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Time to relax

 Life is short and full of challenges. Can we clear all obstacles all depend on each individual. Mindset is the critical factor and it affects us how to handle daily encounters.

Through personal learning and experiences, each individual has the fixed thoughts about the societies and the world.

What types of education and influence can shape our attitudes towards life journey.

I wish all people happy everyday, whatever bad happened in the past doesn't matter. Start from today, understanding and adjust our mindset towards positivity. Life is fair enough, don't blame others. In flat we all have to responsible for our actions. Cause and effect is natural law, nobody can escape this no matter what because all activities are all recorded naturally.

Wish everyone happy life, smile 😁😊

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The purpose of buddhism

 Buddhist common sense

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 What is Buddhism for?  The purpose of studying Buddhism

 2013-07-30 [Buddhism common sense]

 Why worship Buddha?  The correct posture of worshiping Buddha is always cranky, what should I do if I can't calm down?  Why do we need to worship Buddha in disaster relief?  The correct posture of worshiping Buddha is always cranky, what should I do if I can't calm down?


 What is Buddhism for?  The purpose of studying Buddhism

 To learn Buddhism, one must learn to become a Buddha. Only by freeing oneself from suffering can one help sentient beings to free themselves from suffering and save them.

 If we want to learn Buddhism, we must understand the meaning of the word "cultivation".  Learning Buddhism is learning from life and work, correcting our wrong thoughts and behaviors!  "Practice" means mistakes in thoughts, opinions, words, pretensions, and behaviors. Correcting the mistakes is "cultivation." Take the Buddhadharma as a mirror to look at yourself, and never look at others!  Save yourself!  When you find that you think wrongly, read wrongly, say wrongly, or do wrongly, you are enlightened.  After enlightenment, it is "cultivation" to correct mistakes.

 Let me tell you a little story: under a tree, lies a wolf.  At this time, a little squirrel happened to run over.  The wolf pounced at once and caught the little squirrel.  It said to the little squirrel: "Before eating you, please tell me why you are so happy and jumping up and down every day. My strength and other aspects are greater than yours, but why do I frown every day?  "

 The little squirrel said, "Let go of me first, and I can tell you."

 The wolf let go of the little squirrel, and the little squirrel quickly climbed to the branch and told the wolf, "Why are you unhappy? Because every day you think about how to harm others, how to catch others and make them all  Eat it. I don't have any of these bad intentions, so I'm very happy!"

 Of course, this is just a little fable in the world.  But we can also get a revelation from it: a practitioner, to be truly happy and free, must get it from our heart.  People in the world are pitiful because they haven't found a way to practice and don't know how to cultivate this heart.  Although we know the path of cultivation, we need to truly subdue our heart on this path, just like the picture of cattle herding painted by the ancients. To subdue the cow and ride it home, it really needs a process.

 Because we have greed. First, we practice "giving" in Buddhism, and giving is giving, and giving up greed; because we often do bad karma. Second, in Buddhism, we "hold the precepts" and break evil and turn to good; we have anger. Third, Buddhism  We cultivate "forbearance", and forbearance is the countermeasure against anger; 4. Cultivation of "diligence" to counteract one's laxity and laziness; 5. Cultivation of "meditation" to counteract one's distraction; 6. Cultivation of "prajna" to counteract  own stupidity.

 Buddhism gives us these six rules. If you can implement it in your life, in your work, and in dealing with people and things, you are practicing the way of the Bodhisattva.  What is the Bodhisattva Way?  In other words, you are living the life of a bodhisattva, not the life of a mortal.  Therefore, the Dharma can only be effective if it is implemented. If it cannot be implemented, how many years of studying this Dharma and how many classics I have read, it is useless to learn a single one.

 There are three words to learn Buddhism, one of which is indispensable.  It is 'Wen Si Xiu'.  Hearing is hearing, 'The Buddhadharma is unpleasant, but I have heard it now.  ' It is not easy to be able to hear the Dharma.  But after hearing it, it was in vain without further thought.  Now there are 12 parts of the Sanzang everywhere, but the sutras do not open their mouths to proclaim them.  The so-called 'Buddha Dharma has no one to say, although wisdom cannot understand it.  ’ So it is necessary to think deeply and study deeply.  Besides, the Dharma of reciting Buddhahood in the Pure Land is difficult to believe.  From this, it can be seen that the study of pure land light is not enough, and it must be practiced.  If it cannot be implemented, it is nonsense.  To know that more hearing is worse than more thinking, more thinking is worse than more action, all three are indispensable.

 You have studied Buddhism for many years, but you are still obsessed with fame, fame, and self-interest, or you are still obedient to your troubles, or you are still doing bad karma.  You are not very good at learning Buddhism.

 An eminent monk said that in today's Buddhism, it is not that no one believes in it, nor that no one studies it, but that there are too few people who truly practice it, and too few people who have real enlightenment.  Although there are many people who talk about the principles of the Buddha Dharma in a hype and righteous way, but if they don't put them into practice, they can't be combined with the real life.  Saying one zhang is worse than making one inch is like a person has a lot of money. If you lock it in a box and don't use it, then no amount of money will be of use, like a pile of waste paper.  Money can only play its value and function when it is used.

 Why do some people study Buddhism for many years, yet their troubles remain the same;  The fault is in the combination.  The word "learning" we usually talk about has two meanings. "Learning" is one level, and "Xi" is another level.  Learning refers to practice, practice, and combination to be called complete learning.  Practice has proved that in our study of Buddhism, every combination will yield a gain; every combination will lead to progress.

 If the study of Buddhism cannot be combined with real life or with one's own thoughts, words and deeds, then Buddha-knowledge will still be Buddha-knowledge, my opinion is still my opinion, and learning is equal to learning in vain.  For example: Buddhism teaches us to give, but we are still selfish, greedy and reluctant to give up.  How can there be progress in this kind of Buddhist study of "learning to learn, listening to listening, doing and doing"?  Learning Buddhism without union can only deceive oneself by "painting cakes to satisfy hunger" and "viewing plums to quench thirst".

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USA, Australia, Canada must stop genocide and

 Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, March 18. On March 18, during the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, China and Venezuela jointly held a video side event on the theme of "Systemic Violations of Indigenous Rights in the United States, Canada and Australia" in Geneva.  .  More than 150 people including diplomats in Geneva, representatives of non-governmental organizations, experts, and media reporters attended the conference online.

 Jiang Duan, Minister of Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations Office in Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland, introduced the "Historical Facts and Realistic Evidence of the Genocide of Indians by the United States" recently published by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  and other means to systematically deprive Indians of their right to subsistence and basic political, economic, and cultural rights.  The unidentified graves and remains of Aboriginal children have been continuously discovered in Canada, and the truth is still unknown.  Australia has historically implemented the "White Australia Policy", which has forced 100,000 Aboriginal children from their families.  Indigenous peoples still face widespread and systemic discrimination and inequality in these countries.  The United States, Canada, and Australia should seriously reflect on their mistakes and investigate and hold accountable crimes that violate the rights of indigenous peoples.

 The Permanent Representative of Venezuela, Rosales, said that the United States, Canada and Australia call themselves "human rights teachers", but their human rights conditions are shocking.  Indigenous peoples in these countries have been systematically discriminated against and oppressed for a long time, and face all kinds of injustice and violence, but Western mainstream media have deliberately avoided them.  These countries frequently accuse and slander developing countries and impose illegal unilateral coercive measures, causing great suffering to the people of the countries concerned.  The international community should continue to pay attention to the violations of human rights by the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and hold them accountable.

 The Permanent Representative of the DPRK, Han Tae-song, said that the U.S., Canada, and Australia carried out brutal genocide against indigenous peoples such as Indians, and history should not be forgotten.  The representative of Iran said that the destruction of indigenous identities and cultures by the United States, Canada and Australia is a vicious act of cultural genocide.  The representative of Russia pointed out that to this day, indigenous people in the United States, Canada, and Australia still suffer from racial discrimination and injustice in health care, education, housing, social security, etc.  Not too high.

