattva lives in the world.  The Bodhisattva lives in this area, protects the Buddhas in the ten directions, and protects the dragon and heaven. This place is blessed. In the great catastrophe, this place can avoid disasters.The most extraordinary merit in the world is no more than practicing the pure patriarchal school. If we want to be blessed, we must honestly recite the Buddha.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Time to relax

 This is ready the confused world. Now, I stop blogging for a while.

It is time to relax now.  Bye bye now.

Thank for all readers who visiting my site. Appreciate it and I found there is huge readership recently.

Thanks. Bye bye.

See you next month.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Student guide for USA

Time to study useful student guide, how to be happy person. This is chapter 4– Be Trustworthy , this book is suitable for USA


“When I speak, honesty is important. Deceitful words and lies must not be tolerated. “

My view : USA always telling lies , fabricated washing powder as weapons of mass destruction, USA used this as the excuse to invade a middle east country. Ex USA secretary of state Pompeo telling people he was lieing all the time. So, he is not the trustworthy person. Whatever he says after that, how can you trust him. We don’t tell lies if we want to have blessed life.


” Rather than talking too much, it is better to speak less. I will speak only the truth, I will not twist the facts. “

My view : USA smearing China non stop. USA always twist the facts and collected all fake information from those anti China USA politicians and chinese traitors. USA just use this to smear China, like genocide, forced labor, etc.


“Cunning words, foul language, and philistine habits must be avoided at all costs.

What I have not seen with my own eyes, I will not readily tell to others. What I do not know for sure, I will not easily pass on to others. “

My view : USA smearing China without evidence and simply said China viruses and created Asian hate and many American Asian get bullied, beaten. We know USA having bad government because the president behave badly.

To be continued……

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Human and world peace

 Now year 2021, the world still not peaceful. It looks like the world still in conflict.

Conflicts on race, nation, ideology, religion, etc. The only thing we can do is to make ourselves peaceful. We do what we can to upgrade ourselves.....

We have no extra energies to tell others but we need to focus ourselves.

Life is short but precious. Don't critical other race, religion, ideology etc. Don't have the mindset that only we are right, others all wrong. Instead we must respect all races, religions, ideologies.....

All human are not perfect. Even if you think you are perfect but not all will agree because human beings are full of hatred, greed and stupidity and we must change ourselves to be better, the positive energies or frequencies will flow out the whole world.

More positive frequencies need to send out to the whole world to dilute negative energies.

Whatever we do, there will be the outcome good or bad and time will come, this is the natural law.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Think objectively

 In life, many people can't act independenly while facing strong partner.

Internationally, weak countries also behave the same, they are manipulated by strongest country.

Even that strongest country telling lies, smearing, these weak countries just follow their instructions. This is the cruel fact.

But there is the price.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Human wisdom 7

 There is no eternal night in the world, and there is no eternal winter in the world.

Learning must be like a bee, plucking many flowers in order to produce honey.

Successful people are always willing to do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

The hardworking bee never has time to mourn.

 Luck is a chance that happens to hit your efforts.

 Gain calmness, lose calmness, go with the flow, and fight for the inevitability.

 Life can't be deceived. A person has to live upright.

 Life is like a play, and playing your own role is the key to the success of the play.

Don't try to add time to your life, but give life to your time.

Human wisdom 6

Facing difficulties, pessimists often only see the negative side of things.

 Don't always feel that you are miserable. There are more people in the world who suffer than us.

 With a selfless love, you have everything.

 Behind every hard work, there must be a double reward.

Others will always be right, and I will always be wrong. This way, there is no trouble.

The one who suffers is always oneself, remember that suffering is the blessing.

Those who sow with tears can certainly harvest with a smile.

The value of a person is determined by oneself.

The name of the bystander will never climb on the scoreboard of the game.

 Anyone can give up, don't give up yourself.

Sometimes, trash is just a misplaced talent.

