Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I listen to Master Chin Kung Budda talk

Today I listen to Master Chin Kung live talk 2012淨土大經科註 第334集, it ready enlighten me, In this talk Master Chin Kung mentioned that the real disaster  is no chance to hear Buddha teaching. Master Chin Kung mentioned eight disasters that block us to learn Buddha teaching, for example those worldly intelligent and those who have quite wit to argue one, they themselves never realize the need to learn Buddha teaching. For those people who always act like scientists want proof then it is difficult for them to benefit of learning Buddha education. For learning Buddha education, we need to believe what Buddha's wisdom. That wisdom is different from worldly intelligence or knowledge. Master Chin Kung mentioned about the science quantum theorem that discovery proved that what Buddha talk was correct... Buddha mentioned all materials are indeed empty, scientists had discovered that mind set  or mind vibration create materials, so mind set is very important for our destinies. Master Chin Kung said that we have so many thoughts within a second and the thoughts will affect so many things, how can we know that? even the old film projector running movie, s second needs 24 film, we then thought that it was so real. How about we just put one film and blacken the other 23 films, we can only see a light bit we do not see clearly that one film.

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