 Aboriginal representatives from Australia and Canada said that the United States, Canada and Australia must face up to historical crimes and recognize and protect the rights that Aboriginal people deserve.

 At the meeting, the documentary "Genocide Hate" was also played.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Why war?

 In our life, we live in this world. One kind of suffering has not yet ended, and another kind of suffering will come again. It can be said that the eight kinds of suffering are intertwined. The suffering is unbearable and unbearable!  But in addition to the eight sufferings, there are many undetermined sufferings, such as the calamity of swords and soldiers, which is really indescribable.  We all need to understand, where does this pain come from?  Everything is inseparable from cause and effect. In the past, the cause of the eight sufferings was created, and now you will suffer the results of the eight sufferings. If you understand the relationship between cause and effect, you will know that the sword and calamity is also a kind of result.  However, there are some people who do not believe that there is cause and effect in all dharmas. Because they have not studied Buddhism, they do not believe in the principle of cause and effect!  Since we don’t believe in cause and effect, what is the reason for the swordsman robbery?  You must know that the views of ordinary people in the world are fundamentally different from the views of saints. There are two kinds of views of ordinary people: the first one is that he believes that swords and calamities are caused by imperialist aggressors, which are wars caused by wanting to conquer the world.  Another view is that domestic careerists do not abide by their duties, disturb internal security, and rebel against the country and instead fight.  Ordinary ordinary people think that these two are the reasons for the robbery. In fact, this is not the fundamental reason, but a kind of help.  Listen to what you say: The sword and the calamity are fate, so where is the cause?  This is not something that ordinary people can understand, it must be understood by a wise sage.  To give an analogy: plant a seed of a melon and fruit in the ground, which is called the cause; later the seed sprouts and grows, and the fruit ripens and it is called the fruit.  Aid is an opportunity to help growth, just like a seed. After planting, it needs to be watered, sun-dried, and fertilized before it will bear fruit.  Therefore, there must be a cause and a predestined relationship, so that the result will be obvious. It seems obvious that when you see the effect, you know the cause, just like when you see a melon, you know that it came from the seeds of the melon.  The reason why there is now the effect of the sword and soldier tribulation is also the cause of the sword and soldier tribulation in the past.  You must know that since the swordsman robbery is the result of killing, its cause is of course inseparable from the cause of the killing. With the help of imperialists and careerists, the result of the swordsman robbery occurred.  But the cause of this is unknown to ordinary people, and only Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can understand it.  This is not an empty talk, nor is it a speculation. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have celestial eyesight, so looking at the cause and effect of swords and kalpas, they can see it very clearly, and understand that since ancient times, sentient beings have never been able to break the karma of killing, and there is no one who does not kill.  Killing can be divided into two types: one is direct killing, the other is indirect killing.  What is direct and indirect killing?  The butcher kills pigs, sheep, and cattle directly, which is called direct killing; because we have to eat meat every day, he kills only for us. This is called indirect killing.  These two are the cause of death.  In this way, the person who kills directly is more guilty, and the person who indirectly kills (eats meat) is less guilty, right?  Everyone thinks that direct killing is a serious crime, while meat-eating people are less guilty, which is wrong!  According to the law of go-vern-ment, there are two types of crimes: principal and accomplice.  But is the person who directly kills the main culprit?  Or is the meat eater the main culprit?  Not necessarily.  For example, when a butcher kills a pig and sells it, he is the principal offender, and the person who buys the meat is the accomplice; but there is not enough meat to sell, and there are many people who buy meat, so the butcher will kill again. At this time, the person who buys the meat becomes the principal offender, the butcher.  become an accomplice, and if so, each will be rewarded.  People today are more reluctant to believe in the truth of karma than people in ancient times. In the past, not only ordinary people were afraid of karma, but butchers were also afraid of karma!  So when he wants to kill a pig, he just says something: 'Pig, pig, don't blame me!  You are a dish in the world, if he doesn't eat it, I won't kill it.  You go to the eater to collect debts!  ’ You see, aren’t the people who kill pigs also afraid that pigs will collect debts?  But is it to collect debts from those who eat, or from those who kill?  As the saying goes: 'Injustice has its head, and a debt has its owner', so there is a reward for eating, and a reward for killing.

 (1) Murder In ancient times, after a war, the common people lived and died together with the soldiers. Once the enemy invaded the city, the innocent people were killed like the soldiers, and this was the tragic thing that happened in the massacre of the city.  Some will say: The ancient times have passed, and now there is no massacre in the city!  You must know that it is three-dimensional warfare, which is more beneficial and tragic. Country A makes an atomic bomb, and country B also makes an atomic bomb. Let me ask you, what is the purpose of making the atomic bomb?  Will it be in the warehouse forever?  If an atomic bomb were dropped from the sky, no one could absolutely guarantee that they would not die under the fire of war.  (2) Arson. When there is a war, there is arson. Now there are petrol bombs, incendiary bombs, etc., which are specially designed to burn the opponent.  (3) The family is broken. In order to avoid the casualties of the war, it is necessary to escape, and the family will be broken.  Although you have a lot of pastoral and wealthy family wealth, you cannot bring them out because of the war, and you go into exile alone.  (4) People scattered cannon fire approaching the city, and they wanted to escape quickly. One hand pulled the man and the other held the woman. The station road was crowded with people. The car was driving and listening to the cry of the child, but there was no way to do it.  .  This is the case with swordsmanship.  In the era of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, the Jin soldiers from the north attacked to the south, and they burned and killed all the places they went, especially Anyang Town in Henan, which suffered the worst disaster.  At that time in Anyang, there was an eminent monk who could go into meditation to observe cause and effect!  The people of Anyang felt that there was no reason for such a heavy disaster, but there must be a reason, so they went to ask the eminent monk.  Because of this, the calamity of swordsmen and soldiers suffered this time is more beneficial than other places; but the retribution of this killing karma has not yet ended, and the disasters of swordsmen and soldiers will continue to come. You people in Anyang quickly change your mind and stop killing.  Mitigate future evils.  ' But the people of Anyang didn't believe what this eminent monk said, and they still killed them.  After several years of continuous war, the people of Anyang were slaughtered every time, and only later did they believe that what the eminent monk said was right, but it was too late.  This koan proves that killing is the cause, and robbery is the effect.

