Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Comparison between John Chow ,xiaxue's site and coolingstar9's blog site

When you go to shopping centre packed with crowd, you know that this shopping centre has a good business. on the other hand, if you go to newly-built shopping centre, there is not many people there.
Similarly, John Chow and Xiaxue's site have already established quite sometimes, many people visit their site daily and the " Hit " is high whereas Coolingstar9's site is newly blog site which has only few " Hit " daily.
John Chow and Xiaxue's site have lots of advertisement but Coolingstar9's blog site has zero advertisement other than a few short blogs. So, If you are a businessman, which site you like to place your advertisement, the answer is obvious.
I make such a comparision just want to illustrate how important the internet traffic can affect your business. of course, I will do my best to write more quality blogs. Thanks for reading, see you on the top in terms of determination, character and success.


Grace said...

Just be yourself, my friend. Dont make comparisons. We read your blog because of you. :) Persistence + Consistency + Determination = SUCCESS

Grace said...

Hi. You should not make comparisons. You are you. I read your blog cos of you. Just be consistent and determined to do what you like and are passionate about. You will get there too. Go for it, my friend.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for your good advices, It is true that we just do it with passion, do not make unnecessary comparision. merry christmas to Grace, I look forward to your continued support.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Coolingstar9, don't worry so much about the traffic to your blog. I like your blog and I will come back again. Cheers my friend!

coolingstar9 said...

billy's mom,
thanks for reading my blogs, I will continue to write, Merry christmas to you.