Monday, May 6, 2013

Najib Razak received a letter from Master Chin Kung

Your Excellency Prime Minister Najib Razak, It was a great pleasure to
have Your Excellency attend the groundbreaking ceremony of theMalaysian Academy of Han Studies a few months ago. The three thousand participants present were greatly
inspired by your high praise regarding the Chinese culture of harmony. Your Excellency has provided the greatest example of mutual respect and global exchange of traditional culture that I
gratefully admire. The essence of China’s culture of five thousand years is embodied in the
Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature, and the complete wisdom of Buddha is embodied in the Qianlong Great Buddhist Canon. These Chinese classics have all profoundly expounded the teachings of morality, ethics and causality, reflecting on the cultivation of oneself, harmony of family relationships, stability of the country, and peace of the world. These classics have captured wisdom, concepts, methods, experience and effect of
practicing loving-kindness, loyalty and consideration for thousands of years, which is a worthy goal for modern people. These classics are all written in classical Chinese, so to inherit and propagate the wisdom of ancient saints.
and sages will require the cultivation of teachers. I have been praying for many years for receiving two books that contain the utmost essence:
Compilation of Chinese Literature on Cultivation (Guo Xue Zhi Yao) and the
Imperial Compilation of Books on the Principles of Governing (Qun Shu Zhi Yao)
. I finally received them last year and printed ten thousand copies of each for immediate donation. These two books can be used as the standard textbooks for teaching classical Chinese at the Malaysian Academy of Han Studies. I will be very pleased to provide them to friends who are enthusiastically fond of Chinese classics all over the world.
We will more than welcome the teachers from local community in Malaysia to learn classical Chinese together. I previously had the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom
twice, including the University of Cambridge and various colleges of the University of London. I had a chance to witness how lecturers and students mastered classical Chinese. In no
more than three years, they became competent in both reading classical
Chinese as well as writing. The renowned British historian, Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee, once said that
in order to resolve the social problems of the twenty-first century, we must rely on the teachings of Confucius and Mencius, and on Mahayana Buddhism. Both are in China. It is conceivable that in the foreseeable future the world will surely enter a brand new era of restoring Sinology and bring benefits to mankind. However, the restoration of traditional
Sinology requires an extensive amount of teaching resources. Therefore,
the merits of cultivating teachers are countless and benefits to humanity are incomparable. These merits belong to Your Excellency! I sincerely wish that Malaysia is prosperous and that
Malaysian people can live in lasting peace! I pray that there will never be
any disaster in Malaysia. My health is satisfactory. I currently lecture on Sutras and read
Sutras for four hours, respectively, every day in Hong Kong. I pray for the blessings and protection of the God of all religions and ancestors, for the restoring of traditional teachings of the saints and sages of all ethnicities, and for eliminating natural and man-made
disasters globally. Finally, I wish Your Excellency longevity, good health and the best of
good fortune! I wish your family good health and every success!
Chin Kung AM
At the age of Eighty-Six
April 19

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