 Everyone, please look at the topic that the scholars are talking about today: 'Rong killing is the foundation of cessation of swordsmanship'. Now the robbery of swords and soldiers is in front of us. The tribulation of swordsmen and soldiers comes from the cause of killing.  This is the fundamental way to avoid the pain of being robbed by swordsmen in the future.  Also, swordsmanship and calamity are common karma, but there are differences in common karma, which means that everyone else creates killing karma.  But I often hear people say: I am not a butcher, and I do not kill, but it is impossible for me not to eat meat, what should I do?  It's good that you don't kill, and I'll introduce you to the convenient method, because there are third-class disasters in saber robbery, and there are third-class merits in abstinence from killing.  The superior merits will extinguish the superior disasters, the medium merits will extinguish the middle disasters, and the inferior merits will extinguish the inferior disasters.  The best merit is to be a vegetarian for a long time. If you can't do it, you need to look at the effect and fear the cause.  Moderate merit is vegetarianism in June, December and every morning.  If you can't do this, then you will do the inferior merits. The inferior merits are the ten fasts, the six fasts, the flower fasting with the points, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva's Christmas Day to be vegetarian, and at least to eat the three pure meats.  What is Three Pure Meat?  It is the one who does not see the killing, does not hear the killing, and does not kill for me.  The law of causality (1) does not destroy everyone here, some of you will definitely think: You say that cause and effect can be transformed, which seems to be inconsistent with the principles of Buddhism. Buddhism teaches that there is cause and effect, and the law of cause and effect is not eradicated. Why do you say that cause and effect can be transformed?  ?  right!  The law of cause and effect cannot be eliminated. There is also a verse in the sutra that says: 'If the work done for thousands of kalpas does not perish, the karma will meet the time, and the result will be self-rewarding.  ’ The meaning is: Even after a hundred thousand kalpas, the sins created by each person will not be eliminated.  You must know that there is a 'condition' between the cause and the effect. When the cause and the cause meet, the result is still to be received by oneself.  (2) No offsetting If you have done a lot of evil in the past, is it impossible to do a lot of good things now to offset it?  right!  impossible!  Because the law of causality is irreversible, good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil. It is a certain truth. It is like planting melon seeds on a piece of land at the same time.  Certainly raw beans, melons will not destroy beans, beans will not destroy melons.  But now it is said that cause and effect can be changed, how to change the law?  You must know that the cause is the cause, the condition is the condition, and the effect is the effect. This is divided into three sections to explain.  Cause and effect produce fruit. What scholars want to talk about today is predestined relationship. What is predestined relationship?  Let me ask you all: 'Will the Sword and Brigade Tribulation come now?  ' You must answer: 'It won't come.  ’ This is the fate of the sword and soldier tribulation that has not yet arrived, and only when this fate is immature can the cause and effect be changed.  If the unripe karma of the sword and soldier tribulation is cut off, the result of the sword and soldier tribulation may be changed; once the karma is mature, there is no way to remedy it, because the karmic karma that was created together in the past is mature, even if you have great supernatural powers, there is no way to solve it.  So before the fate of the sword and the robbery is immature, what method should be used to remedy it?  That is to use the method of eliminating the "increasing superiority". It is like the doctor treats the patient by prescribing the right medicine. If the patient has a fever, he should prescribe a cold medicine. If the patient is cold, he should prescribe a warming tonic.  If a patient uses tonic for fever and cold medicine for cold, this kind of doctor will kill people.  Having said this, some people may say: 'Do more for good, build bridges and build roads, and you can end the disaster of swords and soldiers.  ’ Such words are unreliable, because being robbed by swords and soldiers is not the result of your destruction of roads and bridges in the past!  Now it is offset by building bridges and roads. This is a bull's head, and it doesn't make sense. It's like a quack doctor who doesn't know the disease and prescribes medicine randomly, and the patient has a fever and prescribes tonic.  You must know that the retribution of being subjected to a saber and soldier calamity is the cause of killing in the past, so the cause and effect of being killed, and now if you want to cut off the cause of killing, there is no predestined relationship.  If you don’t understand the truth of this disconnection, I will tell a story to cite it.  In the past, there was a temple somewhere, where a Dharma master taught scriptures. At the same time, there was a person who had committed a major sin. After listening to the scriptures, he went to ask the Dharma Master and said, "I killed and killed in the past, and I have committed a major sin. What should I do?  How to do it?  ' The Master taught him: 'You have to show your sincerity and repent with your heart. If there is no result yet, you can just cut off the relationship.  ’ But this person only knows cause and effect, and does not understand the truth of karma.

 The master was skillful and convenient. He gave him a pack of tribulus and taught him to plant the things in the open space behind the temple by the side of the two paths. The tribulus planted in the east should be sprinkled with lime and not watered; the tribulus planted in the west should be watered every day.  The master also explained that he should walk barefoot every five days, walking in the east and walking in the west.  For the first time, this person walked east and west, and he didn't feel anything.  The Master then told him to water every day in the west, and still not water in the east.  After another five days, I walked around with bare feet on both sides.  After another five days, I suddenly saw that the tribulus terrestris had sprouted on the west side.  In five days, I saw that the buds had grown three inches, and yellow flowers were blooming.  Five weeks later, while walking barefoot in the west, he was stabbed by a thorn and could no longer walk.  The Master asked: 'What about the east side?  ' The man replied: 'I don't feel anything.  ' The Master said again: 'The tribulus seeds are planted on both sides of the east and west, so why can the east go to the west and not the west?  ’ At this time, he suddenly realized that the lime in the east is sprinkled with lime, and if it is not watered, it will not work if the relationship is broken; the water in the west is watered every day, and when the water increases the upper edge, it will produce power.  So at the same time, the seed in the east does not sprout while the seed in the west flourishes.  Now that the Sword and Bing Tribulation has not come, hurry up and break the relationship, and there will be no results.  But how to break the fate?  The order of breaking the relationship is divided into upper, middle, lower, and third-level kung fu. From today onwards, the low-level kung fu will no longer kill living beings, and eat the three pure meats (that is, the meat that does not see killing, does not hear killing, and does not kill for me). If you do this, you will be a good person; medium  Kung Fu not only does not kill, but also maintains a long-term vegetarian diet, and doing so is equivalent to an Arahant who saves himself; high-level kung fu not only does not kill living beings, but eats long-term vegetarian food, and goes further to release living beings and save their lives. Such people are equivalent to bodhisattvas who benefit others.  Born with the habit of eating meat, it is very difficult to stop eating meat.  What if it's not easy to break?  This must be done with the following visualizations: (1) The coming of the robbery by swords and soldiers Is everyone afraid of the coming of the robbery by swordsmen?  If I am afraid, put this bowl of meat in front of me, I should visualize how KB I was when this animal was slaughtered, and I was afraid, like a robbery by swordsmen. In order to avoid being robbed by swordsmen, I would not eat this bowl of meat.  The first visualization.  (2) The thieves come and be held The second step is to visualize: once the war is chaotic and the enemy soldiers come, how terrible it is for the people to be bound!  At this time, you should visualize: Think how pitiful this bowl of meat was when someone bought it and tied it up; in order to avoid being held by thieves, I would not eat this bowl of meat.  (3) Fear of separation of family members The third step of visualization: Every family has parents, brothers, sisters, wives, and dependents. Once they are bound by thieves, the sadness after the separation of the six relatives and dependents.  It should be visualized: After the beast was bound and captured by people, the pitiful appearance of its relatives when they screamed, I couldn't bear to eat this bowl of meat.  (4) Fear of being killed The fourth step is to visualize: If we were to be killed, would we feel willing or unwilling?  At this time, you should visualize: When the animal is slaughtered, the blood is shed, and the pain of cooking, frying and boiling on the knife and anvil. In order to avoid being killed, I will not dare to eat this bowl of meat!  If these four kinds of visualizations are fulfilled, not only will you not want to eat meat again, but you will further express repentance for the wrong actions you have done in the past, and you will never eat meat in the future.

