Friday, January 25, 2013

Singapore Buddhist Lodge distribute Hong Bao to needy

Singapore Buddhist Lodge distributed $702,710 to 11,694 needy senior citizens and the disabled on Yesterday, up from the $675,590 given out last year.Singapore Buddhist Lodge is one of the organization always like to do charity works. Singapore Buddhist Lodge helped needy regardless of race, language and religion. Singapore Buddhist Lodge has many members, it has library for Buddhists to read books about Buddhism. Singapore Buddhist Lodge also organize religious talk about Buddhism frequently. This is the one of the ideal place for Buddhist to learn Buddhism.
The amount of money distributed for this year's Chinese New Year makes it the highest amount so far, since the Lodge started the hong bao distribution in 1949.
Elderly folk under the public assistance scheme received $200 in their red packets this year, an increase from $180 per packet in 2012. In addition, Singapore Buddhist Lodge Welfare Foundation also donated $60,000 to National Kidney Foundation for transport allowance for their needy patients.
Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Mr Chan Chun Sing was the guest of honur at the ceremony and cheque presentation.

Singapore has so many organization like to do charity works and many Singaporeans always very generous when someone need help. Singaporeans are the very kind one indeed. I hope all Singaporeans can help each others, rich help poor and make Singapore the warm place to live. No conflict, no protest, solve all problems through peaceful means.... 

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