Monday, July 18, 2011


Our life are ready short, not everybody can live smoothly throughout the whole life. Some of us die early or encounter different type of misfortunes or accidents,etc.
That's why life is precious, we have to face the life with wisdom. Without wisdom, we all will lose the direction somehow.
I like to learn different thoughts. Some ancient thoughts were ready useful in our daily life. So far, I had learned about China culture like Confucius teaching, Taoism and also different religious teaching like Islam, Christianity etc etc and I found all are good. It cater the different needs of human beings. And now I am learning Buddhism which is popular in eastern Asia.
All these three philosophies are very useful to human beings regardless what your background.
About Buddhism, I find it very interesting and I am very glad to have the rare opportunities to learn from someone who have proper understanding of that.
Wow, it is all heart matters. We want to have good life, we need to do good deeds, that's it. It is so simple that many people just don't bother to think it further. It tell us the reality of life and tell us we are the master of our life. It is the education and actually is not religion. Why? Religion normally associated with God. Buddhism never mention God but it mention the nature that we all have the original pure heart. We can get that pure heart back by cultivating it.
I will spend sometime to study this profound teaching. Nobody will understand its wisdom unless we are ready study it. I will discuss it in my next posts. After learning few chapters, we have more compassionate. I have no hatred towards anybody. This is one of the great gain. Do you still compare this and that and full of attachment. In flat, Buddhism tell us to get rid of Buddhism teaching and all attachment in the end. It is just like medicine.
Wish all of you truly happy and free from all worries from now onwards.

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Umihoney said...

Hi dear friend,

Hope you are well and happy. Its indeed true that wisdom should always prevail in all our actions and decisions. One may grow older but never attain wisdom.

Thank you for sharing. Take care of yrself my friend.