 The many evil causes that have been created in the past are certainly terrifying, but the conditions that do not increase will not happen.  For example, as mentioned earlier, the master taught the man to plant the tribulus terrestris in the east and west. The tribulus terrestris is like a bad fruit. If you step on it, it will pierce the skin and bleed. But if you don't water it, it will be hard to grow.  Don't get stabbed.  This means that although many evil karmas of killing and harming life have been created in the past, as long as one abstains from killing and protects life now, the evil effects will be reduced.  There are wise people and foolish people in the world.  A wise person senses the moment he has a motive, and sees the consequences later; a fool who has a motive not only has no sense, but even says a thousand words to him, "If you create such an illegal cause, it will bear bad consequences in the future, and he will not."  hear.  Therefore, there is a saying in the sutra: 'Bodhisattvas are afraid of the cause, and ordinary people are afraid of the effect.  ’ It means: A wise person will know the consequences after seeing the cause, and will not dare to do evil again; ordinary people who don’t know the terrible cause of doing evil will do evil because they are wrong.  Now countries around the world are brewing wars.  If you don't believe it, country A has an atomic bomb, and country B also has an atomic bomb. What are they going to do with the new weapons they invented?  It is used to kill countless and countless lives, and this is the omen of disaster.  Maybe someone said: 'What does that matter?  The war hasn't come yet.  'friend!  Don't talk like this, you must pay attention. Just like a small drop of water, it should be plugged up, and a little fire that gradually burns should be extinguished, and there will be no major disasters.  Having said that, some people may say: 'You Buddhists, how can you stop the world war?  ' This we dare not exaggerate.  In fact, there is no way to stop a world war, because a world war is a shared karma and must be rewarded together.  However, we can prevent individuals from not being punished, which is what we said last time about the CCP.  Because if you do not create the cause of killing, you will not receive the retribution of the fruit of killing. This is the origin of Dussey.  But what if there was a cause of killing before today?  From today onwards, if you want to put an end to the cause of killing, that is, to cut off the predestined relationship for sin. This is a very good way.  Some people will say: 'Fortunately, I didn't kill for a long time. In terms of cause and effect, I won't be rewarded for killing.  'friend!  Please slow down and rejoice. You must know that each person has a lot of killing karma, which is hard to count. If you say you don’t kill, I will do the math for you now: After you were born, your mother was afraid that her breast milk was not enough, so she killed  A few chickens to make up for it. You will kill the guests at the full moon soup cake party. When you grow up and get engaged, you will kill them, and on the wedding day, you will kill them even more.  When I was in school, I asked teachers to kill.  Later, when he went out to the society to do business, he also had to kill people to entertain guests.  At the age of 40 and 50, one must kill a living being.  During the New Year and the festivals throughout the year, Qingming in March, Dragon Boat Festival in May, Zhongyuan in July, and Chongyang in September, killing and worshipping are often performed.  All of a sudden, when a guest arrives, he wants to kill the guest.  When you are sick, you have to kill life to change your taste. When you are sick, you need to use Danggui duck to nourish and nourish. When you are sick, you will also kill life to thank the doctor.  In life, there is life and there is death. A life is sad. On the day of the farewell ceremony, there will be even more killings and special killings.  Please think about it, right?  For the above ten kinds of conditions, although people who don't kill themselves also kill more, people who don't eat meat every day are killed every day, and it's even more difficult to explain such people.  We all kill living beings to create karma now, and we also killed living things and created karma in our previous lives, and the killing karma that we have created in many lifetimes is endless.  If you kill a life, you will end up with a wrong soul, and you will always be by your side to ask for your life; not only is the wrongful karma from outsiders avenged, but your own killing karma is planted in the field of eight senses, and it will germinate at any time, that is, the seeds of sin.  Always lead you to be punished.  Maybe you still have questions. In order to make it clear to everyone, today I will talk about 'explaining a few questions about abstinence from killing'.  It's the worst thing to mention about killing, but each of us has been killing since so many lives.  Just say this life!  Killing from the moment of birth, until death, it continues to kill, and after death, reincarnation kills again.  Killing has become a habit, and a habit is formed. Once you hear the Buddhadharma and say that you should abstain from killing, it will be very unpleasant, and you will think it is very strange.  There are doubts, so explain.  All sentient beings live in this world, no matter what and all actions, they must be commanded and controlled by others.  This is divided into two aspects: one is custom, and the other is truth.  Let’s talk about customs first, customs are the customs and habits of the secular people.  Most of the customs and habits of ordinary people are to instruct their children to do it according to their parents' every move, and the children pass it on to the next generation.  Because some of the things that are done are reasonable, and some are not. What is reasonable is good, and what is unreasonable is wrong.  What does it matter if it is wrong or right?  It’s okay, if you do something wrong, it will become a bad cause, and sooner or later you will suffer a bad result.  Besides, the truth is the truth.  A wise person is not dominated by custom, and no matter what or what he does, he does everything in accordance with the truth and in accordance with the principles of the saints.  Because of the sage's doctrine, what is right is taught to do, and what is wrong is told not to do.  A wise man has understood the meaning of it.  There is a saying in the ancients: 'Seek yourself for more happiness'.  It means: blessings do not come from outside, but come from oneself.  (1) As the saying goes, 'full of anti-cannibalism', some people say: 'I heard you say a lot, what exactly is custom and what is truth?  ’ Now I will talk about the worldly truth first.  Ordinary secular people often say: 'If you don't kill chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, etc., it will be everywhere and fill the world; if you don't eat it, it will eat you. In the end, won't it eat up all the people in the world?  ?  'Let me ask you: In ancient times, if people saw phoenixes and unicorns, it was auspicious and everyone liked them, but since ancient times, unicorns and phoenixes have not been seen everywhere, filling the whole world and eating people; besides, people don't eat them.  Cats, dogs and mice are not seen all over the world and eat people!  (2) As the saying goes, 'meat is rich in nutrition', ordinary people often say: If you don't eat meat, your body will not be nourished enough, your spirit will be weak, your physique will be weak, and you will not be able to do things. What should you do?  Let me explain: some people live in cities, some people live in villages, people in cities eat fish and meat every day, people in villages eat fish and meat only during Chinese New Year, people in cities eat angelica duck every day, and get sick every day  , and most of them are some strange diseases; not only few people in the countryside, but almost all of them live a long life. If you don’t believe me, look at the Respect for the Elderly Meeting on September 9, many people in the countryside live to be 90 or 100 years old.

 Then I can see that the masters don't eat meat and get up at four o'clock in the morning, and they are seldom sick.  Let’s look at the elephant among the animals. It eats grass and not meat, and it takes no effort at all to be seated on its back. The camel also does not eat meat and grass, and can travel thousands of miles under heavy load.  These are what we have seen with our own eyes.  All cattle and horses only eat grass and not meat, and the bodies of cattle and horses are so strong. What is the reason?  Because the beans, fruits, vegetables, etc. in plants are rich in vitamins, this is not an empty claim, it is true, if you don’t believe me, go to a big hospital, the patients in the hospital, are there many people who eat meat?  Or are there more people who don't eat meat?  At the same time, although meat is nutritious, it also has toxins.  How do you know?

 Let me give you a piece of evidence so that you can understand: no matter how big or small a beast is when it is bound to be killed, how painful it is, and how resentful it is to be killed by the other party.  Once aroused hatred, toxins will flow throughout the body, so meat contains more toxins.  In terms of human beings, if a breastfeeding woman is overly stimulated or troubled, and her temperament changes, the milk will contain toxins, and the baby will be susceptible to disease after eating it.  Is there any evidence for this?  If you don’t believe me, if you see a woman with a baby who is angry and angry, squeeze out a little of her milk and let it dry in the sun for a while, and it will turn green. Ordinary milk that is not angry will be white when exposed to the sun.  (3) It is commonly said that 'beasts have souls but no spirits'. Some ordinary people say: 'Beasts have souls but no spirituality, so they should be eaten by humans!  ’ If it is said that animals have no spirituality, please go and check the history. In ancient times, Emperor Ming of Tang taught horses to sing, and horses could dance.  Later, An Lushan rebelled and usurped the throne. Knowing that horses could dance, he ordered the horses to be brought out and danced.  But when Ma saw that he was not his master, he knocked his head to the ground to death.  Does this horse have a soul?  Or soulless?  Think about it, little pigeons have no spirituality, why do they send letters when dogs can count with chalk?  Besides, there is a kind of righteous bird in Italy. It has a very good sound. This bird is not easy to be caught. If you catch one, you will burn the eyes with a red-hot iron, and then put it in a damp place.  It will be raised with food and drink in the next day, and after it returns to normal, it will be placed in the sunlight, and then it will make a sound of barking.  However, the sound of screaming at this time was not as good as before. The sound of screaming in the past was peaceful and happy, and the sound of screaming now is sad and miserable.  Hearing this tragic cry, its fellows flew to see it, and when they saw its blind and miserable state, they couldn't bear to leave, so they were called righteous birds.  Then the hunters went over and caught them one by one.  Do you think birds have such friendship, is it spiritual or not?  Besides, in Wuping, Fujian, inland, there is a kind of golden ape with golden hair. People like it when they see it and want to catch it, but it is very difficult for Tang to catch it, because its movements are very agile.  So the way hunters want to catch it is to ambush the poisonous arrows, wait for them to come out, and shoot the poisonous arrows at the female ape.  After all the apes are full, they squeeze out the rest of the milk and sprinkle it on the grass, so that the grass with milk can also feed the children after death.  At this time, the apes surrounded the mother ape and couldn't bear to leave, where they cried and watched their mother die.  At this time, the hunter saw the little ape guarding his mother not to go, so he went to catch it, but it was still not easy to catch.  So the hunter peeled off the mother ape's skin and whipped the ape's skin with a whip. At this time, the little ape watched someone beat its mother's skin.  Died on the ground of skinning, and some were captured by hunters one by one.  Look at how cruel the hunters are, taking advantage of the filial piety of the little ape to capture them.  You say that animals are insane, but where does it make sense?  It can be seen that no matter the big beast or the small beast, there is indeed spirituality.  (4) It is commonly said that 'inferior animals are ignorant', but there is another saying in the world that pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, and beasts are inferior animals. They have no knowledge, and they don't know anything, so they should be killed.  In this way, ignorant animals should be killed.  Then there are several kinds of ignorant ones below, you can kill them and try!  How many?  If you are drunk and drowsy and don't know anything, why don't you kill him?  A crazy person is also ignorant, why don't you kill him?  Just like a newborn baby doesn't know anything, why don't you kill him?  It can be seen from this that the argument that one can kill without knowledge is also wrong.

