Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good bus captain

Taking bus home sometimes can be the happy journey.  Yesterday morning, I took SBS Bus no. 174, I felt so happy on the bus. The driver or so call Bus captain was so caring, friendly and passionate. He is the Indian driver around 40years old. When you go to the bus, he will greet you" Good morning ", he greets every passenger. When passengers go down, he will say:" Have the nice day, bye bye." When the weak old man or woman go up the bus, he will wait until he get seated then moves the bus. He pass by every bus stop to see any passenger need the bus service. He indeed the good bus captain.
This type of caring, courteous bus captain, I think we need more. When the bus reaches Interchange, he will stand up and say to all passengers " have the nice day ". The bus captain make every passengers happy and of course he also feel happy.
Thanks Mr. Good Bus Captain.  Note: Encounter date 25-11-2012, time around 0800hrs to 0840 hrs, SBS BUS NOS : SBS8203E, 40 YEARS OLD Indian DRIVER.

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