Tuesday, April 13, 2021

America evil plan exposed

 Recently, a video of a Xinjiang-related interview in 2015 by former FBI translator Siebel Edmonds was exposed.  In the interview, she "blatantly" stated the American conspiracy, "We want to gradually play the gender and race cards in China, saying that ethnic minorities in Xinjiang do not have their own land, and we want to help them because they are oppressed.  China is killing them and torturing them."

Sunday, April 11, 2021

America supplies dog foods

 From year 2022 to year 2026, America the most evil country in this world, will supply sufficient dog foods for world 13 big medias worldwide. They job are simple, just smearing China as evil as possible, as hostile as possible.

Since America always mentioned God bless America, with America evil mindset, I don't think God will bless America, instead, God will punish America surely. America Covic 19 dead toll is world nos 1 , this is the beginning sign of America downfall.

Crazy dog Joe Biden joke

 Joe biden : America will forever nos 1, China can't surpass us."

Reporter : How to maintain nos 1?

Joe Biden : smearing , tell lies and interfere every second. Continue to support all anti China group.

Reporter : but your interference Hong Kong had failed.

Joe Biden : we now create xinchang fake news, so that we can divide China.

Reporter: but now many people already known your were fabricated fake news.

Joe biden : I don't care, we will continue smearing.

Reporter : You are ready bastard, shit to you. You go to hell. And you will die soon.

China learned a lot

 China now realize that China must rely own self. USA banned Hwawei, stop supply chips to cripple Hwawei. The lesson learned was that China must develope own chips so that Hwawei still can survive. All scientific development, must rely own self, USA wouldn't share it's technology due to scare mindset.

Remember don't follow USA democracy mindset  USA try to divide China , then they will create colourful revolver. USA aim is only one, make China forever unstable.

China must be careful the most cunning fox USA.

Restrictions rule in xinchang

 Due to foreign imperialist keep on smearing China. China imposed some preventive measures to safeguard xinchang security and stupidity. As you know , USA created chaos whenever it went to any area, if USA went to middle east, middle east will have chaos and instability. If USA goes to south china sea, that area will be chaos. USA is the expert in doing all these evil acts.The government of China's Tibet Autonomous Region today announced 15 strict prohibitions related to border management known as the "Tenth Tenth Prohibition".  These include articles such as newspapers, books, etc., that contain content that endangers national security and undermines national unity.according to the information released by the WeChat official account of the Tibet Daily, according to the notice, the 15 bans are issued by the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Department, the Department of Commerce, the Tourism Development Department, the Foreign Affairs Office, the Sports Bureau, and the access

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Many restrictions rules in xinchang

 The whole world already known USA wants China down and crippled. USA politicians 100% anti China and 100% smearing China.

It is good that China has exposed all their evil tactics. I know, you know, he knows, only stupid USA 100% brainwashed by USA government, medias, they don't know.

If you ask me who the most stupid people in this world. That's USA citizens.

Now China imposed many rules in xinchang, well done. You must get approval from the authority in order to travel xinchang. No video, no climbing mountain, no smearing  magazine. No no man plane flying there, no spying, etc etc.

China well done, because of USA evil actions , China acts according.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Japan still never learn from mistakes

 Recently, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan approved the first-year high school textbooks to be used from next year.  The content of the book that distorts and beautifies the history of Japanese aggression has triggered criticism from the North Korean media, and the content involving Japan's sovereignty over Dokdo (a disputed island between Japan and South Korea, called "Takeshima") has triggered South Korean protests.  Looking back at history, this is not the first time that Japanese history textbooks have been controversial.  Prior to this, Japan had tampered with history textbooks several times, causing an uproar.The current textbook review system in Japan began in 1947. The commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces in Japan ordered the Japanese government to end the national textbook system and allow private sector scholars to write textbooks.  As a result, local educators can choose which textbooks to use in their schools.  During the military occupation of Japan by the Allies, the content that promoted militarism and ultra-nationalism was removed from the textbooks, and new ideas that advocated personal dignity were introduced.  Japan’s "School Education Law" stipulates that although the government sets up curriculum guidelines, it does not set up a fixed and unified policy that all educators follow in the old militarist era, but to help educators creatively adapt the curriculum to children  And the new needs of the whole society.However, in the 1950s, as the Allied powers ended their military occupation of Japan, the issue of Japanese history textbooks began to emerge.  The Japanese historian Niuji Kasahara stated that after the war, the Japanese government launched a serious challenge to history textbooks in three periods, trying to downplay or delete descriptions of Japanese wartime aggression, especially the atrocities such as the Nanjing Massacre.  The first challenge occurred in 1955, the second occurred in the early 1980s, and the third began in 1997 and continued into the new century. During the House of Representatives election in February 1955, the Democratic Party of Japan proposed that although the private sector could be allowed to compile textbooks, the government should supervise them and restrict the types of textbooks for each subject to about two by strengthening the authority of review. Therefore, these textbooks are actually  The above is equivalent to a textbook designated by the government.  In July of the same year, Ishii Ichi from the Democratic Party claimed in the House of Representatives that the forthcoming textbook would subvert the principles of education in Japan.  From August to October, the Democratic Party issued three pamphlets condemning the textbooks used by Japan as "red textbooks" with prejudice.  In response, the authors and editors of the listed textbooks have issued various public statements and protests.  However, the Democratic Party of Japan did not respond.  Since this incident, more and more textbooks have not been adopted due to so-called prejudice.  Taking this as an opportunity, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (the predecessor of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which merged with the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001 to become the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) asked the new textbooks to avoid criticism of the Pacific War launched by Japan, and to avoid mentioning Japan’s invasion of China and the Chinese War of Resistance.  In 1965, the famous Japanese historian Yong Saburo brought the Japanese government to court because his textbook "New Japanese History" was extensively revised by the Ministry of Education.  The manuscript of the "New Japanese History" textbook was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture to be "wounded and bruised", and the content of Unit 731 was deleted in its entirety.  In the 32 years from 1965 to 1997, he went to court with the Japanese government three times.  In August 1997, Japan’s Supreme Court ruled that although the textbook review system itself conforms to the Constitution, the Ministry of Education’s review of the Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731 contained certain errors, and ordered the state to pay 400,000 yen. In the 1980s, Japan became an economic power. The Japanese came out of the shadow of defeat, and their national self-confidence increased unprecedentedly.  At that time, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone put forward the slogan of "post-war political final accounts", proposing that Japan should move toward a political power.  In this context, the revision of history textbooks has caused a lot of noise.  On June 26, 1982, Japan's textbook review system triggered major diplomatic issues for the first time.  "The Asahi Shimbun" disclosed that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Sports required a textbook to remove the expression "invading North China" and replacing "aggression" with "in and out".The Japanese government distorted historical facts, concealed the truth, and tried to justify the aggressive war single-handedly launched by Japanese militarism, which severely hurt the feelings of the people of Asian countries that had been invaded by Japan.  The Chinese government immediately lodged a strong protest to the Japanese government upon learning, asking the Japanese government to take responsibility, learn lessons, and refrain from educating the next generation with erroneous historical perspectives to avoid such incidents from happening again. Under domestic and foreign pressure, on August 26, the then Chief Cabinet Secretary Kiichi Miyazawa issued a talk about history textbooks.  His remarks mainly expressed four meanings: 1. The Japanese government and the Japanese people are deeply aware that Japan’s past actions have caused great pain and harm to the people of Asian countries, including China and South Korea; 2.  From the perspective of building friendly relations between countries, Japan will pay due attention to the criticisms made by China, South Korea and other countries against the descriptions in Japanese textbooks, and correct them in accordance with the government’s responsibilities; 3. Revise the textbook review standards to fully reflect the above spirit; 4.  Promote mutual understanding with neighboring countries, develop friendly and cooperative relations, and promote peace and stability in Asia and the world.  In November 1982, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology passed a new review standard, the "neighboring country clause". When textbooks deal with modern and contemporary historical events involving Asian neighboring countries, they should reflect understanding and seek international harmony. But in the mid-1990s, some Japanese right-wingers established a new history textbook compilation meeting and began to compile a new history textbook.  In 2000, the New History Textbook Compilation Committee published new textbooks to downplay and whitewash the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan's all-out war of aggression against China, and the nature of Japan's military aggression during World War II.  In 2001, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology approved this textbook that distorted history despite domestic public opinion and protests from neighboring Asian countries.  This move of the Japanese government shocked the world.  In Japan, many historians and educators have protested against the content of the new textbooks.  China requires the Japanese government to strictly abide by the principles of the Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration and the Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration to prevent the publication of this textbook that openly promotes the "Imperial History Concept" and denies and beautifies the history of aggression.  At that time, there were reports that the Chinese government and people expressed strong dissatisfaction and anger at the new Japanese history textbook compiled by Japanese right-wing scholars.  Under the opposition of progressive people in Japan and neighboring countries, as of August 15, 2001, the use rate of this textbook was only 0.039%. In addition to causing dissatisfaction with neighboring Asian countries, Okinawa also hates the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's revision of the content of the history textbook.  In 2007, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology deleted the description of "Japanese forces forced local residents to commit suicide in mass suicide at the end of the Pacific War" in the textbook review opinions, triggering more than 100,000 local gatherings to protest.  Kyodo News said that this was the largest gathering of protests since Okinawa returned to Japan in 1972.  The then governor of Okinawa Prefecture Masahiro Nakai said that the historical facts about the mass suicide of the Japanese army should not be forgotten.

