Friday, January 25, 2013

Why some actor, actress die so early?

Why some actor, actress die so early? It is because of their bad action, In Buddhism term called bad karma. These actors, actress acted films promoting violence, sex, unhealthy acts will not only affect their destinies-die early. They also influence audiences badly through their bad films. Earning these type of dirty money is ready bad and the bad luck will follow.
In Buddhism, we all have to responsible for all our action. The cause and effect is the truth, all can not escape. We all have to face retribution sooner or later.
I saw many getia singers who performed dirty acts, talk dirty words, sing dirty songs mostly had the miseries either died during the performance or after performance.
This is the great reminder. We ought to have healthy life so that we can live longer. We need to repent whatever bad things we have done in the past and stop doing this again. If we can accept the healthy way of living, we can have better life.

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