Human wisdom 5

People always cherish what they haven't got, and forget what they have.
 I would rather regret it after doing it than regret it if it was missed.
 Fate is responsible for shuffling the cards, but it is ourselves who play the cards.
 Hold the best hope and prepare for the worst for your best efforts.
The biggest mistake in life is constantly worrying about making mistakes.
 There is no such thing as failure unless you stop trying.
Life is only inevitable, there is no accident.

Human wisdom 4

 I just read an article, I quote : "  

How to avoid assumptions?

It’s impossible to avoid assumptions. But one can try.
  • Check first whether it’s true or false
  • Question more
  • communicate properly
  • Stop controlling your life (false beliefs)
  • Being mindful- in other words, realise that it’s only an assumption and not to jump to conclusions ." 
  • Regarding Xinjiang, I think genocide is based on assumption and political ideologies. If not evidence, it is smearing.

Human wisdom 3

 The establishment of life's great deeds is not in knowing, but in being able to do it.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Human wisdom 2

 Looking for hope from despair, life will be glorious in the end.

Human wisdom 人生智慧

Wednesday, July 7, 2021



记得七十年代,中国人民很苦,华侨送衣服给中国的家乡.一九七八年邓小平访问新加坡之后,大力改革发展,人民温饱慢慢解决.一九八九年,一批学生太急了,也要学西方示威,局势一发不可收拾,背后有一股局外人势力再推动,当然是不怀好意.邓小平成功把局势控制下来.. 当然一改革开放的副作用就是如此.



Saturday, June 26, 2021

Our destinies all made by ourselves

 World population is about 70 over billions and each individual has different destiny.

According to Buddha teaching, all human beings ' destinies all made by own selves.  So we don't blame others but because of our hearts.

If you poor because you are very stingy probably in the previous life. If you are rich probably because you helped people financially in the past life.

If you get killed probably due to you had killed people in the past life.

Because we are not Buddha so we don't know all these. But Buddha the enlightened one who had given the teachings 2500 years ago.

Our life can change for the better if we follow the teaching.

Basically, Buddha wanted us to live the happy lives, and we have to get rid of greed, hatred and stupidity.

Because of greed, hatred , we all attached to it and not awaken and have to go through recarnation again and again.

Buddha teaching is suitable for all human. In flat it is not the religion. It is the human education.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Covic 19 vaccination

 Yesterday I just vaccinated . Before that I made an appointment. On appointment day, I went to designated site.

After registration, nurse asked some questions like any fever, sickness, medication, etc. I said no.

Then the nurse gave me a dose of vaccine. After that proceeding to the hall for 30 minutes observation.

After 30 minutes, found no side effects. And they gave me some masks, sanitizer.

Then I went home..

Saturday, June 19, 2021

NTUC e voucher so easy to use

 As a NTUC member, this was the first time I using e voucher worth 30 dollars given by NTUC as the small appreciation.

Yesterday 18.06.2021 morning I received the message , it said the e voucher expire on 18.6.2021. so I had to act fast.

I was thinking what to buy? Yes, I could buy underwear. I chose A brand 13.9 dollars, B Brand 15.9dollars, total 29.8 dollars. Just nice 30dollars could cover the total costs.

How to use it, the cashier just scan the QR code given by NTUC, I purchased it withiwith this e voucher instantly. This was the first experience.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Pure mind

 In order to live peacefully in this wicked world. As an individual, we need to have the following.

1. Sincerity: It means doing anything , you must truthful to yourself and others.

2. Pure mind : mind must be pure, free from all types of greed, hatred and stupid acts.

3. Equality: To all , treat them with true equality, even treat all other living things well.

4. Awaken : must know whatever you do, there is the good and bad outcome.

5. Kind : kind to all living things.

6. See through : the nature of universe .

7. Let go all unnecessary things.

8.freedom of yourself. Without a dot of fear.

9 get along with nature , human.

10. Recite pure mind, recite Namoamituofo to have focused mind, free from all other attachment.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Free of hatred

 Do you have hatred? In America, almost all have hatred, so none of them are awaken. Why? All American are systematically brainwashed by medias, politicians to anti China. When you anti China, it mean you have hatred. Having hatred, how can you enlightened? An enlightened person is the one who has no hatred at all.

