Sunday, March 7, 2010

Harmony starts from me

If you want to have truly peaceful life, then we should ponder these few things?
Do you always angry why people treating you badly?
Do you always dislike people most of the time?
Do you always worry many things even trivial things?
Do you always thinking of having lots of money but using immoral ways?
Do you always want to show off that you have much money, branded cars, branded clothes?
Do you always jealous about others better than you?
Do you always want to take revenge if people treat you badly?
Do you always drink beers, going home in late night?
Do you always thinking having more lovers are the beautiful things in life?
Do you always chasing all types of enjoyment like going to night clubs?
Do you always neglect your parents, husband/wife, children and family?
My friends, having peaceful life can only be achieved if we have harmony within ourselves.
Harmony starts from me.
Let's ponder about all these for a while.
Do you have the peaceful life?


nothingprofound said...

William-These are all good things to ponder if one wishes to live a peaceful and happy life.

jaruwan said...

So enjoy to read your articles,i like its.