Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to live longer?

How to live longer? As the human being, it is not easy to live happily from the time we born until the day we pass away.
We see so many people can not ready die peacefully, some met with accidents, natural disasters, violence, protests, wars, kidnapping. Some are willing to die because of some belief that they can go heaven by doing some kinds of " holy acts", usually involving killing people out of hatred and selfishness.
So, you see human beings sometimes create their own bad destinies and thinking that they are right.
How to live longer? We human beings living in this earth full of struggles and we all have many desires that blind us constantly until our last breath.
Luckily, I have the chance to learn something to ready having peaceful life. It is not so difficult to have peaceful life if we can sort it out from our entangled mind. We use our conscious through our six senses and develop our own set of mindset. This mindset ultimately will decide our destinies in this earth. Whatever actions, thoughts are stored inside our sub-conscious mind and it will strengthen our next moves. That's why the importance of using our six senses is so important. People of wisdom know how to filter all information and absorb the good one. They know how to prevent miseries by doing all the good things and prevent misfortunes fall to them.
We can not live alone in this earth because this is the interdependent world. We become human beings because of many factors combined together. Everything exist in this world have the reasons.
How to live longer?
We know killing, stealing, having sex, telling lies, drinking alcohols are the things that highly spiritual people wouldn't do because saints know the importance of curbing all these desires to go back to the origin.     
If we have the mindset willing to go back to the origin, we will be blessed. So now you know how to live longer? Basically we have to get rid of greed, hatred towards the mind of orgin.

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