How to leave this world peacefully

 Life is precious. If you want to leave this world peacefully. Then you must ready serious of what you did. The key point is not to hurt others like killing , smearing and anything simply of selfishness and hostility.

Don't follow those bad politicians, those morally corrupt one.

But it is up to you. If you want to leave this world peacefully, do good deeds. Heaven will know all your actions.

So, you decide.

Monday, May 17, 2021

The secret of happiness

 In this confused world, it is not easy to live peacefully daily. So many disasters, pandemics, conflicts, etc.

For me, I want to live longer, what should I do? My eyes can't see anyhow to reduce something horrible into my brain. Because all things we see will enter into my brain and it will create " troubles" for me. I should not write, talk anyhow, it will reflect my mentality. If my mentality is positive , then it is ok. But if my mentality is negative, then My words will affect others badly. So now, I try not to write anyhow. I must relax, it is important for me now.

I must cautious in whatever I do, try to do all good deeds.

My secret actually is reciting Namoamituofo.



Tuesday, May 11, 2021



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Tuesday, May 4, 2021








  • 一句佛号(南无阿弥陀佛!),能消灭八十亿劫生死重罪(这是过去的)。
  • 一句佛号(南无阿弥陀佛!),能息除人生烦恼,消灾延寿得福慧(这是现在的)。
  • 一句佛号(南无阿弥陀佛!),能跳出六道轮回,往生极乐世界,永远长生不灭(这是将来的)。



Saturday, May 1, 2021

Clearing rubbishes

 Yes , We need to clear rubbishes as often as possible, on streets, home, shopping centres, etc. We all feel comfortable and easy if the places are clean and tidy.

The most important is to clear our rubbishes inside our mind.

Our brain keep absorbing all kinds of rubbishes. With so many rubbishes, we will become rubbish men.

Time to clear these rubbishes now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Help each others

 We human must help each others. No more fighting regardless of different ideologies. Discarding hostility is good for whole world.

Due to India rapid covic19 development, China had already sent many oxygen respiratory equipments to China.

Help each others.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Dialogue is better than confrontation

