Friday, March 5, 2021

China next target Canada

 Australia hostile to China and now China gave  re  some colours.

Canada the next target unless Canada release Hwawei assistant director. If not, China will know what to do next. Most likely Canada will be next Australia.

Both Australia and Canada are USA ass licker. 

USA anti Asian

 Trump :" China virus , Kungfu virus , Panda virus." Because of Trump remarks, USA people started to injure Asian people. White and black people started to injure Asian. Quite many Asian old men pushed by these white or black, and some died because of serious injury.

Reminder to Asian : Don't ever go USA for whatever reasons, if you are Asian American, please migrate to other countries. Racial problems are extremely serious. If you want to live longer, quit USA as soon as possible, this is the hostile country, nothing great. F America.

Greed hatred stupidity

 Recently I write some posts, and now I find I am wasting my precious time. Look at this world, people are full of greed hatred and stupidity. The more I write the more I stupid.

So now I stop writing for a month. Ha ha ha. I don't want to absorb all nonsense. If not I will be the person who also speak nonsense.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

USA Taiwan Japan

 Now, China banned pineapple export from Taiwan. Who is going to buy? USA simply don't care. Japan also the same. Australia will buy little bit less than 1% Taiwan previously export 97 % of pineapples to China but now China ban it.

This is the natural outcome because Taiwan banned Hwawei , etc etc. Ha ha ha. Good news for Taiwan USA ass follower. Just see USA can help you or not? Ha ha ha, you are just the tool for USA to play.

Trump total failure

 Trump very hostile to China from the beginning. He crazily pressured China during trade negotiation. But in the end , he gained nothing and China still strong economically.

So, for Trump , he just the mad dog. He kicked out by USA voters due to his total don't care attitude towards covic 19 pandemic. Instead of saving lives, he just push all the blames to China. He mentioned China virus 10000 times.because of his bad heart, he get bad outcome. He will have miserable life any moment for his causing 500000000 lives lost.

This is just joke. 

Please wear masks

 Please wear masks. I see USA some very stubborn guys resisting wearing masks. They want " Freedom' this is ready crooked mindset.The governor of Texas, Abbott, announced on the 2nd that the state will fully resume work on March 10 and revoke the "mask order" and restaurant traffic restrictions and other epidemic prevention orders.  Mississippi Governor Reeves also announced the cancellation of the mask injunction on the 2nd.  Warrensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, "I know people are tired, they want to return to life, to return to normal, but we are not there yet."

So, We might not fooled by some stupid politicians. They thought God loves white only. They thought they are Superior but in flat, God treats all fairly. If you don't care then the outcome is 500000000 lives lost. But seems like USA people are damn stupid.

BBC hostile fake news

 In December 2020, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) released a video visiting the Kuqa area of ​​Xinjiang, claiming that the Chinese government "tracked and obstructed" their interviews and concocted news about the so-called "forced labor" in Xinjiang factories.  Afterwards, reporters from China Daily conducted another interview along the BBC's interview route. By restoring the truth, it proved that the BBC had created "fake news" through editing and grafting.At the end of this report, published on January 10, a Chinese reporter commented that “The only purpose of the BBC’s Xinjiang trip is to'prove' that what the anti-China people say is true.” (On this trip to Xinjiang, the  BBC has only one mission: to prove that everything that China-haters say is true).  was originally a very simple question: the BBC lied about Xinjiang-related reports, and the Chinese reporters used facts to fight back.  If the BBC thinks it has been wronged, it can produce evidence to prove its innocence.  owever, the British embassy's article turned a blind eye to the domestic media's fraud and smearing of China, but it distorted the Chinese media's corrective reports into attacking foreign journalists and hindering press freedom.We can’t help asking, can freedom of the press mean that it can violate professional ethics and create fake news?  Just as the United Kingdom cannot represent the world, the BBC cannot represent all foreign media, and preset positions such as editing, grafting, and adding filters, and news reports that discredit the media for the purpose of discrediting media freedom and journalistic professionalism are even more embarrassing.The British article talked about how independent foreign media, including the British media, can supervise the government to ensure that people can obtain accurate information. However, a London citizen once told The Times: "The problem in our country lies in television.  And newspapers. They don’t disclose the truth and keep silent about what’s really happening.” The US investigative reporting website "Gray Area" also revealed on February 20 that in the face of various secret interventions in the internal affairs of other countries by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Reuters,  The BBC and other well-known media who usually chatter on foreign-related projects in Russia and other countries are not only silent, they are also deeply involved in them, and even advocate their strong ability to interfere.  As one of the world's three largest news agencies, Reuters has long been secretly engaged with the British government.  A series of official documents declassified in January 2020 show that in the 1960s and 1970s, Reuters had been receiving secret funding from the British government to assist the intelligence agency MI6 to operate an "anti-Soviet propaganda organization."  The British government also used the BBC as an intermediary to conceal the flow of the money.  In 2019, the British Foreign Office proposed a more radical plan. They tried to infiltrate the Russian media and use the influence of Russian journalists trained in the UK to spread their views on the Internet. Reuters gave both bids to  A detailed response was given. In the first bid, they boasted that they had built a global network of 15,000 journalists and bloggers with this type of "capacity building" intervention project.  In Russia, they have trained at least 400 journalists.

France allows CGTN

 UK banned China TV network CGTN because it controlled by China government. Then China also banned UK BBC due to always evilly reporting fake news about China.

But now France allows CGTN , only one condition, it must go through France network.

From here We know UK is too hostile to China ideologically just like USA the huge white beast.

China must act firm , remember how crooked USA destroyed Soviet Union. Remember USA is the cruel country....... China must be cautious at all times.

Taiwan banned many China products

 Taiwan now ruled by Democratic progressive party, very hostile to China. They follow USA policies closely and blindly. They banned no man plane, CCTV camera company , social network Wei xin, etc. But China never make noise.

Now China just ban Taiwan pineapples due to worms found. Taiwan now make so much noises.

It is call retribution.

China helps Poland and and Czech

 Poland and Czech belong to European countries , they requested vaccine for covic 19 because Europe never gave them.

Although both countries very hostile to China, China still help them.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The difference between Trump and Joe Biden towards China

 Trump is extremely hostile to China although China never provoke USA,Trump simply wants China down just like USA collapsed Soviet Union not long ago. Joe Biden is still hostile to China but more rational. Joe Biden sticks to one China policy but Trump simply can't trust at all, Trump tried to send government officials visiting Taiwan before his ended term but failed due to some reasons. Joe Biden wouldn't openly discuss or comment some sensitive issues like China internal affairs like Hong Kong, xinzhang or human rights issues. All this pinpointing are just lies based on BBC , America voices because this hostile network, their aim is want China down, they have zero shame just like son fucking mum.