 (5) It is commonly said that "animals are born to be eaten by humans." The worldly people have another saying: that animals are born to be eaten by humans, because God created them for humans to eat, and they must obey.  The so-called 'those who obey the sky prosper, those who go against the sky perish', since animals are given to people to eat by the sky, then people should also feed animals to animals, but tigers, wolves, mosquitoes, and lice all eat human flesh, why are you not reconciled?  How about Suncheon?  Let’s talk about a historical fact to prove it, so we can know whether killing is in line with the sky or against the sky?  Killing is a sinful act (1) Improper justice Among all kinds of criminal acts, killing is a serious sin.  In terms of axioms, we hope that everyone will be treated equally, because all living beings love their lives, and so do you, and so do animals.  Legally convicted and punished, the first crime is murder.  Why should we kill pigs, chickens, ducks, etc. with the punishment of the first-class crime?  So it is said: In terms of axioms, it should not be killed.  (2) Improper cultivation of the Dao In terms of cultivation, it should not be killed either.  Any religion speaks the principles of kindness, but our Buddhist doctrine is more thorough, and the practice must be practiced by all kinds of goodness.  According to the six degrees of cultivation, generosity comes first, and generosity can be divided into three types: first, wealth, second, law, and third, fearless.  Among them, "give without fear" means to make all living beings have no fear. If you kill its life, then there will be no fear in giving?  You frighten the beasts, then do you fearlessly give?  In order to succeed in cultivation, one must first develop a compassionate heart. Killing and killing life is to cut off the seeds of compassion. Where else can success be achieved?  Therefore, in terms of cultivation, killing is the first precept and should not be done.  (3) Improper relationship There is another one that should not be killed in the relationship of life.  There is a saying: You have to plant a field of blessings to get happiness. When you see a beast about to suffer and save its life, you are planting a field of compassion. Conversely, seeing it suffer will not save it, but kill it. This is like our own.  It's like destroying your own blessed land.  From the perspective of life relationship, people are inseparable from the six realms of reincarnation. In the six realms, there are parents, brothers, sisters, wives, six relatives, and relatives. Because once reincarnated, there are parents, brothers, wives and so on for one lifetime.  In this way, since the beginning of time, we have been reborn in the six realms thousands of trillions of times. It is impossible to count them all, nor can the six relatives and dependents be counted, because we are ordinary people, and we cannot see without the power of heaven.  Some of you here must say: I don't believe it, it's over after death, so what kind of relatives are there?  If you don’t believe me, let me give you another historical record, a real thing to prove: In the Tang Dynasty, there was a person named Wei Qingzhi, he wanted to treat a guest once, he sent an invitation, and the time was fixed at  The next afternoon, everything was ready.  That night, his wife had a dream, dreaming of her daughter who died two years ago, wearing a blue dress, a white dress, with two white jade hairpins on her head, knelt on the ground and wept, saying to her mother: '  Mother!  Before I was alive, I stole money from my parents privately, so I fell into the realm of beasts after my death, and this time I changed a sheep to pay for it.  Because of the crime of stealing my parents' money, I will be killed by my father tomorrow, and now I come to plead with my mother to save my life from bloodshed.  ’ This Wei Qingzhi’s wife could hear clearly in the dream, and suddenly woke up, feeling gloomy in the morning, and his husband asked him, “Why are you unhappy because we have a treat today?”  ' His wife couldn't help crying, and told him the details of her dream last night when her daughter came to cry for help.  Her husband said: 'Don't be superstitious, there is such a thing, our daughter has been dead for two years, probably because of your thoughts day and night, day and night dream, your dream is unbelievable  .  ’ The Mrs. Wei couldn’t explain it, so she went to the kitchen to help the cook.  Suddenly, he saw a sheep bound to the pillar. Looking closely, the upper body of the sheep was covered with blue hair, with two white horns on its head, and its belly and four feet were covered with white hair.  At this time, I remembered the dream I had last night. In the dream, the daughter's clothes were all the same.  What was especially strange was that when the sheep saw Mrs. Wei, it began to cry out in a very sad voice, like a human cry.  Mrs. Wei immediately told the cook: 'You don't want to kill this sheep today.  ' The cook said, 'Today I want to treat guests, where is there food without slaughtering sheep?  ' The cook refused to listen to his wife's words, because Mrs. Wei was too embarrassed to say that the sheep was her daughter, but she said to the cook, 'Don't kill for now, I will discuss it with Mr.  ’ At this time, there were a lot of guests, and when the wife wanted to speak to her husband, Mr. Wei was shouting to the cook, hurry up and open the table.  There is a rear window in this room, facing the kitchen. Mrs. Wei hurriedly told her husband that the sheep she saw just now looked the same as her dreaming daughter, and how she was screaming in grief.  But Mr. Wei still refused to listen, and ordered the cook to kill the sheep to make dishes.  The strange thing is that the group of guests didn't eat mutton at all, but only other dishes. The host said: 'Why don't you all eat mutton?  ' The guests said in unison: 'Today's events are very strange. When we looked at the sheep from the back window just now, the sheep bound on the pillars looked like a person or a girl, so we didn't dare to eat them.  ' When the master heard this, the couple cried aloud, that is, they said what her daughter had come to tell her mother in a dream.  Please think about it, who dares to say that there are no parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives in the six realms?  In terms of secular benevolence, we should abstain from killing; in terms of justice and equality, we should cut flesh; in terms of life relationships, we should be vegetarians.  Now that you understand these three levels, you shouldn't kill your life.  I advise you not to believe in common sayings, but to believe in the truth, to stop killing and be vegetarian.  In the psychology of ordinary people, there is a wrong concept that the principle of karma is only said by the Chinese, and the Westerners have never said it.  In fact, Westerners now also talk about the principle of karma.  If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you the facts of karma written by Westerners. This is recorded in foreign books: In the southwestern part of Asia, on the shore of the Red Sea, there is a place called Palestine.  The military expedition, the cruel killing stamp is in this place.  There are two major ethnic groups in this place, one is the Arabs and the other is the Jews. After this place was occupied by Europe, the Jews mostly went to Europe and the United States to do business.  What business do you do?  Run a slaughter business.  In Europe and the United States, Jews account for more than half of the slaughtered people, and the method of slaughtering Jews is very cruel.  At this time, Europe and the United States are advocating animal protection societies. Although they cannot completely stop killing, they should try to reduce the KB of animals.  How to reduce animal KB?  That is, at the time of slaughter, isolate them from each other and prevent them from seeing each other, which reduces KB.  Then there is the reduction of the pain when the animal is killed, that is, anesthesia is applied to the animal, and it will lose consciousness later, and the pain will be reduced when it is killed.  This kind of advocacy, many people follow this method, only the cruel Jews do not listen to the advice and are unwilling to follow this method.  The advocates feel that they can't make sense to them, so they want to use the power of go-vern-ment to promote this method of reducing animal suffering.  However, when the proposal was made in the parliament, the Jews bribed the members and destroyed the venue in many ways. Finally, the proposal was cancelled, and the animal protection society had to publicize it to the society.  How will animal protection be promoted to the society?  Filmed a movie of slaughtering animals, describing how mechanical slaughter relieved the KB and suffering of animals, and then describing how cruel the slaughter of Jews was.  The effect of this kind of film propaganda is great, but every time it is shown, the Jews will disturb it, and every time the film cannot be finished.  Although they have exhausted their efforts and used the film as propaganda, they have achieved two-thirds of the results, but they have been destroyed by the Jews, so this work cannot be completed.  not far from this

Friday, February 25, 2022

How to prevent to be Chinese traitor?

