Friday, November 16, 2012

Change our fate

 Healthy life is so important if we want to live happily without any misfortunes. How to have healthy life? Please read all the posts from now on.
Fate is the outcome of the past. Do not let the past control us. We can change it by doing all kinds of good things with sincerity. Always keep our mind pure and free from cunning mindset, we will be the truly happy person. Obstacles are bound to have, please do not scare and this is the testing to see how good, how patient we are. Life is ready short, time to rethink our goal. We all have to prepare for our next journey. How to prepare? Stop all the worldly desires because this desires can not help us to go to the peaceful world after death. Free from all unwanted thoughts, comparison , we will be peaceful. Please rethink and go towards the path of harmony.

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