Both Trump and Joe Biden are hostile to China and all American are brainwashed for the past 50 years. They already had the evil mindset inside their blood. 

Pompeo cunning fox

America , some people just like cunning fox, for example Pompeo , he admitted he telling lies when he was the head of intelligence department.

Pompeo now unable to find high payment job, he joined a research organization. I think he will continue to collect rubbish information and accuse China at all cost. He will fail in everything he does

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Canada is beast

 Recently, Canada said 58 countries had signed the agreement that country can't arrest other nations citizens for political reasons. One country said they never signed the agreement and requested Canada to delete his country name.

How come Canada so arrogant......

Wars Wars Wars

 USA attacked Syria military personnel and then Russia attacked soldiers who support USA , mostly Syria people died.

Human beings keep on fighting even in year 2021.

This is ready the cruel world.

All pinpoint to China

 Many countries especially white countries like to pinpoint China whatever bad things occurred.

Tiger wood care incident. Who did this? Was China.

India so cold in northern part, who did this?


Pandemic come from where?

No need to check, all China.

Trump got covic 19, who did this?


Australia killed so many innocent lives in Afghanistan, who responsible?


Burma new military government, who did this?


How come your baby died? Who did this? China

Why white only interested in China?

Because white like to get fucked by China.

All the above are jokes.

Joe Biden speech

 I am Joe Biden 46th USA president. Now I have new policies towards China.

1. USA must learn China traditional culture. They got 5000 years of history but We USA only 200 over years.

2. I will release Hwawei director . I will not ban Hwawei anymore.

3. I respect China political system, wouldn't tell them to follow us.

4. We will stop trade war with China.

5. We treat China as friend.

6. We USA all the while stealing all nations intelligence secretly, we have to stop it.

7. We USA stop interfering China internal affairs.

8. We will adopt China good policies.

9. I will implement the law, no more talking about China.

Take it easy, the above are jokes only.




Australia killed the native race completely

 When the ancestors of Australians came to Tasmania in 1803, they saw a large number of indigenous people there.  Moreover, these indigenous people only have wood spears, and they are still in the era of slash and burn.  They also make woodware, woodware and bark boats.  These people have dark brown skin, flat faces, wide and short noses, and prominent brow bones. The characteristics are very obvious.They brought food, drinking water, and sang and danced to welcome these distant guests to the prisoners who were abandoned by the British and exiled here in isolation.  However, soon, these Anglo-Saxons exiled here began a national recreational activity, hunting and killing the local indigenous Tasmanians.

China do the good job

 China can quickly develop a vaccine and share it with Brazil, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, the UAE, Turkey and other countries.  China has done so well, and any country should be regarded as a model for defeating this pandemic.  However, the United States seems to have no interest in learning any experience from China.

    Biden announced that the United States will return to the World Health Organization (WHO), but the US government spokesperson specifically stated that they do not fully trust the WHO report on the source of the new crown virus. However, there is a very delicate line between being skeptical about China and portraying China as a villain as a whole.  The latter impulse is dangerous for two reasons: it makes us overlook many of the right things China has done in response to this crisis, and it may evolve into a "China-phobia", that is, to people of Chinese descent.  bias.Earlier in February, Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of the well-known medical journal "The Lancet", said in an interview: "I think we must be cautious when evaluating China. I was with the Chinese scientists who were on the front line when the Wuhan outbreak broke out last year.  I have very close cooperation with doctors. I can frankly say that the world should be grateful for their response to this epidemic." He mentioned how the first-line scientists sequenced the genome of the virus and made it public in January last year.  Released, describing the characteristics of the initial cases, emphasizing the spread of the virus, and reminding the world of the risk of a global pandemic.Horton explained: "This work was done in China. Therefore, when I saw and heard Western political leaders slander China, I think there are elements of hostility to the Chinese, and even racism."

Monday, March 1, 2021

China reaches dangerous time noe

 Let's see China national song translated in English and see how relevant now.stand up!People who don't want to be slaves!Build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall!The Chinese nation has reached the most dangerous time,Everyone was forced to make the final roar.stand up! stand up! stand up We are one mind, braving the enemy's fire, go ahead! Braving enemy fire,go ahead go ahead!o go head!  Come in!

Yes, now dangerous time due to imperialist USA , European countries , western world, Japan, etc

So China must get prepared to fight against all these evil..

China helps USA

 Any country can't live along even medical testing equipment for covic 19, USA needs to buy from China.

China also supply surgery masks to USA. I think America needs to change mindset , not only America great again. All nations must be great again. Am I right?

USA violate human rights

 China Youth Daily Client, Beijing, March 1 (Chen Xiaoru, China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter) On February 26, 23 UN human rights experts issued a joint statement stating that they have repeatedly expressed concerns about the excessive use of force by the US police.  .  Experts pointed out that in some U.S. cities, “the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, residents and bystanders indiscriminately, and used pepper spray at close range. The tear gas even landed in residential courtyards and harmed children.”  Experts also stated that the United States must address police violent law enforcement and systemic racism, and take measures to ensure that any excessive use of force in law enforcement cannot escape punishment.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded to the above information at a regular press conference on March 1. He said that in the past year, reports of violent law enforcement by US law enforcement agencies have often appeared in the media, "I can't breathe."  The slogan of t breathe is still sobering.  According to data from the U.S. "Police Violence Map" website, from January to November 2020, there were only 17 days in the U.S. where there were no deaths of law enforcement personnel.  "Washington Post" survey data also showed that in 2020, nearly 1,000 people in the United States were shot and killed by law enforcement officers, and an average of 3 people were killed every day by law enforcement officers.  The problems reflected behind these data are worth thinking about.Every person in the world, regardless of race, color, gender, or nationality, should be respected and cherished, and human rights should be safeguarded and protected." Wang Wenbin emphasized: "We hope that the United States will abandon double standards and face up to the country’s  Serious human rights issues such as racism and violent law enforcement by law enforcement agencies, take practical measures to promote and protect human rights in the country."

China welcome you to xinzhang

 Western world keeps on telling lies about xinzhang. China sincerely invites them to visit xinzhang but these European countries and western world show no interest but request those xinzhang people released due to terrorist acts.

From this, We know they just want to continue telling lies.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

USA anti Asian

 Xinhua News Agency, Washington, February 26 (Reporter Xu Jianmei and Deng Xianlai) Since January this year, the number of incidents of discrimination and hate crimes against Asians in the United States has continued to rise.  A senior official of the US Department of Justice said on the 26th that the Department of Justice will launch an investigation on hate crimes.

