Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy new year to all souls

We happen to born in this world at this time. We are born  with six senses, some lacking one or two or more senses.
We can feel the pain, we have emotion because we are " feeling beings". How about other feeling beings like cats, dogs or other one.
Yes, higher feeling beings can take care some other feeling beings like cats. But many many feeling beings are being killed , tortured, eaten by higher feeling beings-human. The destinies of feeling beings are different but all have feelings.
If we care their feeling, then our feeling will be taken care of. If we do not care for their feelings then we will face the same fates as them.
In this lunar new year, as the high feeling being, I wish all lowest class feeling beings can be taken care of, at least they can live without being killed, eaten but many of them will have to pay their prices either being killed or eaten. We can not help and only can wish them move to the higher feeling beings and finally back to the original state=the state that all beings are free from agonies.
I now say again:" Happy new year to all souls." Yes, all souls are equal, we are lucky that we are human beings. Because we are human beings, we have the choice to care for those lowest feeling beings like all type of animals....
Thanks, Buddha had taught us the peaceful ways, the truly compassionate ways, selfless ways. I know by following these ways, I will be ready be saved. Action tell thousands words.
Time to clear all unnecessary desires, do the right job, follow the eight path recommended by Buddha.

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