Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time to change for the better

Time to change for the better. Think for a moment, do you want to continue the soulless life or you want to have the mind of origin. Life is ready short, we ready do not know when we will leave this world. Frankly speaking, it is not easy to leave this world peacefully without any sickness, any accidents, any misfortunes like encountering all types of natural disasters earthquakes, cyclone, tsunami etc.
But We can change our destinies if we want to make it happened in good ways. Yes, mindset can ready make our life changed. Many people can not change their destinies because they do not want to change their mindset and then they are just like the dried leaves flowing away from the strong current.
I now realize the significance of changing our life to be better. With the purer and clearer mind, we can enjoy the blissful life in this earth.
We need not indulge on all types of desires yet we can feel internal joy. This type of enjoyment is not physical excitement like drinking bears, foul around with opposite sex, or traveling here and there, we just need to have awaken mind then we can gradually attain the true happiness.   
We need not be the bad people to enjoy the worldly short joy. We adopt the opposite and normal ways to enjoy the life in the positive manner.
We need to be the different and not following the crowd. Through the life experiences and the advice of good and model teachers, I finally move towards the gate of true happiness.
Do not miss the chance to have the true happiness now, I mean in this moment. Namoamituofo to all of you. Wish all of you have the pure mind, clear mind and then peacefully go to the pure land-beyond heaven the land that fill with only goodness.

 If you happen to see this post, ask you a question? Do you like this post? Do you hate this post? Do you feel comfortable with this post? Do you feel angry with me? Please tell me,thanks.

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