Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vesak day on 24 May 2013

Vesak day is on 24 May 2013. When We see the Buddha image, we feel relaxed because of his cool image, stable image. Some people who do not know about Buddhism, they say " wow, Buddhists are praying wood, idol...". When you are hearing this, you must stay cool because these people totally have zero knowledge about Buddha and Buddhism, The Buddha image are everywhere in this world, when we see the Buddha image, it remind us to be like Buddha. Buddha never told people to worship idols. He constantly told us to let go all desires through many lectures. Because human beings were not same intelligence, so Buddha gave a lot of illustration so that they can understand better. Some people are so stupid that they think Buddha want to eat fruits like apples, etc or they think Buddha wants to drink water. actually Buddha don't need all these, offering fruits to Buddha is to remind ourselves causes and effects, we plant bad seeds, we will get bad fruits ( retribution or outcome good or bad ". Why Buddhists offer plain or pure water is simply to remind Buddhists to be as pure, as clean as water, to get rid of greed, hatred.and stupidity. Buddha teachings are so useful in this world at this moment. If we are not killing, then we are all healthy. Buddha said" do not give fear to animals, we will healthy." Buddhists adopt different methods to attain enlightenment. We all need to have right thoughts, right livelihood, we need to do all good deeds. This is the teaching that wants us to gradually or totally in pureness. I am very happy to have the chance to learn Buddhism. This is the peaceful teaching, compassionate ways of living.....harmony with all. And one important message is all are one, we are all have inborn wisdom. Even animals also got hope already.

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