 China has huge population of 1.4 billion. With such a big population, there bound to have some chinese become chinese traitors doing harm to their own motherland. But how to prevent to become chinese traitors? 

Self confidence : Chinese must have self confidence with their 5000 years of culture. They must not forsake China traditional learning. This is the roots and valuable assets. Without that, chinese will be like leaf 🍀 flowing in the sea.

Chinese must not be influenced by some rotten western values. Do not be manipulated by them because they are good at that.

Chinese must not smearing own country publicly because western will like to turn it to weapons to down China.

Don't participate NGO set up by western or USA, they will use you as the tool to down your country. Some of high scholars brainwashed by Westerner and expose country secret and become traitors.

Monday, February 14, 2022

American athletes accuse US medias telling lies

 If I accuse western medias reporting fake news about China Beijing Winter Olympics. But how about American athlete mentioned that Western medias reporting untrue, can you believe his words. Of course, this USA athlete saying is from his heart.

American athletes criticize the US media for telling lies. On February 13, American freestyle skiing U-shaped pool athlete Aaron Blunck said at a press conference that in the United States he had seen various Irresponsible reporting of the Beijing Winter Olympics. “Those are actually fake. In fact, everything is amazing. Everyone, from the staff to the nucleic acid testers, to the accommodation, this is one of the high-level Winter Olympics we have participated in.” His teammate Ya Alex Ferreira described the Olympic Village staff with sincerity and friendliness.

Friday, February 11, 2022

China take care lives

 During covic 19 pandemic spreading, the ways western countries and China handling it differently. Bloomberg media said China implementing “zero” policies are successful.

I think China government is very concerned about life, can I call it human rights? I think it is human to do whatever we can to save even one life.

Like America and UK, their ways of handling is reckless just look at UK prime minister. He never show good example, just go to party enjoying without protection. He himself violate his own implemented rules. They are implementing herd immunity. USA suffered the most, 900000 lives lost. America just simply don’t care life. 900000 lives are the combined of world war 1 & 2 total death. I think China culture and western culture got big difference.

Hong Kong situation come worse recently. China gives advice to Hong Kong, to curb the spreading using China way because it can save more lives.

Human wisdom 1

 In this confused world, it is important to learn something from ancestors. Their knowledges , experiences and wisdoms definitely can help much. Time to dig ancient wisdom and share it out…..

1. It has been nearly a thousand years since the prosperity of Kangxi, and many kings want to make the world govern. However, there is no more peace and prosperity. Why is this? Because the monarch abandoned the common sense and law of governing the country, and let his own personal desires act, resulting in the rampant luxury and the slack of benevolence and righteousness.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Human wisdom 44

 King Wen of Zhou asked Jiang Taigong: "The monarch devoted himself to recommending worthy talents, but failed to achieve results, and the social chaos became more and more serious, so that the country was in danger, what is the reason for this?  ?" Taigong said, "Selecting worthy talents and not appointing them is a false name for cultivating worthy talents, but not the essence of using worthy talents." King Wen said, "Where is the mistake?"  Taigong said: "The mistake is that the monarch likes to use people who are praised by the world, but does not use the real talents."

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 以下是網路蒐集的新年祝賀詞 新年吉祥話 過年祝福語資訊:











  僧伽吒经四句偈:我不求王位 不求世财宝 心怀无上愿 愿成二足尊


  请念这四句话至少三遍-21遍,每天坚持念,就可以梦到六大梦境之一,梦见杀人,梦见脏水,梦见屎尿,梦见大火,梦见剃头发,梦见熟人。总之就是梦见各种恐怖怪异之事情。很神奇的,这是我无意在僧伽吒吧发现的,这四句话摘自《僧伽吒经》,《僧伽吒经》是那烂陀寺的镇寺之宝,传说诵读或是抄写这部经典,乃至四句话就会在梦中消业障还债,所以会梦见这些恐怖梦境, 大家来体验体验,做了梦要反馈哦。记得多念哦!

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Master Chin Kung talked about world peace 3

 Restore the essence of religious education

    The conference documents of this conference raised three very meaningful questions when describing the background of the conference: (1) Do people really understand the religion they support?  (2) Can they really practice according to the teaching prescribed by the holy book?  (3) Can they truly understand the core values ​​of religion?

 Jingkong is willing to tell you frankly that I have been engaged in religious education for fifty-four years, and I have been studying, practicing, and expounding on the above-mentioned related issues.

 Buddhism is the education of Buddha Shakyamuni.  We call Buddha Shakyamuni the "master", and we are the disciples of the Buddha.  We have a teacher-student relationship with Buddha Shakyamuni.  His name has profound educational significance.  "Sakyamuni" means kindness and fraternity, which can help all living beings get away from suffering and happiness. This is the virtue of compassion; "Muni" means silence and purity, and is the virtue of wisdom.  Speaking of Buddha Shakyamuni, we immediately think that we should be pure and undisturbed to ourselves, and be kind and fraternal to others.  This is totally inspired by education.  Buddha Shakyamuni has been speaking for forty-nine years in his life and has lectured more than 300 meetings.  He is a kind multicultural society educator.

And all religions in the world are social education advocated by their religious founders.  Every religion must move towards teaching and towards religious education.  Although the form of religion is needed, the teaching of religion is more important. The form is like a coat, and teaching is the content and the essence.  On February 18, 2004, when Mr. Wahid talked to me about this issue, he wittily said to me: "Some people are not looking for God at all, they are just looking for the clothes of God. And I know what you feel.  We are interested in the true God, not the outer garment of God.” Yes, we must explore the connotation of religion, use the spirit of religion to guide believers, implement the theories and methods in religious scriptures into our lives, improve our spirituality, and transform  In our life, this kind of religion is full of vitality.  Therefore, to those who come to my lectures for the first time, I first introduce "Knowing Buddhism" to them, so that they understand that religion is not superstition, not blind faith, it is sacred education.

 This kind of sage education will change the temperament of people. The first stage will turn people from evil into good, and various kinds of education will make people "do not do evil, and all good will follow." The second stage will make people  Enlightenment, through the study of sage classics, make people understand the truth of life in the universe, the universe is the environment in which we live, and life is ourselves; the third stage, conversion to sanctification, through in-depth study, self-transformation, self  Perfect, and increasingly consistent with the sages.  Not only Buddhism, but the education of all other religions will have such educational results.

In view of the degeneration of social ethics and morality, the decency of etiquette standards, the influx of material desires, and the turn of evil in people's minds, family education, school education, and social education focus only on the inculcation of scientific and technological knowledge, and abandoned ethical education.  Only by relying on religious education to enlighten the people with the treasures of various religions, the norms of words and deeds of sages, and the teachings of sacred religions, can we maintain the integrity of the family, the stability of the society, and the long-term governance of the country and world peace.

