Monday, December 7, 2009

Follow path

If you had studied Geography before, you will surely know there is nine planets in the universe. This nine planets follow their orbit, so that it can operate smoothly without any collision.
Imagine if the nine planets never follow the designated path, misery will follow definitely.
Just look at human, the situation almost the same.
Remember the milk incident in China last year. [Please refer to my previous post Life is precious ]
This was because these businessmen never follow ' path ". Either they never learnt the moral education or simply ignored this. Their mindset were just making money and totally never taking care people' health.
So, the outcome was death sentence for some of them.
My view: If we want to prevent misery to us then we have only one choice-follow path or moral whenever we do.
This is my sincere reminder to people.


ladyviral said...

What you say is so right :). Thank you.

umihoney said...

I agree with you. Money is important for a better life but it shouldn't enslave us. Good write.Keep blogging :)

levian said...

that is so correct, there is always a path, if not morally, to follow. as humans, we respond to god, thus should always have second thought chasing blindly after what we want. i love what you wrote! :)

Pink Links said...

I agree!

Making money is too important everywhere.

It's sad.

Have a lovely day!