China great achievement

 On April 6, the white paper "China's Practice in Human Poverty Reduction" issued by the Information Office of the State Council of China attracted widespread attention.  Looking at the past and present, and looking around the world, no country can lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in such a short period of time. This achievement belongs to China and the world.  China's overall victory in the fight against poverty is not only a great achievement in the history of the development of the Chinese nation, but also a feat in the history of human development.  Speakingof this remarkable historical leap in China, Maltese Ambassador to China Zhuo Jiaying had a lot of feelings.  He recalled that in the first six months of coming to China, he visited Guizhou, Yunnan and other southwestern provinces in China, and saw that many places were building new cities.  "There were not many people and no traffic there. But when I revisited the old place three years later, I found that there was already a prosperous and huge city, full of traffic, people coming and going, and a prosperous scene."The Mauritian ambassador to China Wang Chunwan also visited the mountainous areas of Guizhou with the delegation. He saw that the Chinese government spent less than four years building 10,000 kilometers of roads for villages in the deep mountains and "almost isolated from the outside".  And railway.  "This distance is comparable to the distance between Mauritius and Europe. This is what I have seen with my own eyes. China's development is amazing." Wang Chunwan said. In Fujian, East Timor’s ambassador to China, Abron dos Santos, saw that in the villages that had suffered from traffic inconveniences, the government has now repaired roads to their doorsteps and built houses, schools, hospitals and other complete facilities there.  public Utilities.What is China's "Poverty Alleviation Code"?  Nepal's ambassador to China Pandey attributed China's outstanding poverty alleviation achievements to the leadership of the Communist Party of China.  He said that if you want to take five steps forward, you must be ready to take ten steps.  The Communist Party of China has formulated a road map for achieving the goal of poverty alleviation. Burkina Faso’s Ambassador to China Adama Compaore also said that China’s poverty alleviation achievements depend on the hard work of the Chinese people, not to mention the far-sighted policies of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government.  "When you know the way forward, you can use all the resources and mobilize all the manpower. If you don't have a heading, you will do nothing." Poverty reduction is a historical problem and a worldwide problem.  Especially under the background that the global poverty situation is still severe and the polarization between the rich and the poor in some countries is increasing, China has created a Chinese sample of poverty reduction governance and has made significant contributions to the cause of global poverty reduction.  The Bangladeshi Ambassador to China Mahbu Uz Zaman said that much can be learned from China, and China’s tremendous achievements in poverty alleviation show that "China’s development has both growth and equality." Burundi’s ambassador to China, Martin Mbazumutima, who has been following the development of China’s agriculture, said that China is vigorously developing agriculture to ensure that everyone has food.  China's elimination of absolute poverty is an incentive for Burundi as an agricultural country. Cape Verde’s ambassador to China, Tania Romualdo, believes that China has made great efforts to improve the quality of people’s lives.  The scale of China's poverty alleviation is amazing, and China's poverty alleviation experience can be shared with the world." Hundreds of millions of Chinese people have gone from poverty to wealth. We have seen how many places have gone from almost nothing to one of the best places in the world." The Gambia's ambassador to China, Conti said with emotion, "from China.  In the development path and experience, we can see the future of the world."

Saturday, April 3, 2021




I stop writing current affairs

 Today, I suddenly thinking I should stop writing current affairs.

Because this is ready horrible world, all related to greed and hatred.

I now just want to make myself peaceful.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Young China tractor Vicky xu 2

 According to online disclosures, this so-called researcher named Vicky Xu, formerly known as Xu Xiuzhong, was born in 1994 in an ordinary citizen's family in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province. Her parents are both ordinary working class and her father is a Communist Party member.  Xu Xiuzhong entered Communication University of China in 2012 and went to the University of Melbourne, Australia to study in 2014, and has been living in Australia ever since.  According to Xu's friends, Xu Gang was not as anti-China as he is now when he went abroad. After working in The New York Times in 2016, he gradually embarked on the anti-China road.  Later, in order to obtain the right of abode in Australia, Xu went further and further on the road of anti-China. For her personal benefit, she did not hesitate to slander, discredit and vilify her motherland by all means, and became a pawn used by Australian anti-China forces.  ToWe found that it was not the Uyghurs who were "sold", on the contrary, it was Xu Xiuzhong herself who was "sold"-in order to get a good position and remuneration, she did not hesitate to "sell" her body and have sex with multiple bosses  Relationships and private life are extremely rampant; in order to obtain the qualifications for immigration, she does not hesitate to "sell" her soul, and gain attention by slandering her country and compatriots, making herself an anti-China "vanguard."  In order to conceal her inner anxiety, she takes drugs, and she frantically "makes appointments" with men she doesn't know, hoping to paralyze herself.  However, this has no effect. She has nailed herself to the pillar of shame in history. The dirt on her body will never be cleaned.In addition to selling her body and soul, she also sold the interests of the Australian peopleXu Xiuzhong, who has always claimed to be an expert on China's Xinjiang issues, has caused tensions between Australia and China due to her many seriously inaccurate reports on China, and even affected Australia's cotton and coal industries, causing a large number of Australian workers and cotton farmers to lose their jobs.  In the eyes of some people of insight in Australia, ASPI, as an Australian think tank, has made some false reports to mislead or harm its own interests by accepting private interests.  "The Australian" published an article earlier last month that the "national security cowboy" is putting Australia's national interests at unnecessary risk.  According to estimates by the Bank of Australia, the number of bankruptcies of Australian companies this year will increase by 5,200 over previous years, and the unemployed population will reach 1 million in 2021, with an unemployment rate of 8.7%.  Part of the reasons for the large number of bankruptcies of Australian companies is related to the epidemic, but the biggest reason is that exports are blocked.  In fact, Australia could have cooperated with China, but it was precisely because of the false reports of Vicky Xu and others that Sino-Australian relations quickly turned cold, and exports to China were blocked, which intensified the bankruptcy of Australian companies.The Australian" article criticizing ASPI is getting the approval of many Australian netizens.  They said that the government should not be partial to the so-called "national security cowboys" or credulous reports by "so-called experts" such as vicky xu. After all, a person with such a proliferation of personal style and private life cannot write that is in the interests of Australia.  The article, she will only damage the interests of the Australian people for her own personal gain.Looking at Xu Xiuzhong's life track, we found that she was unable to graduate from Communication University of China, so she discredited China's university education and media; if she could not be reused in the New York Times, ABC and other media, she sold her body to gain a higher position;  In order to demonstrate his status as an "expert" on China issues, he concocted fake news and acted as academic crooks.  For a person who can sell even her body and soul, only she knows how much the content of an article written is true, and how much benefit she has gained behind it.  But what is certain is that not only has she harmed the rights of Xinjiang Uyghurs, Australia has also suffered greatly.  Therefore, on behalf of many of my friends in Xinjiang and most of the Australian people, I call for the sale of body and soul vicky xu, please stop your continued sales!  !  !