 Pamela Karan, Chief Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, issued a statement on the same day that her department is cooperating with the FBI, federal prosecutors and local law enforcement agencies to "evaluate possible hate crimes."  Investigate and prosecute hate crime suspects and launch legal training.Karan said that when the motive of the crime is hostility based on race, religion, nationality, gender, disability, or citizenship, there will be a chain reaction.  She promised that the US Department of Justice will "continue to invest all necessary resources" to combat hate crimes, but did not provide further details.Kalan’s statement did not directly mention Asians or other specific minorities, but American media generally believe that this is a direct response to the increase in anti-Asian hate crimes by the US Department of Justice this year. In 2020, incidents of racial discrimination and hate crimes faced by Asian Americans will occur frequently.  The US non-profit organization "Stop Hatred of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" released a report on February 9th that the organization received first-hand reports on incidents of hatred against Asian Americans from mid-March to the end of last year.  A total of 2,808 incidents occurred in 47 states in the United States and Washington, DC.Since January this year, the number of incidents of discrimination and hate crimes against Asian Americans has continued to rise.  A surveillance video widely circulated on the U.S. network showed that in January this year, an 84-year-old Thai man was pushed to the ground while walking in San Francisco, California, and then died.  Jeremy Lin, a Chinese American basketball star, recently stated on social media platforms that he was not immune from being called the "new crown virus" on the court.

Cyrus the truly gentleman

 Recently I watch YouTube video and stumbled to Cyrus YouTube channel, very awesome video. This gentleman loves both America and China. Many people are influenced by western medias for a long time. These western medias bad mouth China from time to time.

Cyrus is the positive frighter . Please watch Cyrus YouTube videos to wash away your rubbish. Thanks.

Pitiful Taiwan farmers

 Yesterday China informed that no more pineapple export from Taiwan from 1 March 2021. Now , farmers all very panic. There was no issues since president Lee Teng Hui but just yesterday stopping export Taiwan pineapple to China mainland due to health reasons. It ready affect the farmers badly.

But why suddenly this thing happened? I think because Taiwan did some funny things to China recently. Farmers said Taiwan government showed hostility towards China in many areas politically.

Now China finally retaliate...... Taiwan government will finally feel the pain slowly and surely.

Just see the further development, ha ha ha. All these because of arrogant Taiwan current government. Taiwan should not follow Trump style. Now Trump gone already, nobody will back up Taiwan economically and China will give Taiwan some colours. Am I right?

Friday, February 26, 2021

China having same enemies

 China attacked by imperialist UK white men during opium wars ( two times ) , during year 1840 to 1860, Japan also attacked China about end of 19th century. Before Ching dynasty collapsed in year 1911, 8 foreign countries came to attack China mostly white people. Between 1911 to 1945, Japan always came to China occupied land and killed Chinese . 

So, China people suffered greatly from year 1840 to year 1945 , all because of foreign white imperialists and Japan. After Japan surrendered in year 1945, China got few years of internal war between two political parties communist and nationalist. The winner was communist, they declared in year 1949. Communists helped rebuilt China, all foreign white people and Japan never came to disturb China anymore. In year 1978, Teng learned from Singapore and started to reform, opened up and traded with whole world. And now China is no 2 economically. But the challenges still there. White people this time will try every evil means to topple the communist country. All this white people very black heart. China must beware of white beasts and traitors.


 Nowadays we always hear sanction or banning. This is the non harmony world. Few days ago China said it will not allow export Taiwan pineapple due to some living things inside pineapple. Is it that simple?

Current Taiwan government always follow USA footsteps. Taiwan banned so many China products such as Hwawei, etc.

So now, China must act accordingly to counter attack. I think more to come, China will ban more Taiwan products to respond to Taiwan unfriendly policies towards China .

Let's monitor closely.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Joe Biden more hostile to China?

 After the Biden administration came to power, Sino-US relations will improve in three aspects. The first aspect is that the atmosphere will change. During the Trump administration, the US government has "crossed the border" in its rhetoric towards China, that is, naked humiliation.  , The Biden administration is not expected to do so.  Words are very important because they can shape the political and social atmosphere of Sino-US relations; the second aspect is that the Biden administration is unlikely to take adventurous actions, including issues such as the South China Sea and Taiwan, and may not challenge China too much.  Although fierce competition and confrontation will continue; the third aspect is that China and the United States may cooperate to a certain extent on issues of common interests. At present, more emphasis is placed on addressing climate change issues.  There is also room for cooperation on issues such as issues and counter-terrorism.

USA spreading rumors

 On the 18th, the American independent news website "Gray Zone" published an article exposing rumors that the US government spread and some foreign media followed the trend to hype the Chinese government's "genocide" of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.  These inflammatory allegations are all based on false reports on Xinjiang by the anti-China "scholar" Adrian Zenz.The article stated that without verification, the U.S. government and some foreign media determined that Zheng Guoen’s suspicious report was factual, ignoring his background as a religious extremist.  One of the authors of the article, Max Blumenthal (Max Blumenthal) said that Zheng Guoen's report was illogical, misused data, and used all means to reach the conclusion of "genocide."  The strange thing is that the western mainstream media and the government collectively "endorsed" it.  But Blumenthal and his website were threatened and suppressed for raising reasonable questions.  What is the logic behind this?

China donates vaccine to Philippines

 On February 24, local time, Philippine Presidential Spokesperson Harry Locke stated at a press conference at the Presidential Palace that the 600,000 doses of Coxing vaccine donated by the Chinese government will arrive in the Philippines in the near future, and a handover ceremony will be held.  President Duterte has expressed his hope to witness the handover and express his gratitude to China.On February 22, the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had officially approved the emergency use permit (EUA) for the new crown vaccine produced by Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd. in China.According to the Philippine News Agency, Yang Guang, director of the International Affairs Department of Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd., stated on the 24th that vaccine products donated to the Philippines are ready, and both China and the Philippines are actively working. Once customs procedures are implemented, the vaccine will be shipped to the Philippines.According to the Philippine government's epidemic prevention plan, this month will start vaccinating the new crown vaccine for military personnel, health care workers, the elderly and poor communities. This year's goal is to vaccinate 50 million to 70 million Filipinos. According to data from the Philippine Ministry of Health, the Philippines added 1,557 confirmed cases on the 24th, with a total of 566,420 confirmed cases, 12,129 deaths, and 523,321 recovered cases.

China traitor Wang Jingwei

Wang Jingwei is the most famous traitor and traitor in Chinese history.  This is beyond doubt.  Wang Jingwei devoted himself to the revolution in his early years. He tried to stab the regent King Zaifeng, and he went to France to study during Yuan Shikai's rule.  Later, for his own selfish desires, this person took refuge in Japan during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and established a pseudo-national government in Nanjing and became a traitor.

