Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good media director

Mr.Lee is the good media director, he was very worried because media rarely produce good programs that can lead people to the path of brightness but the opposite. Why? It was because the media producers only concern about size of the audiences. The producers just want to attract more advertiser. They concern only profits but they have already cross over the minimum moral standard. Mr.Lee said that there was only one TV station purely provide good programs in China.
In order to spread the goodness, he started the family program called " Parents under the sky " in year 2004. He wanted to promote " filial " because filial is the root of morals that can prevent people going to the wrong ways. Many teenagers are influenced by bad or tempting programs that prevalent in most of the countries.
Surprising the program " parents under the sky " attracted so many audiences that he never expected. His original plan was targeted to those ages between 40 years old to 60 years old. But he had received so many letters from the teenagers and young people. They expressed the appreciation that these type of programme ready touching them. Many people started to take care and love their parents after viewing these type of program.
This was indeed the positive development since then.
In March 2007, the government published the whole page-promoting traditional good value, take care of parents on People daily. This was one of the breakthrough in government policies.
My friends, I personally had seen these programs and found that there were so many touching scene and I would like to share the stories in my future posts.


umihoney said...

Agree with you.A good TV program brings good value into our living room where we sit together as family.Look forward to read more from you.

coolingstar9 said...

You are right. Good TV program can give us positive thought and leads us to the path of brightness.
Hope that more good program on TV.
Have the beautiful day.