 "120 years of ups and downs", the "Korea Daily" said on the 21st that after the Sino-US Dialogue, two symbolic pictures became hot spots on the Chinese Internet. One was that the powers of 11 countries, including the United States, forced China to sign in 1901.  The scene of the "Xin Chou Treaty" that humiliated the country, and the other is at the Sino-US Dialogue 120 years later, Yang Jiechi reprimanded the US side, "You are not qualified to say in front of China that you are talking to China from a position of strength."  According to the report, the first result of the talks is that China has shown that it can look at the United States. This is in sharp contrast with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's "benevolence" to two senior US officials who visited recently.  The second result is that China and the United States have avoided strategic misjudgments.  Through this meeting, the Chinese side once again drew red lines for the United States in terms of sovereignty, core interests, and the dignity of the Chinese nation, and demonstrated a strong sense of presence internally and externally.  The third result is that Sino-US relations have not completely broken down.  Although the two sides started talking with each other at the beginning of the talks, they still left room for follow-up dialogue.The report also said that China has also gained in the process of tightening the encirclement of China by the United States, that is, South Korea and India are still reluctant to name and directly target China under pressure from the United States, which means that China’s neighbors are not willing to "  "Choose a side station" or overstimulate China.  With loopholes in the U.S. strategy toward China, China's negotiating power with the U.S. is increasing. The U.S. media has paid attention to the eight areas mentioned in the Xinhua News Agency’s report that the two parties agree, hope or are committed to cooperation and discussion.  The US "Boston Globe" said that after the talks full of gunpowder flavor, Chinese state media said that China and the United States "both sides are committed to strengthening dialogue and cooperation in the field of climate change" and discuss other issues.  This sign indicates that the talks between the two sides have made progress, albeit small.  According to the report, China and the United States decided to establish a joint climate change working group and discussed and discussed the promotion of exchanges between the embassy and other groups including the media.Mr. Biden, stop speaking harshly to China." The New York Times stated on the 19th that the Biden administration has not changed the chaotic China policy during the Trump era and that the United States should take measures to ease the tension between the United States and China.  .  The article puts forward five suggestions for the future development of Sino-US relations: The United States should resume exchange programs such as Fulbright Scholarships; stop stigmatizing Confucius Institutes; allow Chinese journalists who were previously deported by the Trump administration to return to the United States; lift restrictions  The practice of Chinese Communist Party members entering the country; inviting China to reopen the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  The article said that although these are small moves, they are of great significance to the establishment of mutual trust between China and the United States and can pave the way for more difficult problems. "China is poking the wounds of the United States", the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Germany stated that the geopolitical dispute between the United States and China will be the main contradiction in the next ten years and beyond.  However, even under tension, there is still room for cooperation between the two sides.  The world expects the two largest economies to cooperate in areas of common interest.  The United States believes that its opening remarks will leave China speechless, but China completely refutes the argument that the United States believes it can still act as a "beacon of democracy in the world."  According to reports, Trump's four years in power has damaged the image of the United States in the world.  Chinese diplomats clearly demonstrated Beijing's new confidence in "rising east and falling west (that is, the rise of the East and the decline of the West)." China and Russia coordinate diplomatic steps. As Biden strives to re-establish the leadership position of the United States in the world, the relationship between the United States and its two major geopolitical opponents is facing severe tests." The Associated Press stated that the Biden administration has dealt with China and China in the past week.  Russia has taken an unusually tough stance.  Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "relentless killer." Senior US officials criticized a series of issues in China during the dialogue, and both Moscow and Beijing responded forcefully.  According to the report, after participating in the perfect middle-level high-level dialogue, Brinken will travel to Brussels on the 22nd to participate in the NATO foreign ministers meeting.  The U.S. State Department stated that Brinken will emphasize the Biden administration's “reinforcing the determination of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance and revitalizing the relationship between the United States and its allies through NATO” and discuss “how to cooperate on the basis of common values ​​to meet global challenges from Russia and China.”  . On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will visit China.  RIA Novosti stated that the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers will discuss the status and prospects of strategic cooperation between the two countries, and organize high-level meetings and celebrations to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the "Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation".  The two foreign ministers will also exchange views on bilateral cooperation in international affairs.  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the two countries hold similar or consistent positions on most global issues and intend to further coordinate their diplomatic steps closely.  During the meeting of the two foreign ministers, a joint statement on global governance issues will be issued.Sputnik News Agency said that the chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Friendship, Peace and Development Committee Tavrovsky said that Biden’s remarks against Putin and the US’s rudeness towards China in the dialogue show that no matter who the US is with  Neither will cooperate on an equal footing.  "Of course, the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers will discuss the issue of the United States. But the most important thing is to strengthen bilateral relations, that is, military, economic, and political relations. If we become stronger and coordinate these forces, then the United States will have to buy it and stop being unreasonable.  behavior".

Friday, March 19, 2021

The world needs cooperation not conflict

 From March 18th to 19th, the China-US high-level strategic dialogue was held in Anchorage.  After the dialogue, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi accepted media interviews. Yang Jiechi said that in the past two days, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and I had long-term strategic communications with Secretary of State Brinken and Assistant Sullivan, and conducted candid and constructive exchanges on our respective domestic and foreign policies and bilateral relations.  This dialogue is beneficial and conducive to enhancing mutual understanding.  The two sides still have important differences on some issues.  China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests.  China's development and growth is unstoppable.  The communication between the two parties this time is to implement the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Biden on the call.  We hope that the two sides will strengthen communication, exchanges and dialogue in various fields.  The two sides should handle Sino-US relations in accordance with the principles of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, so that Sino-US relations can develop on a healthy and stable track.Wang Yi said that the Chinese side came to the dialogue with sincerity, because dialogue is better than confrontation, but the dialogue must be conducted in the spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences, and cannot unilaterally pull orders or raise prices.  There are many concerns on both sides.  There are some doubts that can be alleviated through dialogue.  Some are long-standing problems that can be managed through dialogue.  At the same time, China clearly pointed out to the US that sovereignty and territorial integrity are major issues of principle. The US should not underestimate China's determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and the Chinese people's will to safeguard national dignity and legitimate rights and interests.  China's attitude towards the development of Sino-US relations is clear and consistent.  It is hoped that the United States can also meet each other halfway, especially to respect and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns.  On this basis, China has always opened the door to the continued dialogue between China and the United States.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Harmony needed