China traitor

 Traitor is a negative vocabulary. It generally refers to those who sell the national interests of China, which is equivalent to "traitors" and "traitors", that is, Chinese people who collude with the enemy or treason.  The interpretation of "traitor" in "Cihai" is "Originally referring to the scum of the Han nationality, but now generally refers to the Chinese people who take refuge in foreign invaders and are willing to be driven by them to betray the interests of the motherland"; in the "Modern Chinese Dictionary" the interpretation is "  It originally referred to the scum of the Han nationality, but later generally referred to the scum of the Chinese nation who took refuge in the invaders and sold out national interests."

Joe Biden joke

 This is just joke. Joe Biden speech:" Today I want to tell your that America is no 2 world economically. We have to accept that and we will cooperate with China wholeheartedly. We will stop pushing all faults to China related to covic 19, there is zero evidence that covic 19 originated from China. We allow Hwawei operate in USA and apologize to China we are the lier and will tell Canada to release Hwawei financial controller .we encourage China and Taiwan work together towards unification. We stop navigating near or on South China Sea. We will not ban Chinese communist coming to China. We will stop trade war with China and will arrest Chinese traitors in USA and send them back to China for camp rehabilitation. I will tell my small brother Australia stop provoking China.

We will review all policies towards China. From today onwards, China is our Ally.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

China ass sucker traitor Yu

It has been more than a month since Biden took office as President of the United States, and most of Trump's aides who held high positions in the US government have found a way out.  Yu Maochun, an anti-China pioneer who actively advises on anti-China issues in the United States and a former Pompeo adviser who hates China, is also one of them. He also worked with his former boss Pompeo in a conservative think tank in the United States.
 Even if he loses his "think tank" status, Yu Maochun is still acting as an anti-China eagle dog in the United States. Despite WHO experts’ refutation of conspiracy theories, he and Pompeo jointly published an article on February 23, continuing to hype the so-called "new crown virus from experiments  "Room leaked" to slander China. Regarding their absurd remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on the 24th that the conspiracy theories spread by Pompeo had long been publicly denied by almost all the world’s top scientists and disease control experts.  Pompeo has long gone bankrupt, and has become synonymous with lies.  Pompeo and his like still want to rely on anti-China to seek personal gain after leaving office, and continue to kidnap Sino-US relations. This is doomed to be a waste of money.
 On February 9, the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington, USA, issued an announcement announcing the appointment of Yu Maochun as a senior researcher of the institution.  According to the introduction on the Hudson Institute website, Yu Maochun is also a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy and a guest researcher at the Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank.
Coincidentally, his former boss Pompeo is now also a researcher in this think tank.  On January 26, the Hudson Institute issued a statement announcing that Pompeo would join the institution as a senior researcher.  This means that Yu Maochun and his former boss have become colleagues in this think tank.

Why Western world wants to smear China?

 Why Western world wants to smear China ? because China is stronger in many areas. So western world wants to see weaker China in every areas.

They will attack China in following issues. 64 event in year 1989, xinzheng human rights Hong Kong human rights, technology theft, all Target China internal affairs. They welcome Chinese traitors or China criminals who flee to foreign countries. Those radio tv network like BBC, America voice , all work together to provide fake news 24hour 7days throughout the years.

USA will instruct all white brother nations like UK , Australia and Europe together suppressing China.

But now, more and more people know western evil mindset.

Joe Biden joke

 Joe Biden :" China human rights bad record, I am disappointed. I want to sanction those China officers who abused it in xinchang or west side. They raped and killed minority people.

Advisor: Sleepy Joe , how you know?

Joe Biden: " I read all report from ex secretary of state pompao.BBC, America voice...."

Advisor:" Do you know who told them?"

Joe Biden: " I don't know."

Advisor: " wake up your fucking idea, all these fake information, all came from China traitors or great liers."

Joe Biden:" I think I need to visit xinchang."

Advisor: " No need, I went there before and found there was no human rights issues but our country USA ready have lots of human right issues, better settle our one first before we anyhow pinpoint China, have good heart, ok."

Covic 19 and USA , China

 Action is better than words. USA 500000 lives lost due to covic 19 pandemic but China lost 4000 over lives. We can analyze that USA the no 1 great country , how come they handled it so badly? Poor management under uncaring president Trump , this president was simply not fit for the job, do you agree? I think many USA citizens agreed but they just keep quiet. The USA government too focused on unnecessary foreign issues and totally didn't care about covic 19 spreading, no proper control, protection, never wear masks. Simply job also don't know how to deal with and spend too much time just for self interest like campaigning for presidential election. That's why Trump thrown away by most voters. Action is better than words. Slogan like democracy and freedom wouldn't help reduce covic 19 death toll. China did all the necessary jobs to control spreading covic 19 pandemic but USA did nothing , only push all blames to China just to whitewash own guilt by not saving own people' lives. How can America great again, all are illusion. China government manage the country very well, innovation and improvement are on the way day by day. Despite USA constant disturbance, China keep on improving people's lives.

Good government is the key point, ideology wouldn't help. Propaganda on democracy and freedom is just the distraction. China now free from starvation is commendable. Stability is the key point, China monitors it closely and come out some effective measures like Hong Kong national security law is the hammer to hit those traitors.

Well done China, don't learn from USA the slogan horrible country.

Google and Facebook

 During USA presidential campaign, Andrew Yang had mentioned that Google and Facebook need to pay some money back to clients. And now , Australia demands Google and Facebook to pay some money to Australia Media company. At first Google and Facebook seem not happy with Australia government's decision.

Facebook stopped publishing news and disable many Australia Facebook accounts, it severely disrupt many organization in Australia, people made noises. But now Facebook finally agreed to pay just like Google.

I think it is ok for Google and Facebook, giant online companies to pay back something back to relevant organization. This is call give and take. Someone said Google and Facebook are so powerful than USA government, it seems like true. Anyway, the powerful one always got influence on many things globally.

I just hope the world become better and better. Human beings all must work together.

Nathan rich talk good about China

 Nathan rich is USA citizen but he got the good heart and talk good about China. He got YouTube channel . He got many Chinese fans. He is a white but dares to support China and against western world smearing China. Well done Nathan rich.On July 4, 2020, CCTV announced that Nathan Ritchie had been selected as the person of thyear that moved China because of the buried truth to the world [14 Rich believes that some people in Hong Kong do not really view China due to education and other reasons.  Rich hopes that these people will understand China and contribute to the peace of Hong Kong. In september 2020, Nathan disclosed on YouTube about Falun Gong and NTDTV and other organizations recognized as cults by the Chinese government, pointing out that NTD and China Unsensored are Falun Gong media, and disclosing its "brainwashing empire" 

Those attack Hong Kong police will be punished severely

 On July 14 of the previous year, some netizens launched a demonstration against revision in Sha Tin. Among them, a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Hong Kong was involved in entanglement with the police and interrupted the ring finger of a police chief.  The defendant denied the charges of disturbing order and other four crimes. The defendant also claimed that he was subjected to external stimuli such as eye piercing, and used the bite action as a self-protection under pain. I don't know what the foreign body was in the mouth, but the prosecution said the statement had no medical basis.  The judge today (24th) ruled that the defendant was guilty of all four crimes and must be remanded immediately. The sentence was adjourned to March 15.

