Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Healthy life style

Healthy life style is what we all have to adopt. It is so easy to adopt healthy life style if you mindset is right. Your childhood background can affect your later life. Once your mindset was abnormal, it needs very long time to adjust. You can only adjust if you encounter lots of obstacles. I wish all of you can adopt healthy life style, please do not do the following bad things.
Every day we read newspapers, there are always some similar news. We always hear about bad news. Let us see what type of bad news almost we can see daily.
Stealing, corruption, robbing all these are because of greed. Stealing can lead us being charged in the court fined or jailed or even canning. Why these people taking risks in doing all these bad things because they thought that they could be escaped. But some of them were caught immediately or sometimes later. Because of the greedy mindset, they are probably doing other bad things as well.
Molesting or raping or bullying someone, for molesting they were doing these for their lusts. These type of immoral acts will lead them to the prison for a long time because they are posing bigger threat to the society. Their life will be miserable and bring shames to the whole family, how can they take good care of their family?
Killing or bullying cats, dogs or other animals. These type of people have no sympathy and have zero kindness to animals. Can we expect them to be kind to other human beings?
Those who always go to night clubs, bar mostly are not moral people. These people mostly are hooligans, unhealthy mindset.
I hope you are not this type of person. Yes, I want to be the truly good person and a person who has healthy life style.. Can you say this out loudly? clear away all your evil, cruel mindset, clear away your arrogant mindset. Remember we have to leave the world peaceful and lightly. We have to leave this world smilingly.

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