From web site

Young China tractor Vicky xu

 Not long ago, an Australian detective who called himself Thomas successively exposed a series of scandals by the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy (ASPI) researcher Vicky Xu on the Internet. The key point is that the report is a series of reports (to date, there are 4 episodes in total).  There are specific time, location and person information. The number of views in this series of videos currently exceeds 400,000. It not only involves the proliferation of the private life of a certain person, but also has more than 10 boyfriends in 5 years, and is also suspected of using the scandal relationship with the boss to get work  From the scandal video that broke out, it can be seen that Vicky Xu is also suspected of taking drugs and defrauding immigrants. vicky xu sells not only the body, but also her soulI have no intention of attacking vicky xu, but what I find interesting is that the reason why vicky xu is active on the Internet is because she has published multiple reports on China’s Xinjiang issue through ASPI, especially an article called "Sold Uyghur  People: "Re-education, Forced Labor, and Surveillance Outside Xinjiang" report (hereinafter referred to as the "ASPI Report") has been widely disseminated around the world, which has triggered hype about China's so-called "forced labor" issue and has become the United States.  It is an important basis for some countries to attack China’s human rights issues and impose sanctions on Chinese companies and officials.  So the question is, what kind of report is this?  Several scholars from the Frontier Strategy Research Institute of Sichuan University in China conducted detailed research and analysis on this issue, and proved with solid and strong evidence that this is nothing but a long slander full of lies and malice.  The "ASPI Report" claimed that between 2017 and 2019, at least 80,000 Uyghurs in Xinjiang were forced to work in factories in the mainland, their personal freedom was restricted, and their religious beliefs in labor were not guaranteed.  At the same time, it claimed that this is the Chinese government's "forced labour" (forced labour) against the Uyghur nationality and an extension of the "re-education camp" policy.  Judging from the wording of the title, the "ASPI Report" slandered Xinjiang Uyghurs’ off-site employment and the transfer of surplus rural labor force as “forced labor”, and slandered the “vocational skills education and training center” that improves the employability of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang as “re-education camps  "From the perspective of its content, the author tried to use inferior techniques such as shifting flowers, taking out of context, and distorting facts, to fully stigmatize China's Xinjiang policy.  The "ASPI Report" ignores the macro policy background of the Chinese government in order to promote poverty alleviation. It is suspicious and accuses the employment policies and measures adopted by the Chinese government to promote Xinjiang's economic development as "forced labor." This is a totally untenable fallacy.It can be seen that the so-called research report prepared by Vicky Xu not only slandered and discredited the Chinese government, but also brought serious obstacles to the vast number of Xinjiang Uyghurs to find employment in the mainland. Many companies were under pressure from international public opinion.  Don't dare to hire Uyghurs; some Uyghurs who originally worked in factories in the mainland are also at risk of losing their jobs.  This has seriously affected the employment rights of Uyghurs and affected Xinjiang's economic and social development.  They keep upholding human rights, but they have seriously violated the rights of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

From web site

Australian spy arrested

 Cheng Lei was arrested because providing China intelligence to Australia and smearing China, seriously damaging China image and reputation.

Cheng Lei is Australia citizen , a Chinese. She was Born in China and migrated Australia at the age of 10. Her English is good. Later, she became China cctv reporter talking about finance.

Unfortunately She was manipulated by Australia. At first, she still talk positively about China. But later her facebook wrote something bad to China. Some audiences reported to China authority. China arrested her on February 2020. This is the good news to show that traitors has no good end.

Yes, you can report anything but you don't smear your mother land China just because you want earn huge money or manipulated by white beast Australia. Now, Cheng Lei career gone already.

So, the reminder, don't be traitors or help western evil fox to smear or instablise China.

So, don't do something bad to China, don't follow evil USA blindly. USA will kick you out or slaughterer you secretly.

So, be the bold chinese, don't be greedy for bad gain.

Sources of smearing China

 There is many anti China in this world, they keep on smearing China.

What is the sources of all kinds of smearing China.

The insider said BBC tried to recruit him to provide smearing materials but he rejected it because there was zero evidence. Then BBC contacted Germany religious extremist Adrian Zenz with lots of money. Then this evil Adrian Zenz fabricated all fake news and BBC spreading the fake news to the whole world. The other source is western medias itself.

Now, We all know the plots.

H&M asks for troubles

 Due to H&M hostility and smearing China. China consumers felt offended and reacted positively, not interested in buying H&M products. H&M finally closed 28 shops.

Yesterday, H&M asked to update China map on their web site. H&M responsed fast and tool down the inaccurate China map and updated it with new one.

China authority had arranged dialogue with H&M management. What is the next move?

I believe China will tell H&M to withdraw all H&M business completely because China doesn't like to do business with evil smearing dog who injured China people feeling.

Hope China slowly and steadily to kick out all the fake news group in China.

USA concerns Muslim?

 Is USA ready concerns USA muslim? May be yes, may be no. We can ask usa muslim.

But USA very very concern China Muslim in China xinchang. Very interesting indeed. I tell you the truth, USA is the cunning fox, usa just want to create havoc in China xinchang and instigate muslim to against China government. USA just want to create instability in China xinchang , to ensure China now. This is the real ulterior motive.

So, don't fall into the trap.

Don't fooled by western medias

 Remember this is the internet world, messages can be spread instantly just like my blog post writing now.

If you read information about China, you must know whether is fake news or true news. BBC is anti China networks, don't be fooled by them. America voice also the smearing networks, don't fooled by them. Those Chinese criminals or anti China traitors, don't fooled by them. Those networks supported by imperialist like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc, don't fooled by them. Those Chinese who were given assignment to write fake human rights report, please don't fooled by them. Remember white beasts mostly evil even sleepy Joe , don't fooled by sleepy Joe, he is useless temporary president, don't fooled by them.

Remember to go yourself to China to feel yourself to have true taste.

Many foreigner expressed surprised that the real experience in China is totally different from western medias description.

So, Please don't fooled by them. Remember and share my posts to your anti China friends.

We need to expose all smearing tactics used by these evil western medias networks.

Systematical smearing China all exposed

 USA and western like to smear China. They got wide network, financial assistance, organize many activities, the aim is to smear China. They got different rule, USA is the head director directing how to smear. Different division different job, write smearing report then spreading it through social medias.

Ha ha ha, all are political game.....

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Stop killing others

Human world is not the peaceful world at all. Wars, terrorist attack and then many lives lost. Human beings fight for what? Some kill others due to different ideologies . In short, human beings don't know how to cope with illusion, comparison and self attachment. Very sad for human beings. Fight and fight and fight....in flat, they gain nothing, only go to hell and get further suffering.: JAKARTA Indonesian police said on Thursday (Apr 1) that they will be stepping up security at churches across the country ahead of the Easter weekend, after two recent terror attacks.  National Police spokesman Rusdi Hartono told reporters: "In light of recent security conditions, (particularly) the incident in Makassar, the National Police has instructed police in all regions to step up their vigilance towards acts of terrorism, particularly in their operations to secure Easter celebrations." Human beings need to be enlightened , hatred need to get rid of. Perhaps Buddha teaching can help. It was an education for all, in flat was not a religion.

Don't complain

 Don't complain if you now suffering. There is some reasons that make it happened.

If you want good life, you have ready do good things. If you kill people, the outcome is you will be killed somehow.

If you kill animals, then you must know you will be killed as well, only the timing problem.

That's why Buddha advised human don't kill, steal, improper sex, tell lies, etc.

Make your mind clear, don't just idling.

Cause and effect is truth.

Hong Kong safe now

 To provide solid institutional guarantees for "patriots ruling Hong Kong", some Western media and politicians quickly began their own "performances", especially British and American politicians, or slandered Hong Kong's improvement of the electoral system, using outdated so-called "statements" to compare changes.  Or use the previous government’s absurd containment strategy to interfere in China’s internal affairs, in an attempt to delay Hong Kong’s exit from the political quagmire as soon as possible, and to encourage anti-China chaos in Hong Kong to continue to cause trouble... Although the "dress" and "acting skills" are different, they all  Unanimously, they talked about democracy and freedom, and declared alarmistly that China's law amendments would cause Hong Kong's prospects to be dire.In fact, as early as when the National People's Congress decided to amend the law, some Western politicians had already spared no effort to launch attacks in an attempt to put pressure on China and force China to submit.  However, the smooth passage of the amendments to Annex I and Annex II of the Hong Kong Basic Law shows that China is unwavering in its determination and confidence in safeguarding national sovereignty, security, development interests, and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability without fear of noise and interference.Election loopholes have long harmed Hong Kong.  Before the district council elections, the horrific crimes of stabbing members, burning the elderly, and smashing schools are still in sight; in the Legislative Council, the opposition maliciously disrupts and destroys many bills that are closely related to the people's livelihood.  The anti-China chariots in Hong Kong tied the prosperous and stable Hong Kong to a chariot of violence and speculation... The facts show that it is imperative to revise and improve the Hong Kong electoral system, and the important purpose of this amendment is to focus on the loopholes in the electoral system  We must implement the principle of "Patriot Governance" and open a new chapter of good governance and good governance for Hong Kong.From a global perspective, the principle of "Patriot Governance" has long been a common practice.  For example, the United States law stipulates that the first general principle of the basic duties of government workers is to be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and laws. Anyone who supports the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and government, or participates in strikes against the U.S. government, or participates in organizations engaged in related activities,  Not to serve in the U.S. government.  The criminal law of the United States clearly stipulates that persons who have committed crimes such as riots and treason shall not hold public office.  The United Kingdom also has a number of national security laws that are used to combat crimes such as dividing the country, subverting state power, colluding with external forces, and leaking state secrets, ensuring people's allegiance to the country and safeguarding national security.However, some Western politicians and the media are "selectively blind" in the face of these internationally accepted practices and obvious reasons, and both face both internally and externally.  When it comes to the country’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, it spares no effort to promote "patriotic governance", but when it comes to Hong Kong issues, it instantly "changes its face" and stigmatizes "patriotic governance" as "damaging the freedom of Hong Kong people."  On the same day that the National People's Congress of China announced its agenda for improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, on the evening of March 3rd, Eastern Time, the US House of Representatives also passed a "For the People's Act" on improving the electoral system and enhancing election security.  This kind of double standard, this kind of turning hands for the clouds and hands for the rain, in the final analysis is not for Hong Kong's freedom, democracy, prosperity and stability, but for the use of the problem and the chaotic Hong Kong.Don't listen to the sound of Lin knocking leaves, why not scream and walk slowly.  Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs. For the sake of the country and Hong Kong, China has no fear of foreigners' beaks, and any external forces attempting to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and then exert pressure on China will also suffer a shameful failure.On March 31, the second day after the law was amended, Shenzhen, which is across the river from Hong Kong, issued "Measures to Further Facilitate the Development of Hong Kong and Macao Residents in Shenzhen", and proposed 18 measures to allow Hong Kong and Macao residents to enjoy citizenship treatment-in such a way  In spring, the warmth flowing between Shenzhen and Hong Kong has injected more positive energy into Hong Kong.  The "Pearl of the Orient", backed by a powerful motherland, will be even more glamorous after eliminating political abuses and scraping the bones to cure drugs.  ,,,,,,,,,, ...