Fake news

 For a period of time, we have seen the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) spread too many lies and rumors on Xinjiang and China issues.  "At a regular press conference held on the 23rd, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a large photo with both hands to show Chinese and foreign reporters: "I only have two hands, but these lies spread by the BBC are too many to count.  of."One of the photos was taken by him to a regular press conference on February 4.  The Uyghur woman in the photo is called Sao Mure Dawuti. In an interview with the BBC, she lied about being forced to sterilize. The Uyghur woman in another photo is Tursunnayi Ziyaodeng. In an interview with the BBC, she claimed that the Xinjiang Education and Training Center had “systemic sexual assault” against women."The truth of the matter is that this person is the same as Sao Muje Dawuti, but an'actor' who was used by some forces to discredit and attack China." Wang Wenbin said that Tursun Nayi came from Xinjiang in September 2019.  Before leaving the country, before arriving in the United States, she had been interviewed by foreign media and organizations many times, but never mentioned that the Xinjiang Education and Training Center had "sexual assault", let alone that she was a victim of "sexual assault."  In addition, in an interview with CNN, she claimed that an IUD was implanted in Xinjiang. In fact, she herself is not fertile and has never undergone birth control operations in Xinjiang.Wang Wenbin said that Tursunnayi's lie weaving skills are not good, and it is not difficult for ordinary people to see through.  However, it is regrettable that well-known international media such as the BBC have been able to broadcast such fake news without verification, which has actually become a tool for spreading Xinjiang-related lies. "The BBC has also attributed the lack of verification to China's'strict restrictions' on journalists. This is purely a piggybacking guy-a slap. The facts are clearly laid out there. As a'century-old shop', why not go there?  What about verification? It's not impossible, but it's not." Wang Wenbin said.He pointed out that the so-called "forced labor" and "compulsory sterilization" related to Xinjiang are all rumors, lies and false information concocted by anti-China forces, without factual basis. Like a castle on a sand dune, it will sooner or later go bankrupt.After Wang Wenbin produced photos to refute the Xinjiang-related rumors, reporters from Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries asked questions about Xinjiang-related issues one after another.  A reporter from the Canadian Globe and Mail is concerned about whether China has dispatched a working group to investigate the issue of "systematic human rights violations" in Xinjiang, and how many Xinjiang people have been sent to what China calls education and training centers.Wang Wenbin replied that China, including the People's Government of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, has clarified and refuted the so-called "systemic assault" in the Xinjiang Education and Training Center.  The trainees of Xinjiang Education and Training Center have already graduated, and now most of them are leading normal lives and integrating into society. The  Kyodo News reporter of Japan mentioned that it sometimes takes a long time for victims of sexual assault to disclose their own experiences to the public, and tried to explain the inconsistency of Tursunnai’s statement by the various concerns of the victims."What Tursonnayi said on more than one issue is inconsistent with the facts. It turns out that she lied and spread rumors on more than one issue." Wang Wenbin then asked: "For such a person, when she accused China  When there is a'systemic sexual assault' on women in the training center, can we believe it? Why did the BBC broadcast it without verification? Isn't the reason thought-provoking?" " Do you think Xinjiang Uyghur women can freely and impunity disclose their experiences? If there are women who encounter problems in education and training centers, are there enough channels for them to report these problems in China?" British Reuters reporter  ask.Wang Wenbin said bluntly: "Of course Xinjiang women can tell about their experiences, their conditions, their thoughts and feelings without worry. If you have participated in the 4 press conferences held by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Government in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will  It was discovered that there were also female trainees who had received training in the education and training center who gave presentations at the meeting."In the process of answering questions, Wang Wenbin also expressed on many occasions that he hoped that people of insight from all walks of life, especially friends from the media, could perform their due responsibilities for the media, verify the truth, don’t listen and believe, let alone spread and spread lies.  A tool for rumors.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

USA 500000 lives lost covic 19

 Based on the latest news from the "Capitol Hill" and other US media, on the evening of the 23rd local time, US congressmen held a candlelight vigil for the 500,000 Americans who lost their lives in the new crown epidemic.

Chinese traitors live like dogs

 China traitors live like dogs in USA. USA make use of them to oppose China . Some China traitors got covic 19 and died without any treatment. These traitors still praising USA super medical care before they died.

The no 1 traitor Yu Mao chu gave all evil advice to pompao but failed to get Trump elected. 

It is ready no good to be China traitor. Don't be the slave and ass lover to USA. 

Thailand thanks China

On the morning of February 24, local time, Thailand's first batch of new crown vaccines purchased from China will arrive in Thailand.
   Manu, a well-known respiratory disease expert in Thailand, has previously published many social posts, praising China's successful anti-epidemic experience and affirming the positive role of China's new crown vaccine in fighting the epidemic.
         Manu sang a song " I love China."
China indeed the very helpful country, China wouldn't boast it...... China improves many things constantly despite some evil countries still possess old mindset and try to make China down. White countries and traitors will get bad outcome because they have evil hearts.

Modern China traitors

 China now got some Chinese traitors, their purpose is to topple China government. They give anti China propaganda 24 hours everyday through social medias, internet across the whole world. White countries love these traitors very much. White imperialists ask these traitors how to make China down. These traitors will give all information to them and together they both attack China .These traitors mostly are criminals and those who flee to USA . Just for some reasons, these traitors can simply sell away China .They are hypocrite , Trump loves these traitors very much.

Beware of these Chinese traitors.

Monday, February 22, 2021

China traitor

 China has some Chinese traitors, USA make use of them to let this traitors to talk bad China , so as USA can beat China and let China down forever. China Yu Maochun entered the Trump administration and served as the Chief China Policy and Planning Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo  which had an important influence on Trump's China policy.   The main policy theories include that the U.S. policy toward China should be based on the basic concepts to set things right away, clarifying that the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people are not the same concept (that is, the popular saying "The CCP is not equal to China"), and the source of various conflicts between the United States and China  It lies in the inconsistency between politics and ideology, the weak nature of the Chinese Communist Party regime, and so on.  Yu Maochun said, "I am very proud of my Chinese tradition. I am very proud of the fact that I love the Chinese people and that I have many Chinese friends. My roots are there."  He claimed to have done and said "great support from Chinese in China and abroad."  

