Monday, January 21, 2013

Desmond Lim the ultimate loser in Punggol east by-election 2013

In this Punggol east by-election, we can learn something from all candidates. Let's talk about the veteran SDA candidate Desmond Lim, Can Desmond Lee get more than 4.5 percents of total votes. In the 2011 Singapore general election, there was three-corned fight, Mr. Lim got 4.5 percent of total votes in Punggol east SMC. 4.5 Percent was considered quite good for him from my point of view. Actually I predicted that he would get 1 percent, so my prediction was wrong.
How about this Punggol east by-election, Can Demond Lim secured his 4.5 percent strong votes, it is unlikely because this is the four cornered fight, I predicted that Desmond Lee will get less than 4.5 percent and I think he will get about 1.5 percent of total votes, he wouldn't so lucky to get 4.5 percent as last general election. This time there is one more party slightly better than SDA''s. Amongst all the four candidates, Desmond Lee is the last choice because majority of voters will not vote for him simply because he is the confirmed loser based on his track record in his longest political work. If I am not wrong he was already in politics more than 15 years.
Why more voters do not want to vote for Desmond Lee because of the following:
Dsemond Lim does not have the charm as political guy from my personal view . Although he was creative or innovative in certain things like using van with his photo, hand phone nos but why all these could not translate it to the victory or more votes?.I think he is more suitable to be the salesman rather than being the MP.
Desmond Lee just like the ox but he is wasting his time and efforts because he will be the confirmed loser based on his past performances in GE2006, GE2011. Why he wants to waste the deposit? But We all have to respect his decision because of democracy process, anybody can contest as long as you are the citizen.
Although he was having the most propaganda from the local newspaper in GE2011, But all these could not help him much. I think the negative impact from the conflict with the respectable Chiam See Tong cost him much. Desmond Lim should have established the harmonious relationship with the legend Chiam See Tong. Desmond Lee made the wrong move not only cost his own political life. If he could helped Chiam See Tong in GE2011, He would possibly the winner in the future.
If he can change the mindset and adopt this mindset  the unity of opposition parties. Then he has the chance to win next time, unfortunately he has no such mindset. In this aspect, Mr. Chee is more rational. Unlike Mr. Chee, Desmond Lim said he is going to check on PAP and WP in the parliament if he is elected. Is this the joke? I think he has to adopt the above-mentioned mindset-unity of opposition parties and build up his own party first. How come we only see a group of youngster? How about the SDA members or SJT members?
I have to say he is not only losing his election deposit this time and many times.

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