Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time to wake up

Time to wake up.This is the post to remind me to wake up. I had been having the long deep sleep recently. When I mention " long and deep sleep ". I mean I was in the state of confusion and I need to wake up now.
Although I had been quite awake in the past, but I slowly fall into confusion and now I need to wake up one more time.
Life sometimes is unpredictable, we can not assume that every things will be gone smoothly. Yes, Time to wake up.
Time to wake up. The more you want to change for the better, the more obstacles will come to test you. Sometimes the negative forces were so strong that you will slowly dance with the negative forces without ready noticing it.
Luckily there are always someone who will advise us when we were astray for a while. Life is the journey, we ought to learn from all setbacks and obstacles.
Please do not give up, we ought to be strong so that we can ready live happily. This post is specially dedicated to you-the hero.

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