This traitor is the slave to USA .

Canada Australia China

 Canada arrested Hwawei financial controller instructed by USA. Then China arrested Canada one official and a businessman. Canada persuaded 58 countries to come out the consensus not to arrest any citizens as bet. Expected, China will do something to Canada , may be stop do business with Canada just like USA ass lover Australia.

USA telling lies

 The US "Foreign Policy" magazine website published an exclusive report on the 19th that the Office of the Legal Counsel of the US State Department concluded at the beginning of this year that there was insufficient evidence to prove that China had committed "genocide" in Xinjiang..Former. Secretary of State Pompeo initiated a review of China’s actions in Xinjiang in the last few months of his term. The decision was supported by Chinese critics in the department, but others were skeptical, thinking it was rushed  The act of politicization is a cover for Pompeo’s long-term decision.” According to reports, the UN General Assembly in 1948 adopted the “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” which has strict regulations on “genocide”.  In the last few weeks of Trump’s tenure, the lawyers in the Office of the State Council’s Legal Counsel came to the conclusion that they were completely opposed to those officials who demanded that China be identified as "genocide." The last "division" memo was sent to Pompeo.  .  However, on January 19, Pompeo announced that China had committed "genocide" in Xinjiang the day before he stepped down. The successor Biden’s Secretary of State Blincol later said that he recognized Pompeo’s position.According to the "Foreign Policy", in addition to the legal debate on China’s Xinjiang policy, the determination of “genocide” has tremendous political influence. Once determined, the United States and other countries will be required to punish this entanglement with its own trade, environmental and security activities.  A global power (China) together.  "However, the use of the term'genocide' without a solid legal basis also risks politicizing and corroding the name, which was used to describe the worst-case scenario of mass killings in the last century." According to the report, State Department officials declined to comment on this internal review, but said that Blincoln’s support for Pompeo’s position was based on his understanding of the UN convention, not the department’s findings.  The official pointed out that no matter what the State Department's lawyers suggest, the Secretary of State has the final say.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has repeatedly stated that the so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang is a complete lie of the century. Its essence is to interfere in China’s internal affairs, undermine China’s security and stability, and hinder China’s development.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Joe Biden joke

 Joe Biden : " I am back and I want your to support me as a team to counter China. China abuse everything...."

France president: " We had suffered the last 4 years, your threw away us and now you want us to back up your, sorry. We will act our own ways to cooperate with China."

Germany Mektel : " please don't tell us what to do.  Your can't be trusted anymore."

Joe Biden: " Don't blame me, I am not Donald Trump."

France president :" I don't care."

Germany Markel: Too late already.

China helps Colombia

 Colombian President Duque stated that China Coxing Vaccine is the second batch of new crown vaccines received by Colombia.  He thanked the two countries for cooperating to facilitate the arrival of the first batch of Chinese vaccines to Colombia in a short period of time. It is expected that more Chinese vaccines will arrive in March.  Duke said that the arrival of Chinese vaccines will help Colombia realize the nationwide distribution of vaccines, and every province, including the Amazon region, will build a line of defense through vaccination.  He also said that vaccines are a life-saving tool, and Colombia will respond to the epidemic with vaccines and determination to win.

Lian Hu, the Chinese Ambassador to Colombia, said that cooperation in the fight against the epidemic has been the top priority of the diplomatic work between China and Colombia in the past year. The two countries have further strengthened their trust through a series of cooperation. He hopes that Chinese vaccines, as a global public product, can be used to fight the epidemic  Play an active role in saving more lives and help Colombia restore normal social order as soon as possible.

Germany, Italy love China

 During G7 meeting , USA wanted other G7 together anti China but Germany and Italy wanted to deepen cooperation with China. It shows that nations wouldn't just follow USA blindly.

Facebook in Australia

 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said his government will not be intimidated by Facebook blocking news feeds to users.

He described the move to "unfriend Australia" as arrogant and disappointing.

Facebook is responding to a proposed law which would make tech giants pay for news content on their platforms.

It says the legislation "fundamentally misunderstands" the relationship between the platform and publishers.

Australians on Thursday woke up to find that Facebook pages of all local and global news sites were unavailable. People outside the country are also unable to read or access any Australian news publications on the platform.

Several government health and emergency pages were also blocked. Facebook later asserted this was a mistake and many of these pages are now back online.

Both Google and Facebook have fought the law, saying it unfairly "penalises" their platforms.

However, in contrast to Facebook, Google has in recent days signed payment deals with major Australian media outlets. Facebook's action came hours after Google agreed to pay Rupert Murdoch's News Corp for content from news sites across its media empire.

Joe Biden jokes

 Joe Biden : " Few years ago, I attended this G7 meeting as professor, I said I will be back. I keep my promise. I want your to work with me countering China, they are abusing economically."

Germany Markel : " No, We need to have better cooperation with China."

Joe Biden: " please join me to down China and Russia."

Markel: " You think who you are? You USA abandoned us during Trump administration, now you want us to join you again? Sorry, you go fly skite.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

 Joe Biden and Donald Trump one thing in common, anti China, hostile to China. The whole USA people always brainwashed by USA media's , government to oppose China. Both political parties are anti China. It is USA evil beasts.

Markel and Joe biden

 Germany chancellor Make said we have to promote multiple side cooperation especially towards China. But hostile USA president said we have to combine to counter China.

What the fuck? USA is too I right? 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Joe Biden jokes

 This is just the joke. Joe Biden: " I feel sad that Europe and China had agreed to sign Europe and China trade agreement soon, the agreement had been negotiated before I became USA 46th president, why? Advisor: " Sleepy Joe, all these because of virus Trump , he withdrew so many previous agreement based on his own will, withdrawing USA Iran nuclear agreement, Paris climate agreement, quitting from WHO , etc. Trump acts as the supreme God. Europe countries secretly negotiated with China trade agreement, Europe didn't ready totally complied with all Trump crazy decisions. That's why?" Joe Biden :" How to win back Europe back to USA control? any advice? Advisor : " I think too late already, they had known USA totally hostility towards China , Europe is not smarter , they know China is going to develop faster than what you think. China is not the weak country anymore. Europe don't want to anger China, if not, they will be hit economically just like USA ass lover Australia. Joe Biden: " This Donald Trump spoilt all the things, now I have to show my powers, let many countries under my control. I want to control Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and India, they can easily controlled ." Advisor : " I think we have to take care USA people well first, 500000 lives already lost, stop spreading all rumours and smearing towards China, it won't work because other countries need China, the economic power house." Joe Biden : " Fuck you, I don't care, I will persuade Europe and all my slaves to condemn China human rights issues." Advisor: " no use already, many nations already known we USA is the lier."

