Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to prevent people become terrorists?

 Let's slowly find the ways how to prevent people become terrorists? 
The word " Terrorist " was quite frequently after September 11 year 2000. Whenever I heard about terrorist news on newspapers, I felt extremely sad for terrorists and those  whom they injured or killed. I am totally disagreed with all sorts of terrorist attacks. How can we human being in this 21th century doing such barbaric acts. It is unimaginable that such cruel acts still being carried out daily in different part of the world. Can we do something to prevent these type of uncivil acts occurred or reduced it to minimum? How to prevent people become terrorists? 
In order to make the world suitable for living, we need to have peaceful environment as soon as possible.
I think every country must ready play the part to make the non-terrorists mission become reality. Can it be done? The answer is yes.
Firstly leaders must show good examples----Leaders in every country must have the non-cruel mindset in the first place.
Secondly----Every country must have the sound education system then can instill the non-terrorists and harmony programs in the school curriculum.
Thirdly----Country leaders must treat all people equally regardless race, language and religion.
Fourthly---Interaction among different group is important.
Do you have any ideas how to prevent people to become terrorists? please share it out and I will add it here for terrorists to see, may be they can change their mind.
Thanks for reading. As the individual we can help to promote harmony in our district, our village, our school, our factory, every organization and everywhere. 

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