Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two kinds of birth in the Pure Land

Two kinds of birth in the Pure Land [42] Then the Buddha said to Ananda and the Bodhisattva Maitreya, "Have you seen that land filled with excellent and glorious manifestations, all spontaneously produced, from the ground to the Heaven of Pure Abode?"
Ananda replied, "Yes, I have."
The Buddha asked, "Have you also heard the great voice of Amitabha expound the Dharma to all the worlds, guiding sentient beings to the Way of the Buddha?"
Ananda replied, "Yes, I have."
The Buddha further asked, "Have you also seen the inhabitants of that land move freely, riding in seven-jewelled airborne palaces as large as a hundred thousand yojanas, to worship the Buddhas of the lands in the ten quarters?"
"Yes, I have," replied Ananda.
"Have you also seen that some of the inhabitants are in the embryonic state?"
"Yes, I have. Those in the embryonic state dwell in palaces as high as a hundred yojanas or five hundred yojanas, where they spontaneously enjoy pleasures as do those in the Heaven of the Thirty-three Gods."

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