This is just joke, ha ha ha, ju

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Different cultures different mindset

 USA and China culture are different. Let see how different based on recent history.

USA wants to be nos 1 forever, like to interfere many things . China always bullied by foreign powers, ching dynasty collapsed because of foreign powers like opium war, Japan invasion. These foreign powers brought miseries to China people. USA just like evil. China culture ready good, 5000 years  of history but USA just 200 over years.

USA greedy country, telling lies all the time. USA is capable of doing any damn things you can think of and is thief . But USA always said other countries are thieves. USA just like evil.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Smearing China

 Obradovic said that the Chinese government's long-term and persistent policy towards Xinjiang has achieved great success.  In recent years, Xinjiang has made remarkable development achievements in economy, education, medical care, and infrastructure construction, and the living standards of Xinjiang people have improved significantly.  The tourists who visit Xinjiang every year can testify to the real situation in Xinjiang. Those who discredit China are not interested in the facts of Xinjiang’s people’s status, economic development, social and medical security, poverty reduction, and road construction.  For them, the smear itself is the most important.

China , yes you can

Donald Trump the hostile president towards China. The aim is to divide China and cripple China in every areas.

So China must work harder to deal with all these. China must act appropriately. China need to show colours to those countries which hostile to China especially USA followers like Australia, UK , hit them hard.
China must monitor and beware of Chinese traitors especially those who like to kiss USA ass.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021









Wish China stronger than ever

 This is year 2021, I wish China stronger than ever. Looking back the China recent history, China people suffered greatly since year 1840, the Opium war initiated by United kingdom, the foreign white conquerer. One hand , they handed Bible, on the other hand , they were greedy selling opium to poison Chinese. Due to China relatively weak, China didn't possess rifles , China only had knifes , how to counter rifles and canons? Of course, many Chinese got killed by foreign imperialist.

The outcome of opium war, China was defeated and signed many inequality treaties after that. Second opium war happened several years later. Japan came to attack China in year 1898 . In year 1908 , eight foreign powers came to attack China, burned palaces, robbed all the treasures. Can you see how these foreign countries bullied China brutally. Chinese must remember these dark history. If you not strong, they foreign beasts will come to mess up and bring miseries to China.

In year approximately 1930, Japan started to invade China and killed so many Chinese in Nanjing. 

Finally , Mao United China and chased away all bastard foreign power. In year 1978, Teng developed China economically. Now , China is stronger than ever.

But foreign powers still want China to down again. Now is the time to chase away traitors or those Chinese who manipulated by foreign countries especially the evil fox USA .

Monday, February 15, 2021







Australia and New Zealand

 This is joke only.

Australia Prime Minister: " NewZealand, how come your relationship with China so good and your have upgraded trade deal with China?

NewZealand prime minister : " Your still think China is like 100 years ago. Now, China is no 2 economically. Why your never respect China ? You don't accuse China just because our master USA telling us to do so. USA is not laughing at you. Now you are panic and want to have dialogue with China. China wouldn't buy it, ha ha ha.

Australia : " you are right. But China wouldn't care us anymore, sigh. Any hope?

NewZealand prime minister : yes, need sometimes, now China already bought coal, seafood, wine from other countries. We also benefit because of your, ha ha ha.

Australia prime minister: stop talking, I can't take it anymore... 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Human right

 USA and UK like to talk human rights. USA having so many human right problems, you USA better goes to solve your own problems, like police killed blank man........

UK you dares to talk China human rights? You UK was the robber and selling opium to China to poison Chinese. You have no right to talk about human right.

The only solution is keep your mouth shut and go fuck spider.






 阿弥陀佛 人生真的是無常,隨时随地面臨死亡,黃泉路上真的是无老少...就像那天刚年初二而已,新加坡丹絨巴格就传来非常严重的车祸,五个年青人当场死亡,那輛BMW.被燒到一片烂铁!什么BMW?假的!他们从26到29岁而已,而另外一位要救她的未婚夫(不在车內)也燒伤百分之八十.


Asian American treated badly in USA

 Asian American treated badly across America. It shows that this so-called the great democracy in the world, has failed in many aspects.

No foreign Chinese like to go USA , because USA is the one spreading all types of fake news with evil mindset, against Asian American.

To save your own life, don't go USA , this is just the slogan country.

In reality, the one who created troubles in the world, is USA .USA wages war to rob oils in middle East , telling lies just to kill foreign presidents.

And now USA try all evil means to kill China after collapse Soviet Union.

BBC no longer in China

 United kingdom banned CGTN and now China banned BBC, this is counter attack.

You UK did all kinds of anti China ....

the outcome is just to let China to accelerate the counter back action. This is natural development.

BBC is just one of the anti China network, it's purpose is to report fake news about China at all costs.

BBC intentionally depicted China negatively. They using darker Len to take photo on Wu han to show the world that Wu han is the dead city.

They report biased news about China, never praise China at all. All BBC reporters dislike China and their purpose is to collapse China . 

Joe Biden joke

 This is just joke only.

Joe Biden : " My Europe friends , Australia friend, just follow USA instructions to anti China, you will get benefits."

Australia Prime minister : " Are you sure? We continue to anti China related to China internal affairs, We told them what to do. We dig about China human rights issues.....but how come China never thank Australia but the trade down drastically. Should we continue to kiss USA ass."

Joe Biden : Yes, continue to anti China. Of course you have to prepare to be counter by China.  Don't worry your sacrifice is worth it. I will buy and promote your seafood, coal, wine."

Australia Prime minister: " Yes, Sir. I will loyal to USA 100% and willing to kiss USA asshole."

Joe Biden : " That's good, Australia you are our slave, your job is to make America great again."

This is just the joke.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Arrogance USA

 WHO officias went to China Wuhan laboratory and confirmed there was totally no evidence that covic 19 viruses from that lab. But arrogant USA wanted to go investigate.

USA evil motive is very clear, just want to try ALL means to push to China at all costs.

In flat, there is the possibility that covic 19 spreading in year 2019 ahead of covic 19 discovered on Wuhan.

WHO must send the medical team to check on USA laboratories in USA homeland. Based on USA constantly telling lies , covic 19 viruses possibly came from USA .

Friday, February 12, 2021

Joe Biden jokes

 This is just joke only.

Advisor: " why president never call president xi? But you call other countries' presidents faster than rocket?

Joe Biden: " Don't worry, I will call during lunar New year Eve, timing is important."

Advisor:" should we continue to suppress China everything?"

Joe Biden:" why not? We are born to anti China, we can't allow China to be great. I want China down just like Soviet Union." Can you advise me how to deal with China?"

Advisor: " very easy, we had successfully brainwash our USA people for at least 50 years. Now , we continue to report fake news at all cost."