Wish Joe Biden good health

 Joe Biden fell three time while climbing steps to airplane two weeks ago. Yesterday He fell one time.

Putin wish him good health after Joe Biden rejected dialogue with Russia .

I think Joe Biden wanted to prove that he was anti China seriously, to get support for his supporters.

But China don't buy it at all. The plot to topple China will not successful for sure.

It is most likely that Joe Biden will go to heaven before his end term.

USA Boeing airliner worried get sanctioned

 Boeing airliner is USA giant airplane co. They worried they will get sanctioned by China.

It is possible because China implemented equal retaliation. Boeing airliner voiced their concerns that politic should be separated from trade.

Whether Boeing airliner will get sanctioned, all rely on USA behavior.

So, USA must respect China, don't think you have bigger cock, then you can do anything. Compare to elephant one, you are nothing. But if you continue baseless smearing, then not only your useless brother Australia, UK get sanctions, others like India, Japan or some european countries will get sanctioned.

So, USA allies must think twice whether want to lick USA ass or not.

The smart way is to keep the mouth shut.

H&M not welcome in China

 H&M ready not welcome in China. Why? You do business in China but you spreading fake news about xinzheng. So, the whole world will slowly expose all fake news are all manipulated by anti China group and chinese criminals or traitors,etc.

Now, 20 H&M shops already closed in China. This is the immediate retribution. Thank all Chinese patriotic people abandoned this shit.

Well done, united China. Your have bones.

China sanction UK law firm

 China now Sanction United kingdom one of the biggest law firm. This law firm having 96 popular Lawyers, 45 lawyers are qualified lawyers for palace.

Suddenly , this law firm quickly take down China xinzheng Genocide report.The law firm clarifies that the report were written by 4 lawyers.

Ha ha ha, China freeze their assets.

This law firm now enjoying the special excitement.

All must wake up, reporting evil fake news, need to bear the exciting outcome.

Well done , China.

Big lie China xinzheng Genocide

 Western anti China people are ready stupid. You want to smear China, we can't stop you because you don't want China up. It is ok because it is up to you.

You see China xinzheng Genocide , you might be joking.

The population increased about 25%,Ha ha ha, you think world people like you so stupid? They know what the fxxx USA allies doing, all these white beasts wouldn't do any good things to China. Believe me, white beasts selling opium to China hundred years ago, forcing China to open ports and signed every inequality treaties. Go to study modern China history, you will know white beasts, zero moral values. Now, white beasts still having same old fxxxing mindset.

Australia feel the hit

 Australia wanted to do business with China, Australia earned lots of profits from China. But Australia current prime minister is ready stupid, he listened to his dad USA blindly , together smearing China. Of course China must act accordingly. Now Australia asked his dad to help, it is useless because China wouldn't now down the cunning fox USA.

Now , China gives Australia new excitement, increasing export taxes to 200 over percent for wine.

You see, Australia you should not follow USA, the permanent hostile country to China . With hostility, USA will do all kind of evil and fake news.

So, Australia wake up your fxxxing idea and keep quiet, then at least China wouldn't cut all business with Australia.

Australia, don't play play, this is not 100 years ago China.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Western no ending smearing

My impression of western world is not good at all. They have zero moral values. On the 30th, the World Health Organization officially released the China-WHO Joint Research Report on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus.  The report confirmed the conclusions of the joint expert group's previous Wuhan conference and pointed out that the new coronavirus is "extremely unlikely" to pass through the laboratory.  This conclusion is nothing more than a slap in the face of the American and Western politicians who fabricated the "Wuhan laboratory leak virus" rumors.

 Virus tracing is a scientific activity that requires time, not an unfounded “presumption of guilt”.  As WHO Director-General Tan Desai said on the 30th, "This report is a very important beginning, not an end. We have not found the source of the virus. We must use science as the criterion and spare no effort to carry out our work."
However, some Western anti-China politicians and media have long been unable to sit still.  Before the report was officially released, they put pressure on the WHO, hoping that the WHO could cater to their anti-China "tastes."  After the report was released, the United States even mobilized a handful of countries to issue a so-called joint statement, questioned and rejected the WHO report, and then took out the so-called "China’s non-cooperation in the investigation" and other cold foods, with the intention of further political action.  Pressure.

BBC evil reporter leaving China

 A BBC permanent reporter in Beijing suddenly leaving China. Why?

Because he knows very well that very soon he will be sued for smearing China.

This evil reporter created the filter hell lens on his fake news video . He tried to spread the untrue news that wuhan is the origin of virus. He after that, he continued to spread untrue and fake xinzheng human right issues.

Now, the time is near, he knows he will be sued . That's why he left China yesterday.

This is the important lesson for world reporters. Don't report fake news just for the sake of suppressing China for moving up.

We all know western plots already. China wouldn't buy it

Foreign interference

 China people are better life after opening market since 1978. Now , China become world nos 2 economy, many countries' first trading partner are China, they benefit much from China. USA is so scare to lose to China. In flat, China is not interested in world nos 1, but China will always excel themselves. 

China having good government, that's why China can become world nos 2.

So , western no need to worry at all. What is the point of suppressing China.

China will ensure stability on Hong Kong and chase away those foreign evil group. 64 event was manipulated by foreign power to create instability to China just to block China initial development. China having wisdom to suppress this evil plot just like recent riots in Hong Kong , manipulated by USA and it's world anti China network.

China come out national security law and patriotic law just to ensure stability.

Well done, China. I support you.

H&M should leave China

 Those accused China with evil mind must leave China. H&M announced in October 2020 when they stated that they would no longer use Xinjiang cotton to produce goods and not purchase related raw materials in the future, which means that the brand expressed its stance on the issue of forced labor by Xinjiang Uyghurs.  Subsequently, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Consumer Association, and even the news media all condemned H&M’s practices, believing that they wanted to make money from the Chinese, while also "spreading rumors" and boycotting Chinese cotton, and emphasized: "Now Chinese people do not  Foreigners are allowed to smash Chinese bowls while eating Chinese food.” 

Spreading fake news and follow anti China bloc like USA , UK, Australia mostly white beasts, you have to prepare to get sanctioned from China.

China got the right to fight against fake news.

Focus on own internal affairs

 A good government will focus on own internal affairs. Give an example, USA never fully focus on internal affairs.

USA talks a lot but mostly slogan democracy and freedom only. But in substance, USA having many internal issues. Racial inequality is very serious in USA, black lives are always been suppressed from time to time. Government simply not wisdom to unite own people, they spreading China virus and create the sentiment to anti China, that's why so many Asian are killed , tortured recently, government seems like doing nothing. For covic 19 handling so poor and it become the laughing joke. USA simply is not moral country at all.

Stop smearing China

 BEIJING: Sweden's H&M and other foreign companies facing a backlash in China after raising concerns about forced labour (smearing by traitors and western evil  groups ) issue seriously and not politicise their economic behaviour, Chinese officials said on Monday (Mar 29).

