Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On line discipline is very important

On line discipline is very important. Nowadays, many people visit social media and on line forums or blogs. Usually on line users will like to contribute their thoughts or opinions on  issues that being discussed. Can we on line users express our views freely? We ought to think that freedom of anythings, will these bring troubles to us? Yes, anyone can be in troubles if his comments or remarks that create hatred or personal attack or giving threatening words will be dwelt with if it against the law. So, freedom not means you can anyhow say or act anyhow because there is law existing. So, we all have to adopt the cautious and responsible manner while giving our thoughts or comments on line.
Why on line discipline is very important?
We ought not to use vulgar languages or words that contain " hurting elements " while we are enjoying the processing of reading on line. We have to mindful at all time while we are on line. Remember our remarks can be easily pass on to many people in the short span of time. We will be regret later if we gave the extreme comments because we might be sued by someone. And then we have to pay the higher price for that. Sometimes we might go to the jail if we are charged in court and found guilty. This will affect our future life. For those who want to work in civil service later on, he is likely to be rejected because of the bad behavior.
So, it is always good to us and others if we can make rational comments but not making irrational or hurtful remarks on line. By now, you should know how imprtant the on line discipline, am I right?
This is my thought today for my own reading.

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