 The famous British historical philosopher, Dr. Tonby, highly praised the Chinese Confucian and Mencius doctrines and Mahayana Buddhism.  He believes that this is a good medicine to solve the social problems of the 21st century.

 Confucianism of Confucius and Mencius is based on benevolence as the center, etiquette as the norm, and family ethics as the fundamental education.  The moral content recommended includes: filial piety, loyalty, faithfulness, etiquette, righteousness, integrity, shame, benevolence, love, harmony, and peace.  The Confucian and Mencius doctrine emphasizes five relationships and ten righteousness in dealing with the relationship between people.  The "five relationships" refer to father and son, husband and wife, brothers, monarchs and ministers, and friends. The five relationships should be "father and son are relatives, monarchs and ministers are righteous, husbands and wives are distinguished (different division of labor), elders and children are orderly, and friends are trustworthy.  "(See "Mencius • Teng Wen Gong Zhang Ju").  "Ten righteousness" refers to "the righteousness of the father, the filial piety of the son, the brotherhood, the brotherhood, the righteousness of the husband, the wife (docile cooperation), the long benefit, the young shun, the emperor and the benevolence, and the loyalty of the minister.  "Book of Rites" Li Yun chapter).  These five principles and ten righteousness clarify each person's interpersonal relationship in society, moral and ethical concepts, and their obligations.  Using the twelve virtues and five ethics and righteousness included in the Confucian and Mencius doctrines to cultivate one's body, align the family, govern the country, and pacify the world, the hearts of the people will be good, the family will be harmonious, the country will last forever, and the world will be peaceful.  And it is all about whether the "Disciples Regulations" are truly implemented.

 Confucianism inherits the teachings of ancient Chinese Yao and Shun, and has a long history of at least five thousand years.  And another one that has a profound influence on the Chinese is Buddhism.  Buddhism came from India during the Han Dynasty in 67 AD.  The basic doctrine of Buddhism is: "All evils are forbidden, all goodnesses are practiced, and they are self-purifying. It is all Buddhism."  The Buddhist classics advocate: filial piety to support parents, serving teachers, and practicing ten kinds of good karma: 1. No killing, 2. No stealing, 3. No adultery, 4. No lying, 5. No profligacy, 6. No evil talk  , Seven, no two tongues, eight, no greed, nine, no aversion, ten, no foolishness.  Buddhism advocates education of true wisdom, education of cause and effect, where good is rewarded for good, and evil is rewarded for evil.  The Buddha explained to people the six things of "nature, appearance, reason, matter, cause, and effect" in life in the universe.  The Buddhist scriptures tell us, "If you want to know the cause of the past life, the recipient of this life is; if you want to know the effect of the next life, the author is the author of this life."  Therefore, Buddhism educates the public not to create evil causes and avoid evil consequences.  The root of Buddhism teaching is filial piety and respect for the teacher, and the foundation of filial piety is also in the concrete practice of the "Disciple Guidance".

Mahayana Buddhism in life is based on the principles of self-interest, altruism, and self-consciousness. It implements the six practice methods (six degrees) of generosity, precepts, patience, diligence, meditation, and wisdom. When getting along with the public, use generosity and love  The four ways of receiving and helping sentient beings, namely, speaking, benefiting (serving for sentient beings), and colleague (integrating into the masses), make merit and wisdom more perfect.  The teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of wisdom and love.  To enable the educated to understand the truth of life in the universe, so as to properly handle the relationship between man and man; the relationship between man and nature; the relationship between man and heaven and earth ghosts (the relationship between man and all creatures in different dimensions).  The educational connotation of Buddhism is very rich. It not only guides one's life, can obtain immeasurable blessings and wisdom due to the ten good karma, six degrees, four repercussions, etc., but also guides people to transcend the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death, and transcend the suffering of reincarnation.

 If you do not stay in the external form of religion, but completely restore the essence of religious education and thoroughly implement the teachings of the classics, all sentient beings will gain real benefits.  And the happiness of the family, the prosperity of the country

Master Chin Kung talks about world peace 2

 2. Multiple religions come from the same source

    Cingkong began to study the Buddha education at the age of 26, and guided his life with the holy scriptures of Buddhism. At the age of 79, he has experienced 54 springs and autumns.  Later, I extensively studied and studied the classics of other religions.  I used to study the Christian "Bible" with my heart, and selected an excerpt from the "Bible Quotations" for Buddhists' reference. During the Buddhist teaching training class held in Singapore, I used to study the Catholic Rosary and in Singapore  The Catholic Church gave a report on the study of the "Rose"; in September 2004, I was in Hong Kong to explain the study experience of the "Quran" of Islam...

    Through studying the scriptures of multiple religions, I realized that the root of all religions is kindness and fraternity.  Buddhism talks about great mercy, Catholicism and Christianity talk about God loving the world, Islam says God is merciful, and so on.  Although different religions have differences in name and appearance, their purpose is to be kind and fraternity, and the goal is to make all sentient beings free from suffering and happiness, and live in a beautiful and peaceful world with physical and mental stability.

    Jingkong realized that although every religion talks about the creation of the universe, although there are many kinds of names, but in fact, there is only one true god in the universe (Buddhism called the equality of mind, dharma, and reality).  This true God has perfect wisdom, merit, and supernatural powers, and the suffering of sentient beings can be saved by the kind of body that should be saved.  In Buddhism it is Buddha and Bodhisattva, in Christianity it is God and Jesus, in Islam it is God and Muhammad, etc.  The sacredness of each religion is the incarnation of the only true god in the universe.  The different incarnations of the true God are for skillful and convenient cultivation, adapting to different races, regions, cultures, and beings of different roots, so they have different external forms and different art teaching methods.  It turns out that we are from the same source!  It turns out that we are all one!  Therefore, we have every reason to let go of all prejudices, misunderstandings, confrontations and conflicts, arm in arm, and sincerely cooperate and help each other heart-to-heart, so as to bring peace and happiness to mankind.  This is the most basic idea for us to learn and receive the "religious education of love".

    After we understand these principles, it is inevitable that religions live in harmony, learn from each other, cooperate with each other, and teach together.  We work together to guide all believers and restore the original goodness of kindness and fraternity.  The unity of religions leads to world peace, and the education of religions leads to social stability. In this way, we will transform the earth, our world into a paradise, into a world of bliss, and into a heaven.

    During his stay in Singapore, Jingkong established friendly exchanges and harmonious relations with the nine major religions in Singapore.  The nine major religions have all been to our lecture halls to preach. Our believers listened respectfully. We also went to lecture halls of other religions. They also respectfully welcomed and learned from each other.  At the New Year’s prayer meeting, we prayed for world peace together.  And fund each other's charity and relief work.  They also organized a joint delegation to visit China in 2000, which increased mutual exchanges and friendship.  In 2003, when the Australian Buddhist Pure School of Buddhism was established, the nine major religious groups in Singapore came to Australia to congratulate us.  President Nathan of Singapore was very impressed with the unprecedented harmony and unity of the nine major religions in his country.  During my six invitation visits to Indonesia in 2004, I introduced this experience to the leaders of the Indonesian government and their religious leaders, which also aroused their great interest.  I was invited as an honorary advisor to visit Cairo, Egypt, and the Holy Catholic city of Vatican, Italy, together with the Indonesian religious delegation, and met with Pope John Paul II, the elder of the University of Alazia with a thousand-year history of Islam.  John Paul II).  In December 2004, they invited me to be a consultant to visit China. Leaders of various major religions in Indonesia, Indonesian government officials and former President Wahid all participated in this visit.  These exchanges have enhanced the friendly exchanges, understanding and mutual assistance, and peace and unity between Chinese and Indian religions.

Master Chin King talks about world peace 1

 Since the September 11th incident in the United States, the entire world has been in a state of instability, conflicts have increased and escalated, and the people have longed for peace.  But where is the source of peace?  Where is the root of the conflict?  Observe carefully and realize that this is not outside at all, but in our hearts.