 From young, you were fed with something, you likely to be influenced. And you will believe it and quite difficult to change that concept. 

All these thoughts, if handle not properly, it can affect your whole life.

For example, if you believe an particular religion from very young age. Then your mindset will be " my one is right, the other all wrong. This thought is fixed by your own thought.

So, the problems arise , your belief and his belief might not be the same. There is no ending debate and conclusion.

We know all human are not the same, so we need to respect I right?

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Self confidence

 China president xi said now China people can walk head up. Those who born after 1970, 1980, 1990 , 2000 all will be able to head up.

China people are now more self confidence.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wearing mask is good for you

 USA some people are ready crooked, they want freedom and don't mind die. What type of mindset? Very horrible mindset, no wonder 550000 lives lost.On March 6, local time, a protest against the mask order occurred in Idaho, the United States. More than a hundred people gathered outside the state capitol to burn masks.According to a video released by local media in Idaho, a trash can was lit by the public, and many parents are encouraging children to burn masks. People who participated in the protests also hung signs outside the State Capitol that read "Burn Masks" and "Free Idaho".  At the scene, demonstrators were holding assault rifles and threw photos of the president with mocking words into the fire.Although the governor of Idaho has never issued a statewide mandatory mask order, some local governments in the state still require residents in their jurisdiction to wear masks to slow the spread of the new crown virus.  This has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the people, who believe that the mask order restricts personal freedom.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Greed hatred stupidity

 Recently I write some posts, and now I find I am wasting my precious time. Look at this world, people are full of greed hatred and stupidity. The more I write the more I stupid.

So now I stop writing for a month. Ha ha ha. I don't want to absorb all nonsense. If not I will be the person who also speak nonsense.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Please wear masks

 Please wear masks. I see USA some very stubborn guys resisting wearing masks. They want " Freedom' this is ready crooked mindset.The governor of Texas, Abbott, announced on the 2nd that the state will fully resume work on March 10 and revoke the "mask order" and restaurant traffic restrictions and other epidemic prevention orders.  Mississippi Governor Reeves also announced the cancellation of the mask injunction on the 2nd.  Warrensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, "I know people are tired, they want to return to life, to return to normal, but we are not there yet."

So, We might not fooled by some stupid politicians. They thought God loves white only. They thought they are Superior but in flat, God treats all fairly. If you don't care then the outcome is 500000000 lives lost. But seems like USA people are damn stupid.

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 阿弥陀佛 人生真的是無常,隨时随地面臨死亡,黃泉路上真的是无老少...就像那天刚年初二而已,新加坡丹絨巴格就传来非常严重的车祸,五个年青人当场死亡,那輛BMW.被燒到一片烂铁!什么BMW?假的!他们从26到29岁而已,而另外一位要救她的未婚夫(不在车內)也燒伤百分之八十.


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Freedom and life

 If you think freedom is more important than life, nobody will say you are wrong because it is your freedom. If you are USA citizen and you want freedom and don't want to wear masks. Then if you get covic 19 , then you might join 45000 lost lives.

Your dead bodies need to wait at least 6 months to rest in peace inside the earth.

You have the choice, you want life or freedom. Nobody will care your dead bodies if you die from covic 19.




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 因果报应是真实的. 干好事,会得好报. 干坏事会得恶报.有时快报,有时慢报.因缘到时就报......

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Covic 19 and money and life

 Covic 19 ready powerful. This virus doesn't care whether you are white, yellow , black or rich or poor. Once you get, you can easily go to other world.

