Monday, April 29, 2013

Now, I feel happy everyday because I have the chance to watch video of goodness 24hrs and I feel so joyful that I fully understand ancient wisdom can change our life. I am now learning china traditional values on the following Internet web site. Internet is also good for learning good things. We all human beings are easily influenced by what we see, hear, feel and then attachment will follow. After that, We created ourselves dislike and like. Because of this, We have many worries all because of our self-thought. Seeing good news or articles of goodness, our mindset will become more clearer. Likewise seeing bad news or stimulating scene will enhance our wild desires, all these wild desires block us from time to time, We become bad without ready knowing all these are bad. Now, I have the chance to see live TV on Internet, I feel ready happy. Who say good TV Program  nobody see? It is because not many people want to produce good program may be they are thinking of making profits, so they make films, program to stimulate viewers' desires. That's why some wise men say TV is like the knife. You just open the TV Channels, hardly see any good program aimed at improving human's virtues , all are greed, violence, sex scene. Luckily  now, I can watch Buddhism video, speeches on Internet TV. After watching all these good values, I now ready understand why many people always want to do bad things. I know why many people are always too stubborn, they just do not want to do good things. Now, I know how to have peaceful mind.
Many Buddhists are thankful for that because through watching many wrong concept of Buddhism are cleared. Now, We know why we don't kill, don't steal, don't lie, don't drink and don't have improver acts....The following web site promote kindness, love and peace. It is the good channel for Buddhists and China culture lovers and for those who have opened minded people. For those who want to get rid of hatred, violent mindset,this web site can help him to have clearer mind. Freedom within, harmony with all....are mentioned there.
It brighten us, let's all heading the path of total pureness, no hatred, no violence....all harmony. Let's watch this video from the great web site Great web site

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