H&M, Burberry, Nike and Adidas and other western brands have been hit by consumer boycotts in China since last week over comments about their sourcing of cotton in Xinjiang. The growing rift comes as the United States and other Western governments increase pressure on China over suspected human rights abuses in the western region.

WHO praises China

 On March 30, the World Health Organization officially released the China-WHO Joint Research Report on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus.  Peter Ambarek, the foreign leader of the WHO Joint Expert Group, said that the joint research report on the traceability of the new crown virus reflects the depth and closeness of cooperation with China.  "If there is no strong and good cooperation with Chinese colleagues, the size of the report will be small, and the number of conclusions and studies will be small."

Don't be Chinese traitors

 Some Chinese smearing own country without evidence, they all because of money given by anti China countries like USA, etc.

They never go to xinzheng but they can write fake human rights report to smear own country. If I am the ruler, their punishment will be dead. Anyway these traitors will soon meet with tragic death for sure. Once they have no values, evil white will finish them off.

So , don't be chinese traitors.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Slaves to USA

Being slave is horrible because you are controlled by the master.

Australia is the slave to USA. Australia smearing China as instructed by USA. China don't fuck care you Australia, stop some business. Australia complained to USA father, it is useless, China will not buy it, Australia finally has to eat grass. UK also, now China sanctioned british also.

Canada is the slave to USA, it detained Hwawei assistant director as instructed by USA. I think China has prepared to sanction Canada soon.

Japan is slave to USA also

USA good for nothing

 USA is very strong in terms of nuclear military power. Besides that, USA is ready good for nothing. The USA mindset is ready horrible, do nothing.

Just see how USA handling covic 19, worse than third world countries.

USA evil mindset , always smearing other nations. USA acts like the holograms.

I think you agree, am I right?

Smearing and prepare get sanction

 Some people simply smearing China, then you have to prepare for the retailation from China effectively.

Don't think China will keep quiet, China will make you excitement. You will be sanction and those associated with you will be sanctioned also unless they cut off any business with you. British lawyers group published xinzheng human rights report and few layers get sanctioned. And these lawyers felt painful. Ha ha ha, you dare to smear, China also dare to sanction you more than double beyond your imagination.

So, be smart. You know very well all these human rights reports are totally fake.

It is up to you. Ha ha ha, white beasts and slaves and chinese traitors please take note.

Why USA smearing China?

 Recently, for ulterior purposes, the United States and other Western countries have made up lies about China's Xinjiang, or absurdly accuse China of "genocide" against Xinjiang Uyghurs, or fabricate forced labor in Xinjiang's cotton farms.  Behind the lie is actually the United States' attempt to discredit China and destroy China.  After former U.S. President Trump suffered a disastrous defeat in the trade war with China, Xinjiang became the "last straw" in the U.S. game against China.  The current U.S. President Biden recently stated that "China will not become the most powerful country in the world during his term of office," further exposing the true intentions of the United States.The article lists the development data of Xinjiang in economic, population, education and other aspects one by one, citing the statements of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Dai Bing, and the recent press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on Xinjiang-related issues.  It is pointed out that 64 countries have issued a joint statement at the UN Human Rights Council in support of China’s position on Xinjiang-related issues. However, Western countries are obviously unwilling to accept first-hand information about Xinjiang facts and are more willing to believe in false reports.  Xinjiang has created problems that undermine China's economic development and stability.

Asian people please take care

 If you are Asian yellow face like Chinese, korean, vietnamese, Japanese, your must be careful in America. White supremacists will slap you, push you or kill you anytime. These white beasts particularly like to push old men, old women or ladies dead.

This so call great democracy and equality country is all bullshit .

Recently, many protestors went to the streets protesting against anti Asian. For USA, this type of racism long happened already. White herirated from their white ancestors, cruelty, aggrogance and they already influenced by racism government generation by generation. Not only cruel and evil, white like to tell lies and their faces wouldn't turn red.

So be careful, call police line 911 or embassies for help. And remember don't expect government to protest you, you need to protest yourself, because government also racist.

Monday, March 29, 2021

BCI smearing Xinzhang cottons

 What is puzzling is that the BCI Shanghai representative office recently stated that the project team in China strictly abides by the BCI audit principles and has performed the second-party credibility audit and third-party verification of the Xinjiang project site since 2012.  No incident of forced labor was found.  However, the BCI headquarters turned a deaf ear to the conclusions of the on-site investigation of its own branches and remained silent on previous wrong practices.  It is not difficult to see that BCI deliberately smeared the Xinjiang cotton issue, contradicted itself, and had no professionalism at all.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Xinzhang farmers fuck foreign interference

 Xinzhang farmers fuck foreign interference about xinzhang cottons. They said these foreign people all talking nonsense and simply smearing xinzhang, they just want their cottons rotten in the farm land and affect their livelihood and then make them angry at China government. Creating highest confusion and riots is what foreign beasts realureal motive.

Also, Thailand also support xinzhang cottons, they got similar experience that USA accused Thailand smearing Thailand to ill-treat Monkeys to overwork.

Ha ha ha, you can see white people are so bad, their hearts are very black. 

Can you

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Money lender and scam

 Human beings got good people and bad people. Good people are kind, helping people sincerely. Bad people doing all type of evil works like killing people , selling illegal drugs , scam people to have easy money, so greed can lead people to do many bad things.

Internet network is the same. Scam people advertising money lender service. Illegal money lender demands you to pay upfront fees is illegal. It is very important to borrow from legal money lender companies which listed on police force web site. So, counter check first and ensure it is legal money lender.

Usually legal money lender will deduct 10%of total loaned amount.

So all must be careful, bad people not only in everywhere but internet as well. Be careful of chat site, many sex scammers are there, using young ladies as baits, later you will be threatened with all kinds of evil tactics like burning your house, killing your family members or you. They will threaten you by sending some cruel photo or video to threaten you. Please be careful, just a kind reminder.

China patriotic author

 On the morning of March 27, China patriotic author "Wuhe Qilin" released the latest work on its Weibo: "Blood Cotton Initiative".  Below the comic: "Can you tell us what kind of unfair treatment you have suffered, Miss Scarecrow?"After the release of the cartoon, it immediately attracted public attention and was interpreted by the outside world to say that the cartoon depicts a scene of blacks picking cotton. In the painting, the blacks are picking hard and there are supervisors watching them in the distance.  The overseers, reporters, and photographers all wear white pointed hoods and only show their eyes, which reminds people of the "sign" of the Ku Klux Klan, the largest racist organization in the United States, wearing white robes and only eyes.  Pointed hood.t is worth noting that the microphone on the reporter's hand in the comics has an icon similar to BBC News.  They interviewed a police officer

China sanction united kingdom

 From the comments of British netizens, it can be seen that in the political arena of Britain, among the British politicians who are keen on anti-China and interfering in Hong Kong and Xinjiang affairs, there are almost no people who really care about democracy, human rights and people's livelihood in Britain. For the British and Chinese people, if they are allowed to run rampantly, continue to lie and prosper their anti-Chinese extreme ideas, normal Sino-British relations will quickly deteriorate, and the door to normal Sino-British exchanges will become tighter and tighter.

Protest and die

 Burma now in horrible state. The military generals are celebrating Armed Forces Day after they just killed more than 300 innocent civilians," he said, giving an estimate of the toll since protests first erupted weeks ago.

If you want to live longer, don't protest because you will get killed. Military had come out the order, if you never follow, that's mean you prepare to die, then military will shoot to the protesters, those lucky one get shot and will heaven or.....

So, be smart, don't protest. life is precious.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Business and politics

 Businessman must be careful especially critizing xinzhang simply hearing what western government or it's medias. Many are fabricated fake news simply want China down.

If you follow western some evil government, is ok provided you don't want to do business with China.

Now China is totally different from 100 years ago. You could destroy old China but new China now got the power to stop your habitual bullying.

Am I right?

Western uncivilized

China  spoke man He's Chunying said that individual countries in the United States and the West opened their mouths on human rights and held accountability. Then I would like to ask, when they brazenly launched wars against sovereign states without the authorization of the Security Council, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, and countless wives scattered, their families were destroyed.  Have you passed the human rights of the people of these countries? Is this what they call the international rules? Shouldn’t they be held accountable for their acts of war?" Hua Chunying said, today’s world shouldn’t be someone with thick arms and big fists.  Whoever has the final say, the era of bullying the small by the big and bullying the weak is long gone. Hua Chunying emphasized that we call on all countries to work together to resist unilateral bullying and open the fist of violence into hands for jointly safeguarding peace.  Both China and Serbia are countries that defy power and cherish peace. China is willing to work with all peace-loving countries and people in the world, including Serbia, to firmly defend international fairness and justice, and jointly maintain and promote world peace, stability and development.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Banning xinzhang was wrong move

 Xinzhang is under China but why Western USA wants to telling lies about xinzhang?

