Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good government

My dear friends, I have not seen newspapers and television for quite sometimes. Last week a Muslim told me that Middle east had some unusual news.
First, Tunisia veteran president was down.
Second, Egypt people wanted their president to quit the so years post.
Third, Yemen had some protest as well.
Today, I hear that Jordan king had sacked the government.
Syria have some protest as well.
My friends, suddenly the fire was spreading. These existing government are all in shaky position.
My friends, do you know why people want their government changed?
People want good government.
Do you know what actually is good government?
Do you have good government?
Please share your view, thanks.


mc said...

A good government is one that you can kick out reasonably easily and who is able to take criticism on the chin.

Beth said...

I personally find this interesting. Where is this sudden need to protest? What really causes a social political revolution like this? I mean I really curious. I am assuming that this governments, why the might not be "good" they were definitely stable if not, they probably would not have existed until now. The Government of Belize (GOB) is not stable, and it is always changing, besides it is relatively new, but Belizean do not protest to this degree. I just wonder why? What really causes protest? It is not conditions I am sure... it is something that causes people to be dissatisfied with their conditions. I am not sure if what that really means though.

When you find out, let me know my friend!