Money is useless at all. But life matters. Please take care. Do do deeds if you still alive.

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今天是二千二零年七月二十日, 人生已经过了三分之二,很快就要离开这个人间.
1. 现在还在工作,要开开心心面对一切,好的坏的都要尽力去面对,用祥和的心.
2. 不要乱讲话,不要去邪网站.自己要保重.
3. 准备好好的往生.

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Scammer mindset

 Scammer is greedy for money illegally. Nowadays many scammers using all types of evil ways in internet. They are the beasts indeed and they all will go hells religiously.

Let's examine scammer's mindset. They are greedy and create fear on people.

In internet, these scammers mostly wouldn't show their faces, you won't hear their voices. For those illegal money lenders, they use their own rules, you have to pay them first before able to receive their loan money but many are cheated many times but they wouldn't give you any cents.

Sex scammers are those bastards , they use young ladies as bait. Once you intend to meet the lady. Then this mother fucker will force you, threatening you to pay security money. They talk like bastards .

Singapore police force said on Saturday 30.1.21

The suspects are aged between 16 and 77, and comprise 229 men and 115 women.

"The suspects are believed to be involved in 607 cases of scams, comprising mainly of Internet love scams, e-commerce scams, China official impersonation scams, fake gambling platform scams and loan scams," said SPF.

The investigations follow a two-week island-wide enforcement operation by officers from the Commercial Affairs Department and seven police land divisions that started on Jan 16.

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Smiling is good

 I long time never smile. Today I have to smile. Smiling is good for us. It is free.

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 After some encounters recently, I realize life is so precious and I need to wake up now. Now I have to recite Amituofo until my last day on this Earth.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Covic 19 virus

 During this period, please stop doing bad things, if not you might get covic 19 virus and leave this world.

Recite amitaba or Amituofo. Great.

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We need to live happily

Life is short, the most is about 100 years.
Human bound to have done something wrong in they eyes of others.
Blaming others is easy, but blaming ourselves is ready necessary.
I see the world full of chaos especially now.
I just maintain my internal peace, that's it.
Life is short. Why continue to have all types of illusions, anger.
Let's smile ha ha ha.
Take it easy.

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Peaceful mind

Life is ready short and now I realize the which one is important and not.
Now, I using the formula to examine.
Eyes,hearing, taste,mind: What we see/hear/taste things and it will affect our mindset. For example,I read news about trade war, Huawei saga and Hong Kong protests and my mind will have the opinions. My opinions can be different from others due to individual experience and background. From that it creates like and dislikes. Our emotions can be happy,sad,agitated,etc. This is ready bad because it creates greed,hatred and stupidity.
Realizing this, I don't want to be attached to all these, I want peaceful mind,this is my freedom of choice. I don't want to be in this daily confusion. So, I have deleted my recent blog posts about current affairs related to China,USA,Hong Kong.
After deleting it,I feel so nice,all my rubbishes cleared and I can focus beautiful things.
Life is ready good,it is up to individual. Actually my good friend told me to do something good and don't bother all these worldly conflict.
I take the advice and I think it is good to stop writing all these rubbishes.

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二零一四淨土大經科註  (第一集)