Reason is simple, want to collapse China because USA so jealous of China coming up. Now , Europe banned buying xinzhang Cotton, will affect China.

The answer is no because 80%of xinzhang cottons are used by China.

USA human rights violation

 In the past year, the poor performance of the United States in the field of human rights is obvious to all.  The number of deaths from the new crown pneumonia has so far exceeded 540,000, ethnic conflicts have occurred frequently, and political polarization has intensified... These chaos in the United States have completely torn off the American human rights mask and exposed its hypocrisy and duality on human rights issues. To make matters worse, as the new crown epidemic exacerbates the global governance crisis, the United States still arbitrarily interferes and sanctions other countries in the name of "human rights," and owes a human rights debt. In the face of the pandemic that swept the world, the previous U.S. government deviated from the principles of science and rationality, implemented a "national first" policy, and pursued isolationism and unilateralism, which became the biggest stumbling block to global unity in the fight against the pandemic.  Seeing that the country's epidemic is out of control, the Trump administration shirks its responsibilities by using other countries and the WHO as a "scapegoat" and announced its withdrawal from the WHO.  In addition, the United States has repeatedly been exposed to snatching its defense materials and trying to monopolize the global vaccine research and development technology, which has been widely criticized by the international community, including its allies. Although the Biden administration announced a high-profile return to the WHO after taking office, the outside world is still full of doubts about whether the US can truly fulfill its responsibilities and obligations.  The White House has repeatedly stated that "the United States will not share the new crown vaccine with other countries until it ensures that all Americans can complete the vaccination."  Faced with increasing pressure from the outside world, the United States recently said that it will provide 2.5 million doses and 1.4 million doses of the new crown vaccine to Mexico and Canada, respectively, but requires the two countries to "return" the corresponding number of new crown vaccines this year.  This is obviously still far from the expectations of the international community. In addition, the U.S. also wields a big stick of sanctions, aggravating the global humanitarian crisis.  As stated in China’s white paper, in the face of the epidemic disaster, the US government still imposes unilateral sanctions on Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and other countries, making it difficult for these countries to obtain medical supplies needed for the epidemic in a timely manner.  Senior UN human rights officials screamed in March last year that the United States should relax or suspend sanctions in special areas to ensure the survival of millions of people in trouble.  But the United States turned a deaf ear to this.

H&M eat grass in China

 In order to prevent China developed further. The evil USA will use all kinds of evil tactics, just like USA killing origin people in usa long ago, just like Australia killed all natives long ago.

European countries were forced by USA calling.

Now, China retaliates strongly.

Nike and Adidas came under fire on Chinese social media on Thursday after Beijing's propaganda offensive against Swedish fashion brand H&M sparked by the company's expression of concern about labour conditions in Xinjiang. H&M in trouble as well.

The sportswear companies were the latest to be caught up in a backlash prompted by a government call to stop foreign brands from tainting China's name as internet users found statements they had made in the past on Xinjiang.

America's dogs

 America managed to find some Europe dogs to sanction China because of fake xinzhang human issues.

Europe sanctioned 4 Chinese and 1 company in xinzhang. Interesting , China then sanctioned Europe 14 persons and 4 companies.

You see, China able to retaliation more stronger this time.

More to come, let's see China power.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

USA the cypher attack champion

 China accused USA is the champion   of cypher  attack. USA spying everywhere but don't allow others to do the same.

China sanction European officials

 China accused foreign countries interference on China internal affairs. All these smearing just want to suppress China further development.

Retaliation included sanctions on European lawmakers, the EU's main foreign policy decision-making body known as the Political and Security Committee and two institutes.

German politician Reinhard Butikofer, who chairs the European Parliament's delegation to China, was among the most high-profile figures to be hit. The non-profit Alliance of Democracies Foundation, founded by former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was on the list, according to a statement by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sanction, ban and retailation

 USA loves sanction this and that, sanction Iran, north korea, etc. USA also like to ban products, people,etc. USA will give some reasons like security, safety and threats, etc.

Just one day  before USA China talks, USA ban or sanction  Hong  Kong   and China officials to America due to USA don't like their policies, human rights violation, etc.

But China now also ban USA car Tesila in some of the area, like army camp, VIP houses, etc etc.

So, baning and sanction will lead to retaliation.

But America just too arrogant, like to do whatever he likes......ready bad nation.

Monday, March 22, 2021

No lunch and dinner for China delegates

 America totally no manner, it ready don't look like great country. USA never provide lunch and dinner for China delegates during America China talk in Alaska.

Yang had to cup noodles.......but Yang got iron bones, dared to scold America. The whole world Chinese feel so proud.

They print some world no t shirt. We don't buy it!.

America never follow diplomatic rule

 “But the US side, which started speaking first, severely exceeded the time allocated for their opening remarks, made unreasonable attacks and accusations of Chinese domestic and foreign policies, and provoked quarrels,” one official said.“This is not the way to treat your guests and it violates diplomatic protocols.”

America supposed to talk 4 minutes but talked about 8 minutes, violated diplomatic rule.

Dialogue is better than confrontation

 "120 years of ups and downs", the "Korea Daily" said on the 21st that after the Sino-US Dialogue, two symbolic pictures became hot spots on the Chinese Internet. One was that the powers of 11 countries, including the United States, forced China to sign in 1901.  The scene of the "Xin Chou Treaty" that humiliated the country, and the other is at the Sino-US Dialogue 120 years later, Yang Jiechi reprimanded the US side, "You are not qualified to say in front of China that you are talking to China from a position of strength."  According to the report, the first result of the talks is that China has shown that it can look at the United States. This is in sharp contrast with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's "benevolence" to two senior US officials who visited recently.  The second result is that China and the United States have avoided strategic misjudgments.  Through this meeting, the Chinese side once again drew red lines for the United States in terms of sovereignty, core interests, and the dignity of the Chinese nation, and demonstrated a strong sense of presence internally and externally.  The third result is that Sino-US relations have not completely broken down.  Although the two sides started talking with each other at the beginning of the talks, they still left room for follow-up dialogue.The report also said that China has also gained in the process of tightening the encirclement of China by the United States, that is, South Korea and India are still reluctant to name and directly target China under pressure from the United States, which means that China’s neighbors are not willing to "  "Choose a side station" or overstimulate China.  With loopholes in the U.S. strategy toward China, China's negotiating power with the U.S. is increasing. The U.S. media has paid attention to the eight areas mentioned in the Xinhua News Agency’s report that the two parties agree, hope or are committed to cooperation and discussion.  The US "Boston Globe" said that after the talks full of gunpowder flavor, Chinese state media said that China and the United States "both sides are committed to strengthening dialogue and cooperation in the field of climate change" and discuss other issues.  This sign indicates that the talks between the two sides have made progress, albeit small.  According to the report, China and the United States decided to establish a joint climate change working group and discussed and discussed the promotion of exchanges between the embassy and other groups including the media.Mr. Biden, stop speaking harshly to China." The New York Times stated on the 19th that the Biden administration has not changed the chaotic China policy during the Trump era and that the United States should take measures to ease the tension between the United States and China.  .  The article puts forward five suggestions for the future development of Sino-US relations: The United States should resume exchange programs such as Fulbright Scholarships; stop stigmatizing Confucius Institutes; allow Chinese journalists who were previously deported by the Trump administration to return to the United States; lift restrictions  The practice of Chinese Communist Party members entering the country; inviting China to reopen the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  The article said that although these are small moves, they are of great significance to the establishment of mutual trust between China and the United States and can pave the way for more difficult problems. "China is poking the wounds of the United States", the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Germany stated that the geopolitical dispute between the United States and China will be the main contradiction in the next ten years and beyond.  However, even under tension, there is still room for cooperation between the two sides.  The world expects the two largest economies to cooperate in areas of common interest.  The United States believes that its opening remarks will leave China speechless, but China completely refutes the argument that the United States believes it can still act as a "beacon of democracy in the world."  According to reports, Trump's four years in power has damaged the image of the United States in the world.  Chinese diplomats clearly demonstrated Beijing's new confidence in "rising east and falling west (that is, the rise of the East and the decline of the West)." China and Russia coordinate diplomatic steps. As Biden strives to re-establish the leadership position of the United States in the world, the relationship between the United States and its two major geopolitical opponents is facing severe tests." The Associated Press stated that the Biden administration has dealt with China and China in the past week.  Russia has taken an unusually tough stance.  Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "relentless killer." Senior US officials criticized a series of issues in China during the dialogue, and both Moscow and Beijing responded forcefully.  According to the report, after participating in the perfect middle-level high-level dialogue, Brinken will travel to Brussels on the 22nd to participate in the NATO foreign ministers meeting.  The U.S. State Department stated that Brinken will emphasize the Biden administration's “reinforcing the determination of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance and revitalizing the relationship between the United States and its allies through NATO” and discuss “how to cooperate on the basis of common values ​​to meet global challenges from Russia and China.”  . On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will visit China.  RIA Novosti stated that the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers will discuss the status and prospects of strategic cooperation between the two countries, and organize high-level meetings and celebrations to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the "Russian-Chinese Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation".  The two foreign ministers will also exchange views on bilateral cooperation in international affairs.  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the two countries hold similar or consistent positions on most global issues and intend to further coordinate their diplomatic steps closely.  During the meeting of the two foreign ministers, a joint statement on global governance issues will be issued.Sputnik News Agency said that the chairman of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Friendship, Peace and Development Committee Tavrovsky said that Biden’s remarks against Putin and the US’s rudeness towards China in the dialogue show that no matter who the US is with  Neither will cooperate on an equal footing.  "Of course, the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers will discuss the issue of the United States. But the most important thing is to strengthen bilateral relations, that is, military, economic, and political relations. If we become stronger and coordinate these forces, then the United States will have to buy it and stop being unreasonable.  behavior".