   Harmony, harmony is the most precious, is the law of nature (the universe is originally harmonious, just like the human body is originally harmonious and healthy).  Harmony is the inherent virtue of our nature.  The founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni, when he was enlightened and enlightened, he said the first sentence from deep meditation, which is: "Wonderful! Wonderful! All sentient beings in the world have the same things as Buddha.  Wisdom, light, harmony, and virtue cannot be manifested only because they are covered by delusions, troubles, greed and attachments."

    Our nature is pure and pure, and peaceful.  As the Chinese Confucian said, "At the beginning of human beings, human nature is inherently good."  Why did it become unkind and confrontational?  That's because of the function of habit. The habit is the acquired knowledge and insights, and by clinging to these insights and not giving way, peace is broken and conflicts and confrontations arise.  So to restore peace, you must first start from your own heart.  First, resolve the conflict between your inner nature and habits.  Letting go of the inner thoughts of controlling and possessing all people, things, and things, letting go of greed and hatred, and all deeds that harm others and self-interest, can fundamentally resolve all conflicts in the world and restore true peace.

    The fundamental return of peace to the heart is based on the theoretical basis of Buddhist classics and the evidence of modern scientific experiments.

 In Buddhism’s most famous classic "Hua Yan Sutra", it says: "If people want to know, all Buddhas in the three generations should observe the nature of the Dharma and create everything based on their minds." (See "Hua Yan Sutra, Volume 19, Yemo Palace"  This sentence means that the universe and the world’s life are created by our mind and deeds-only the mind is present, and only the consciousness changes.  Another well-known classic "Shou Shurangama Sutra" (Volume 1) said: "All dharmas are born from the heart. All cause and effect, the dust of the world, the body is formed by the mind."  pregnancy".  Our thoughts, our minds, affect everything on the outside.  This truth is very deep.  The "Hua Yan Sutra" fully explained this problem.  I'm currently teaching this sutra. I have spoken for more than two thousand five hundred hours. I haven't finished it yet. Now I can only cite an analogy: dreaming is an experience that everyone has.  We have a good mentality and we often have beautiful dreams.  If our mentality is fierce, we will often have nightmares.  Where do dreams come from?  All the realms, all the characters, all the mountains, rivers and earth in the dream are not realized by our minds?

    Modern science has gradually confirmed this.  Dr. Emoto Katsushika from Japan has conducted research on water for ten years and found that the human mind can change the shape of water crystals.  Kindness and good thoughts can make the crystal shape of water beautiful, and disgusting and evil thoughts can make the crystal shape of water ugly.  For example, put a cup of water with the words "peace" and another cup with the words "war".  After a period of time, through instrumental observation, it will be found that the water crystals of the former have become very beautiful, while the water crystals of the latter have become very ugly.  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s scientific discoveries were valued by the United Nations Headquarters and he was invited to New York, USA to give a report.  I personally invited Dr. Jiang Bensheng to come to Australia and gave three test reports on his ten-year water research at Jingzong College, Griffith University, and University of Southern Queensland.  These reports fully demonstrate that "the mind can affect material changes, and the mind can affect and change the external environment."  This discovery has brought new thinking to people’s lives, has brought a new plan for environmental protection workers to purify people’s hearts before purifying the environment, and has brought far-reaching enlightenment to peace workers: only to eliminate their inner conflicts.  , Injustice and disputes can achieve external harmony, the stability and peace of the family, society and the universe.  There is a famous saying in our Buddhist scriptures: "A pure heart leads to a pure land."  We have found the source of peace-in our hearts.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Keeping promise is so important

 Life is not easy but full of challenges. If someone help us during our difficult time, we need to remember keeping promise is extremely important. Once losing trust, it is very difficult to win back their trust again.

Yes, I did this before but I learn from this occurrence.

Not long ago, I need financial assistance, a friend lended me some money so as to help me settle outstanding loans but with one condition that I must not borrow from other parties. I agreed but somehow I broke the promise. And he lost the trust on me. I apologized to him and I know I have to keep promises in future.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Covic 19 still exist, need take care

 Covic 19 started to spread since beginning of year 2020 approximately. Many years ago, the master had prediction there was flu type panamic outbreak in near future. I believe what he said might be covic 19. He said people get this panamic through breathing in, touching like shaking hands. What the master’s prediction had come to reality.

On April 2020, one of my colleagues got infested via her husband. So , I also put in quarantine for 14 days. During this quarantine period, I wasn’t allowed to go out of my home. Enforcement officers would contact me anytime through WhatsApp to check on my whereabout. They would carry out video chat also. If get caught , then We need to go court to face the charge.

Just hope covic19 can be over soon. For the time beings, stay at home more often.

Yes, write more blogs is the choice. Am I right?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Life will be miserable once taking drugs

 Whole life will be miserable if one taking drugs. The addiction is so powerful that you need to take it frequently and your body and mental state will be deteriorated.

In short, life will be shortened and you will miss the beautiful aspects of life.

In Singapore, consuming or selling illegal drugs like heroin is extremely serious. If you are caught possessing exceeded amounts, most likely  youwill be hanged after court conviction.

So, bear in mind, don't ever taste the illegal drugs.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Beware of Singapore environmental acts

 For travellers to Singapore, you must understand some environmental acts.

Travellers usually like to visit Orchard road, there are many shopping malls, hotels, etc. In Orchard road area , you are not allow to smoke within that designated boundary except some permitted smoking spots. If you caught by enforcement officers, they will summon you with the $300 fine. You can pay the fines through AXS or other similar machines. If you don’t want to pay, you need to go to subordinate court on the designated date. Smoking under the building like staircases, lobby areas all not allowed even at the side of building underneath windows. You can only smoke in the designated smoking corner. Littering is not allowed everywhere. So if you are caught $300 first time. More fines will need to pay if repeated offenses. But you don’t want to pay , court will send you to prison , the duration stay in prison based on your amounts of fines.

So, this is the reminder to oversea travellers that Singapore is the fine city.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Human beings still struggling in this century

There are over 50 billions population in the world. Human beings are still struggling even today.

Their lives all different, some are non status refugees , they are non citizens in this world, there fates are so pitiful. They are waiting for food from others just for survival. Why they became refugees? I think due to war or conflicts. These refugees are ignored and just lost in this modern world.

Some are doing bad things selling illegal drugs or scamming just for self benefits without regards to others wellbeing.

Some are struggling just for survival. But few are very rich with tonnes of money.

Rich must willing to help poor, rich nations must help poor nations. Human beings still struggling even in this century.

I wish all humans put down their weapons, discarding conflicting mindset and treat all like brothers and sisters.

But thinking back , I am lucky….

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Time to recite Namoamituofo

 Today, my body feel very painful. Suddenly feel that life is ready suffering. Can I pass through this November? Now, I have to recite Namoamituofo , just prepare for the last day if.....

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Aging is part of life

 When we were young, our bodies were strong. After 50 years of age, body slowly painful here and there.

The common one is back pain and shoulders pain.

Now I facing left shoulder pain, I think it is painful due to sleeping posture. So now, I must sleep on right shoulder and try not to mobilize left shoulder too much.

Take care our body, so that we can live longer....

Thursday, November 4, 2021

All religions are good

All religions are good, it tell human to become good human. Any teachings that teach people to kill others for self interest or selfishness are evil. Basically, Religions tell people to get rid of greed, hatred and having wisdom to live properly.Sometimes, believers are too passionate about his religion and want to spread it. It is understandable because he wants other to be good. But we must understand different religion believers also believe that they are right, so we all must respect all other religions. We just focus on learning own religion. You can share with your religion knowledge to others but should not force people to convert it. Due to different geographic locations, human beings having different religions. We need to treat all other religions believers as brothers, sisters because we are all human. I wish all of you happy forever, this is just my little thought.