Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buddha education Buddha teaching

Recently I have the chance to learn Buddha education. I am now more understanding. Through Master Chin Kung tirelessly explanation. Master Chin Kung said that obstacles in learning Buddha education like those deaf, blind one or those handicapped one. When people born before Buddha or after Buddha. Even people born in the time Buddha lived, not all got chance to hear Buddha teaching. At that time, many kings liked to listen Buddha teaching. Even today not many people have the chance to learn Buddha education. If we got the luck, we not only know there is the teaching called Buddha education but also have the chance to learn this highest philosophy. Buddha teaching usually will appear on those cultural rich region. Buddha helped those mature one to attain awareness. Those who want to attain Buddhahood must be disciplined one, follow the rules strictly. After Buddha passed away, his disciples recorded his teaching on leaves. After many years, the Buddha teaching went to China and the Buddha teachings become part of China culture. Those people who have good roots, good condition and good lucks will be able to learn Buddha education.

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