Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pure mind is my way of life

When we become older and older, sometime we will think back? What is the purpose of life? What need to be prepared to leave this world? Is it every things gone after death? Actually We can only know the real facts after death but I sense it there will be the continuity after death.
I am learning all religions. I filter it and adsorb all the good vitamins. I combine all this vitamins and I am learning the five important elements.
Firstly no stealing----It can reduce our greed level towards zero.
Secondly no improper sex--Stick to your wife faithfully if you are married.
Thirdly--no violence towards animals. This is the very important element that many people have ignored it. I suddenly wake up recently that I must stop the violent element because the
retribution can be imminent, we can not take lightly/
Many more.....like honestly, sincerity etc.
In conclusion : Towards pure mind and then go pure land. And then come back to this earth to bring all of you there.
When I am free I just say Namoamituofo, Namoamituofo......that's it. It is so simple.

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