二零一四淨土大經科註  (第一集)  2014/3/9  香港佛陀教育協會  檔名:02-041-0001


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Keep cool

Lim said :" yesterday I was so angry because of one of the colleagues challenging me. As the security supervisor I felt humiliated and I also burst out at that moment.
This colleague is ready the trouble maker. Early morning , this colleague I called him Mr. Hot. He said day shift Mr. O not coming to work according to information from his good friend Mr. A. I acknowledged it.
Later Mr. Hot told me to tell the day shift lady Mr. S to take over him. That's ok.
At about 7.10 am, this trouble maker Mr. Hot asked me who going to replace Mr. O. I told him so far I never receive any message from Mr. O officially, normally he will message manager , he will only message me if the manager never responded. After I said this, this Mr. Hot said : " As the supervisor you should know who is coming to replace him."
At that moment my mind thinking this idiot Mr. Hot tried to tell me what to do, I became agitated.
At 0715am, I received message drom Mr. O " who is coming?.I asjed him if you called manager, he said :" Yes, no response.| I was thinking this : In the first place you never message me, then later the message was who was coming. I also not bother to answer him but I messaged Manager that who was coming to replace  him. In flat one officer already reported to site, Manager said : no man, going to find."
At 0730 am, one technician came down and he said Mr. Hot made so much noise at the counter, what happened. At that time the day shift supervisor ( Mr. hot's good friend ) also entered. I said that fellow made so much noise because Mr. O only messaged me at 0715am, how i know who is coming? this Mr. Hot so hot and of course I can not keep quiet and I also become hot.|Fucking idiot.|    
At 0740 am I about to go home and I saw Mr. Hot. I said| : just down u make me blood circulation, bery good. He said : I will fuck.| At that time I said I had already informed lady officer to take over you and already messaged manager who was coming, what u want some more? u see me easily been eaten ? I saw his reaction like to to fight and quickly go home. Luckily one officer at the scene, if not something might be happened.
At 0745 am , i passed by counter and I asked lady officer did you take over him on tine, she said yes. I told her just down he made so much noise about  taking duty issue and Mr. O absence issue. The lady feedback to me that I never helped photostat some forms and she told him it is not my fault because the new card prevent me to access to the copy function.
After hearing this I called manager about all these I said to him that I will fuck Mr. Hot from now onwards just to let you know.

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=========感恩 Nancy O Nancy 分享== 阿弥陀佛 ====
好! 好 !好!
== Nancy O Nancy 分享:
我們愛自己,愛壹切。個人(Nancy O Nancy) 體悟,僅供慘考 (感恩 Nancy O Nancy 分享)

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Om mani padme hum

It is very good to recite the mantra Om mani padme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast. The first, Om is composed of three letters, A, U, and M. These symbolize the practitioner’s impure body, speech, and mind; they also symbolize the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha.Can impure body, speech, and mind be transformed into pure body, speech, and mind, or are they entirely separate? All Buddhas are cases of beings who were like ourselves and then in dependence on the path became enlightened; Buddhism does not assert that there is anyone who from the beginning is free from faults and possesses all good qualities. The development of pure body, speech, and mind comes from gradually leaving the impure states arid their being transformed into the pure