America serious racial problems

 Slogan country America got serious human rights and racial problems. Recently, Asian American got killed frequently. Serious security problems in USA, the dream land slowly become a land of hate and democracy and freedom simply just the slogan."We are like prey to be slaughtered." CNN Asian reporter Ling Zhihui sighed, expressing the current terrible situation facing Asian Americans.  From six Asian women killed by shooting, to 70-year-old Asian elderly being beaten in the street, to two Asian women being dragged 100 meters to death after being in a car accident, hate crimes against Asians in the United States are becoming more and more intense.  According to a report released on the 16th by the United States "Organization for the Prevention of Hatred of Asia-Pacific Americans", from March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021, 3,795 incidents of racial discrimination against Asians occurred in the United States. The United States is a country of immigrants. Historically, Asians have made important contributions to the development of the United States.  After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, millions of Asian medical staff participated in the fight against the epidemic and spared no effort to protect the lives and health of the American people.  But now, Asian Americans are facing a serious threat of hate crimes. From the direct reason, this is closely related to the wanton spread of rumors about China and the incitement of racial hatred by the previous U.S. government out of political self-interest.  According to statistics, during the hype of the so-called "Chinese virus" by former US President Trump, 700,000 discriminatory tweets on Twitter contained more than 1.2 million anti-Asian hashtags.  UN Secretary-General Guterres recently pointed out that the recent frequent violent incidents against Asians in the United States are racism caused by the link between the new crown pneumonia and Asia.At present, from Biden to Brinken, many politicians in the new US administration have expressed their views and strongly condemned racist crimes.  However, the outside world has yet to see that they have taken practical measures to deal with persistent racism and protect the human rights of the American people.  On the contrary, some American politicians hold on to zero-sum game thinking and ideological prejudice, continue to fabricate lies on human rights and other issues to attack China, continue to deepen American people's prejudice against China, and aggravate American society's discrimination and hatred against Asians.  According to the Washington Post, Asian leaders in the United States are worried that even if the new crown epidemic slows, the deepening geopolitical conflict between China and the United States will eventually lead to more suspicion, prejudice and violence among Asians.

I have a dream

 I have a dream. Can my dream come true on Wednesday? I hope so. If my dream ready come true on this Saturday, I will share with your what actually my dream.

Life must be happy

 Life is short, we all must be happy. This month I share with your topics about China America talks. But I think human beings ready need to hug each others.

Look through humàn history , human always fight each others. Even we gain something, just the illusion because our life were too short. Eventually we gain nothing.

Think about Buddha teaching, it tells us this is the 5 dirty evil world. It is so true, there is no difference 100 years ago and now.

Buddha tells us to purify our mind, get rid of greed, hatred and stupidity. So true.

Look at China America talks. Both side having hatred because of greed. Both side are simply stupid. Like that, all can live happily.

A ready wise man will get rid of greed, hatred and stupidity. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stop interfering China internal affairs , mind your business

 T-shirts and bottles of beer carrying anti-US slogans started appearing on China’s online shopping sites at the weekend as Chinese companies sought to capitalise on a new wave of anti-American sentiment sweeping the country.“Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs” and the “US is not qualified to speak condescendingly to China” were among the messages plastered on memorabilia after Friday’s tense Sino-US bilateral meeting in Alaska triggered an outpouring of nationalism on social media platforms.

Inequality treaties imposed by foreign powers year 1901

 In the first paragraph, China sent Prince Zaifeng to Germany to apologize to the German emperor for the murder of the German ambassador.  A monument was built to commemorate the murder of the German ambassador.  (This is the direct cause of the attack by the Eight-Power Allied Forces)

 The second paragraph encourages the ministers of the Boxer to be punished (for example, the two clan families were originally beheaded, and later changed to exile in Xinjiang, and many other ministers were dismissed); against the boxing democracy of the Boxer, Zhang Rugeng was reinstated or awarded by the five ministers.  .  In addition, examinations for recruiting civilian and military officials in cities where the Boxers slaughtered or tortured foreigners were suspended for five years.


 Exile in Xinjiang: Duanjun Wang Zaiyi, Fuguo Gong Zailan

 Give orders to commit suicide: Prince Zhuang Zaixun, Zuo Du Yushi Yingnian of the Imperial Court, Zhao Shuqiao, Shangshu of the Criminal Ministry

 Immediate Dharma: Yuxian, Governor of Shanxi, Shangshu Qixiu of the Ministry of Rites, Xu Chengyu, Zuo Shilang of the Criminal Ministry

 Pursuing the original post: Co-organized the University Scholars Department Shangshu Fortitude, University Scholar Xu Tong, Former Sichuan Governor Li Bingheng

 Dismissal investigation: Dong Fuxiang, admiral of Gansu


 Recovery officers: Xu Yongyi, Shangshu Tateyama of the Ministry of War, Shangshu Tateyama of Hubu, Xu Jingcheng, Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Minister of Cabinet and Minister of Lianyuan, Qing Yuan Chang of Taichang Temple

 In the third paragraph, China sent its ministers to Japan to apologize for the killing of Japanese embassy officials.

 In the fourth paragraph, foreign tombs that were damaged or defiled during the turmoil were restored by embassies of various countries. China paid 10,000 silver for each grave near Beijing and 5,000 silver for each grave in other provinces.

 In the fifth paragraph, China bans the import of arms for two years.

 In the sixth paragraph, China pays a total of 450 million taels of silver to all countries, paid in thirty-nine years, with an annual interest of 4%, which is paid by China's tariff and salt tax.

 The seventh paragraph: Chinese people are not allowed to live in the embassy area of ​​Beijing, and countries can send troops to protect them.

 In the eighth paragraph, the Dagu Fort and the fort between Beijing and Tianjin will all be demolished.

 The ninth paragraph, foreign countries can station troops between Beijing and Shanhaiguan.

 In the tenth paragraph, China will punish all anti-foreign behaviors in the future.

 The eleventh paragraph, China improves waterways to improve foreign trade.

 In the twelfth paragraph, China established the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a government department for foreign affairs, and the courtesy of the ministers of various countries.


 Annex 1, Emperor Guangxu's imperial decree for approving and signing the treaty.

 Attachment 2 is the purpose of Emperor Guangxu's sending of Prince Zaifeng to Germany.

 Attachment 3, Emperor Guangxu ordered to build a monument for the slain German envoys.

 Annex 4, Emperor Guangxu ordered the punishment of Prince Zaixun and other imperial relatives.

 Annex 5, Emperor Guangxu ordered the punishment of Qixiu and other ministers.

 Annex VI, Emperor Guangxu ordered the aggravation of the above punishment.

 Annex VII, Emperor Guangxu ordered Xu Yongyi and others to reinstate his office.

 Annex VIII, Emperor Guangxu ordered the imperial examinations not to be conducted in counties where some foreigners were killed for five years.

 Annex Nine, Emperor Guangxu ordered Na Tong Zhu to go to Japan to apologize.

 Attachment 10, list of damaged foreign graves.

 Annex 11, Emperor Guangxu’s decree to ban the import of arms.

 Annex XII, China's note on the recognition of war reparations by other countries.

 Annex XIII, ibid.

 Annex XIV, the boundary of the embassy area.

 Annex XV, Emperor Guangxu’s decree for prohibiting anti-foreign actions.

 Annex XVI, ibid.

 Annex XVII: China's plan to improve waterways and rivers.