Joe Biden: " Yes, I will be more evil than Trump. I will do all evil things from behind the scene because I am the laughing white tiger."

Just the joke only.

Internet propaganda

 Internet can be good and bad. If you learn good things from internet, you will be good. If you learn bad things , you will be bad.

If your mind always not clear or wake, then probably you will be influenced by all information on internet.

Internet propaganda to spread fake news is very common. Some western countries spreading all kinds of fake news in order to interfere other countries politically and ideologically. Their aim is to destroy other countries at all costs.

USA is the bad examples, it influences it's timid followers like UK , Australia, etc. But USA will finally kill itself for sure.

China kill BBC the no 1 anti China evil network

 China has banned BBC World News from broadcasting in the country, its television and radio regulator announced on Thursday.

China has criticised the BBC for its reporting on coronavirus and the persecution of ethnic minority Uighurs. Western people always suppress China since year 1840 when UK selling China opium to poison Chinese. Now they continue to poison China with all kinds of fake news , the purpose is jealousy and want to let China down like pervious Soviet Union.

Many China said patrots praised China's right decision.

It follows British media regulator Ofcom revoking state broadcaster China Global Television Network's (CGTN) licence to broadcast in the UK. Yes, you treated China like a dog, China will treat you as rat.

Thursday, February 11, 2021


 中国太有骨气了,该出手的时候,让无恶不作,谎言反华魔先峰BBC 在中国,香港消失,太妙了!




Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Freedom and life

 If you think freedom is more important than life, nobody will say you are wrong because it is your freedom. If you are USA citizen and you want freedom and don't want to wear masks. Then if you get covic 19 , then you might join 45000 lost lives.

Your dead bodies need to wait at least 6 months to rest in peace inside the earth.

You have the choice, you want life or freedom. Nobody will care your dead bodies if you die from covic 19.

Hong Kong no chao

 Last two years, Hong Kong was in chao. Hong Kong cockroaches destroyed parliament house, national flags, MRT station, blocking passengers at airport , beat police, etc. They created all the mess but USA side said beautiful landscape.

Now China had implemented national security law, all traitors were arrested.

Now Hong Kong is better without interference from foreign evil powers.

China is no the sick man anymore.




Tuesday, February 9, 2021





Thank Tommy

 Recently I encountered some obstacles but Tommy encouraged me as follows

Life is full of ups and downs, roller coaster, heart beat. But whatever happen, wherever it is, keep our head up high and walk forward. Everything will eventually be alright. Stay strong with life there.

China great again

 When China down for few hundred years, nobody care. Now China great again , all are too concern, why? They don't want China great, they want China forever down just like hundred years ago.

Most white countries can't take it. USA now so scare of China rapid development, that's why USA crazy Trump using all sorts of bad ways to suppress China and USA constantly persuade other white countries together suppress China but God is great, USA can't achieve and China continually develop economically.

White countries like USA father UK, Australia is USA ass lover continue to disturb China , all because of USA persuasion. Now Australia knows China is not the sick country anymore. Newzealand is smarter, it laughs at Australia. 

Now the world has changed, no point to continue to suppress China using all sorts of bad tactics like human right, ideological issues.

Don't interfere with other countries' internal affairs, mind your own business is the only suitable way.

Monday, February 8, 2021





Sunday, February 7, 2021






Saturday, February 6, 2021




Fake news

 BBC the western dog , always try to report fake news. The purpose is to destroy China. They just follow USA the biggest threat in the world.


 因果报应是真实的. 干好事,会得好报. 干坏事会得恶报.有时快报,有时慢报.因缘到时就报......

Friday, February 5, 2021

Covic 19 and money and life

 Covic 19 ready powerful. This virus doesn't care whether you are white, yellow , black or rich or poor. Once you get, you can easily go to other world.

Money is useless at all. But life matters. Please take care. Do do deeds if you still alive.

Thursday, February 4, 2021


 最近有点空闲,我看看油管 YouTube video 视听节目. 残月之言的节目不錯.

主播是爱国者,支持祖国.他在做节目时有充足准备,殘月做为有自信的中国人值得称许. 残月之月的订阅量己经超过四万,成绩不俗.



Wednesday, February 3, 2021


今天是二千二零年七月二十日, 人生已经过了三分之二,很快就要离开这个人间.
1. 现在还在工作,要开开心心面对一切,好的坏的都要尽力去面对,用祥和的心.
2. 不要乱讲话,不要去邪网站.自己要保重.
3. 准备好好的往生.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 【环球网报道 记者 乔炳新】据巴基斯坦《黎明报》报道,当地时间2月2日晚,巴基斯坦开启新冠疫苗接种工作。巴基斯坦总理伊姆兰·汗在启动仪式上感谢中国。



USA going to fall

 USA is going to decline soon just like UK.  Because of arrogance, USA will surely fall. USA loves to interfere everywhere just to gain self benefits. Donald Trump America great again sounds good to Americans , meaning other nations all secondary. 

USA wants others listen to them all the time. It wants those countries with different political system , all must follow them.

USA wants to control everything , bullying other nations.

But USA will get retribution soon.

Now covic 19 45000 lost lives is the sign.

Monday, February 1, 2021



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Sunday, January 31, 2021

New life

 Today is the starting of my positive life.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Scammer mindset

 Scammer is greedy for money illegally. Nowadays many scammers using all types of evil ways in internet. They are the beasts indeed and they all will go hells religiously.

Let's examine scammer's mindset. They are greedy and create fear on people.

In internet, these scammers mostly wouldn't show their faces, you won't hear their voices. For those illegal money lenders, they use their own rules, you have to pay them first before able to receive their loan money but many are cheated many times but they wouldn't give you any cents.

Sex scammers are those bastards , they use young ladies as bait. Once you intend to meet the lady. Then this mother fucker will force you, threatening you to pay security money. They talk like bastards .

Singapore police force said on Saturday 30.1.21

The suspects are aged between 16 and 77, and comprise 229 men and 115 women.

"The suspects are believed to be involved in 607 cases of scams, comprising mainly of Internet love scams, e-commerce scams, China official impersonation scams, fake gambling platform scams and loan scams," said SPF.

The investigations follow a two-week island-wide enforcement operation by officers from the Commercial Affairs Department and seven police land divisions that started on Jan 16.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Joe Biden jokes

 Jokes only below

Joe Biden : " Please respect all races, don't call Chinese or Wuhan virus, call covic 19."

Former USA secretary : " why? We USA must make China down at all costs. We must tell all lies related to China. USA people mostly anti China because we able to brainwash them. Brainwash everyday, USA people will believe. I have already admitted I am the great lier. "

Joe Biden: " because of you, Trump becomes so crazy."

Former USA secretary : " That's right, I want to be 2024 president."