我們人生的每年每天,分分秒秒的緣起緣滅,不是我們能夠控制的;它都有因緣果報,雖有因果,當處出生,隨處滅盡;如夢如幻,空,不可得。所以,《般若心經》上說:照見五蘊皆空,才能度一切苦厄。五蘊就是集合成「我」的「色受想行識」,也稱五陰,陰蔽了我們的覺性。我們要知道它們是空的,要看得破、放得下,知道「無我」,才沒有苦痛厄難的折磨。如何照見五蘊皆空? 照見五蘊皆空」,是在照見「色受想行識」皆無自性,五蘊無自性,就是不能自主,不能自在,依他幻化,無自性即是無我。「色」無自性,無我。宇宙一切的形形色色,皆屬物質聚合而成。山河大地是色,我們的身體,也是地水火風四元素聚合而成的色相。因為一切色皆是因緣所生,因緣所生,當體即空,成壞無常,虛幻不實。萬法萬相,來去皆無自性,不可得,故「色即是空」。「色如聚沫」,我們的色身由四大假合,亦如水面風吹而成的聚沫,虛有形狀,體本無實,瞬間即破滅,無法自在,沒有自性,也是「色即是空」;色雖沒有自性,卻能緣成幻有,空即是有,故「空即是色」。若仔細思惟,我們的身體是假藉父精母卵而生的,生老病死,眾緣生滅從來沒有止息。五歲的我是我?還是現在的我是我? 都不是,沒有一個我是不變的,分分秒秒,紅白球、白血球及各種細胞都在新陳代謝,「我」只是一種概念的執著,有我即有憂悲苦惱! 從沒有一個真實不變的我。看破自我,才能真正放下。看別人也一樣,我們見得到的,皆是不真實!親人好友等等,皆是因緣和合,暫聚在一起罷了,緣盡皆空,是夢是幻!常作如是觀。       「受如水泡」,我們一切的苦受、樂受,就像水面因風動或物擊所成的浮泡,皆隨不定外緣忽然生成,須臾即沒,因緣生、因緣滅,皆無自性,不能自主,故無我,無我即空,所以「受即是空」。但苦樂宛然,不壞幻受,故「空即是受」。       「想」也無我。五蘊中,想蘊若破,五蘊皆空。想就是六根(眼耳鼻舌身意)對六塵(色聲香味觸法)所生出的分別、愛憎的念頭,生滅不停,經典說:「想如陽焰」,陽焰是春天遠觀曠野,日光折射,如水溶樣;渴鹿見之,以為陽焰是沙漠中的水池,奔前追水,不知水不可得,只是幻像!我們六根對六塵,所引起的一切愛恨情仇、分別計較,皆是如海市蜃樓般的幻覺,毫無真實可得。故說「想即是空」;又因自心取自心,非幻成幻法,故「空即是想」。我們觀察自我的起心動念,就知道每一秒都是亂想紛飛,無法停止。前一秒想的,後一秒就改變了;前秒哭,後秒笑;前秒愛,後秒恨,生住異滅,變換迅速。無中生有,轉瞬成空。沒有一種心意是永恆不變的,只是一種妄想執著,再換成另一種妄想執者,隨緣變化不止,都是永無止盡的妄想執著。如何對治?只有用都攝六根、專心一意來念佛,自念自聽,才能以一念抵萬念,漸除妄念,而回歸清淨自性。這是念佛法門最殊勝方便的功效。       「行如芭蕉」,我們隨著妄念遷流而去造作諸行,妄念非實,一切行為亦如芭蕉中空虛脆,究竟毫無實體,空不可得,故說「行即是空」;雖然諸行無常,隨緣變易,但是諸行因果究竟不昧,所以「空即是行」。       「識如幻事」,我們的識蘊,是我們眾生依無明所起的識心分別,如第八識,及由此轉生的第七識、前六識,皆認假為真,妄想執著,而誤認有個虛妄的我及我所;是妄想而有,非實體而有,就像魔術師幻出種種幻術,皆空無所有,故說「識即是空」。但若了知第八識雖虛幻無主,當體不離如來藏,體性本真,那麼「空即是識」。       五蘊皆是空有不二,真妄不二,一切唯心造,一切不昧因果,端看吾人如何用心。不僅可以照見五蘊皆空,也能從五蘊身心中,反照照自性,來照見真如法性,非空非有,無生無滅。       《西方公據》中,唐朝裴休云:「大眾從無始來,常認為我身者,是地水火風假合之身。旋聚旋散,屬無常法,非我身也。大眾從無始來,常認為我心者,是緣慮客塵虛妄之心,乍起乍滅,屬無常法,非我心也。我有真身,圓滿空寂者是也;我有真心,廣大靈知者是也。空寂靈知,神用自在,性含萬德,體絕百非,如淨月輪,圓滿無缺。惑雲所覆,不自覺知。妄惑既除,真心本淨。十方諸佛,一切眾生,與我此心,三無差別,此即菩提心體也。」若我們能從五蘊的苦、空、無常、無我之中,去看破虛幻無主的穢身、妄念,不再隨生隨死,隨其欺誑擺佈,我們才能回歸清淨的真心;而以此堅固真實的純真心體來念佛,就會如徹悟大師所說:「以能念之心,本是全真成妄,全妄即真。所念之佛,亦本全德立名,全名即德。能念心外,無別所念之佛;所念佛外,無別能念之心,能所兩忘,心佛一如。於念念中,圓伏圓斷五住煩惱,圓轉圓滅三雜染障,圓破五陰,圓超五濁,圓淨四土,圓念三身,圓修萬行,圓證本真,而圓成無上妙覺也。一念如是,念念皆然。但能念念相續,其伏斷修證,有不可得而思議者矣!」