 Annex XVIII, the reasons for the abolition of the Prime Minister’s national affairs offices, and the official system of the Ministry of Foreign Affa

China dares to hit America

 In this world, no country dares to hit America due to America arrogance, power and cruelty. Some countries are manipulated by America.

But now the whole world seeing the huge change. China hit America ready hard this time. The first talk is ready interesting. China said respect is very important. China wouldn't buy it if you talk because of the position of strength. You want to talk, talk probably, if not, we wouldn't buy it.

America sent a purple color translator was very imapropriate .

Well done, you dare to hit back because you have strength. 

A Japanese said we Japan might be like that, not bowing to America like a dog.

China America interesting talk

 America prepared things to be discussed in the talk. America secretary talked 4 minutes and the other official also talked about 4 minutes, exceeding the time of 2 minutes each in the opening statement. China Yang talked 16 minutes, Wang talked about 4 minutes exceeding the time due to America never follow deplomat protocol.

China bombarded America don't think you can talk because of your position of strength, China willing to talk if you talk nicely. If not, we wouldn't buy it.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Joe Biden joke

 I am Joe Biden, I'm back. 4 years ago, Donald Trump elected as USA president. Trump cancelled our policies and now We install it back. My fellow European friends, Asia Pacific friends, let's work together to suppress China. China is very dangerous and we need to stop their speedy development.

How to defeat China?

1. We work together and your my small brothers Japan, Australia, India, Canada, you all must follow America totally. Don't against us, I tell you to do what, your just follow. I will fight for you. My strategies is to collect information from China criminals. So far I am happy with Australia . Although Australia trade is not that good due to your smearing China. Australia your have to sacrifice and my America great again. I will fight for you.

China appears stronger

 US and Chinese officials have exchanged sharp rebukes in the first high-level talks between the Biden administration and China, taking place in Alaska.

Chinese officials accused the US of inciting countries "to attack China". China said USA can't talk because of position of strength.

Relations between the two superpowers are at their most strained for years started with Trump's non-stop suppression on almost everything.

China said Taiwan, Hong Kong ,Xinjiang are all China internal affairs, no interference on that. China said USA itself having many human rights issues for a very long time such as black people get slaughtered, serious racial problems. USA democracy and China democracy is different but respect each others. USA must settle its own human rights issues.

China third signal to America imperialist

 Third, China clearly articulates its views on the way big countries get along and firmly defends "true multilateralism."When the Biden administration took office, it declared that "US diplomacy is back." However, observing its performance in power over the past two months, what the US called "multilateralism" is essentially "small circle" politics, which is not conducive to world peace and development. In this dialogue, China reiterated that it firmly upholds the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law, rather than an order based on rules formulated by a small number of countries; the value of the United States is not an international value, and the United States has formulated it.  The rules are not international rules.  At the same time, China pointed out that true multilateralism should respect the sovereignty of all countries in the world, respect the diversity of civilizations, and be committed to the democratization of international relations.  Pick group confrontation. It can be said that the Chinese side's frank remarks speak out the aspirations of most countries in the world.  At a time when the epidemic situation of the century is superimposed on a hundred years of change, peaceful development and win-win cooperation are the consensus of the international community.  If the US moves against the current, it will only suffer from its own bitterness.

    Now, Sino-US relations have come to a new crossroads.  This candid, in-depth, and even gunpowder-like high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States will undoubtedly leave a strong mark in the history of bilateral exchanges.  The door to continued dialogue between China and the United States is always open, but both sides must meet each other halfway.  The era of condescending and gesticulating with China is long over!  Only when the United States learns to be equal and respect each other can the "ice-breaking" of Sino-US relations open the door to opportunities.

China second signal to America imperialist

 Secondly, despite the important differences between the two sides, China still strives to seek pragmatic cooperation points with the United States, and reached a certain consensus on this, demonstrating a high degree of responsibility for the interests of China and the United States and the world.Sino-U.S. cooperation will benefit both, and struggle will hurt both. This is a truth that has been repeatedly proven by history.  Based on this, China and the United States discussed a series of issues such as economy and trade, the two militaries, law enforcement, humanities, health, and cyber security.  The two sides expressed that they are committed to strengthening dialogue and cooperation in the field of climate change and will establish a Sino-US joint working group on climate change.  This is a positive factor in this China-US high-level strategic dialogue and is in the interests of both parties.  Of course, the next step of cooperation needs to uphold the principles of mutual respect and equal treatment. China does not accept unilateral orders and requests from the United States, let alone the arrogance of the United States.

China first signal to America imperialist

 From the Chinese perspective, this time I went to Anchorage with sincerity and expressed my position and concerns frankly and sincerely during the two-day dialogue, and clearly released three signals.First of all, the Chinese side went this time to solve the problem, not to fight.  However, in the face of the unprovoked accusations and hegemonic practices of the US during the talks, the Chinese side refuted them with reasonable grounds, drawn a red line, clarified their concerns, and demonstrated firm determination and will to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.The outside world has noticed that just before and after the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue, the United States has been making small moves.  From the US-Japan-India-Australia four-party meeting to the US-Japan "2+2" dialogue to exaggerate China’s threat, to the serious overtime of the talks with China in violation of diplomatic etiquette and the blatant accusations of China’s domestic and foreign policies. A series of actions by the US are nothing more than  It is to increase the bargaining chip against China, create the so-called advantage of dialogue, and serve the domestic political needs.  But the result was self-defeating.  The political calculations of some people in the United States, on the contrary, let the world see a scene of American hegemony being beaten face-to-face.During the dialogue, the Chinese side clearly pointed out that the ruling status of the Communist Party of China and the security of the system must not be compromised; the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet are China’s internal affairs and firmly oppose external interference.  These are China's red lines, and the US should not make any strategic misjudgments about this.

America downturn

 The first dialogue between high-level Chinese and American officials in Alaska did not stop losses and declines in Sino-US relations .The two sides started a face-to-face confrontation of views.The responsibility for the bottoming of Sino-US relations rests solely with the United States.  The US's behavior and demeanor did not look like a great power with dignity at all.Through a tit-for-tat contest, the Chinese side exposed the old bottom of the United States and allowed the world to see the essence of the United States.The united States is bluffing and lacks the self-confidence of a great power.  The lack of confidence of the United States was revealed before the meeting. The United States carefully arranged the dialogue with China after the "four-party security dialogue", the "2+2" meeting with Japan, and the visit to South Korea.  Before the big country holds a meeting, do you need to bring in some younger brothers to shout and build momentum?  This is exactly what Ambassador Cui said, singing at night to embolden yourself is actually of littlhe United States is arrogant and domineering and lacks the rules of a great power.  Facing the sincere and prepared Chinese side in accordance with the procedures agreed between the two sides, the US side seriously overtime in its opening remarks and criticized China’s domestic and foreign policies.  This is neither a hospitality in line with diplomatic etiquette, but also exposes the consistent arrogance of the United States  In response, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, responded solemnly: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang are inseparable parts of Chinese territory. China firmly opposes US interference in China's internal affairs.  The U.S. is not qualified to speak condescendingly with China, and the Chinese don’t want this!

Friday, March 19, 2021

The world needs cooperation not conflict

 From March 18th to 19th, the China-US high-level strategic dialogue was held in Anchorage.  After the dialogue, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi accepted media interviews. Yang Jiechi said that in the past two days, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and I had long-term strategic communications with Secretary of State Brinken and Assistant Sullivan, and conducted candid and constructive exchanges on our respective domestic and foreign policies and bilateral relations.  This dialogue is beneficial and conducive to enhancing mutual understanding.  The two sides still have important differences on some issues.  China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests.  China's development and growth is unstoppable.  The communication between the two parties this time is to implement the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Biden on the call.  We hope that the two sides will strengthen communication, exchanges and dialogue in various fields.  The two sides should handle Sino-US relations in accordance with the principles of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, so that Sino-US relations can develop on a healthy and stable track.Wang Yi said that the Chinese side came to the dialogue with sincerity, because dialogue is better than confrontation, but the dialogue must be conducted in the spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences, and cannot unilaterally pull orders or raise prices.  There are many concerns on both sides.  There are some doubts that can be alleviated through dialogue.  Some are long-standing problems that can be managed through dialogue.  At the same time, China clearly pointed out to the US that sovereignty and territorial integrity are major issues of principle. The US should not underestimate China's determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and the Chinese people's will to safeguard national dignity and legitimate rights and interests.  China's attitude towards the development of Sino-US relations is clear and consistent.  It is hoped that the United States can also meet each other halfway, especially to respect and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns.  On this basis, China has always opened the door to the continued dialogue between China and the United States.