Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Confucius statue in Tiananmen

CHINA has unveiled the 7.9-metre-tall statue of Confucius on Tienanmen Square. This is the good sign because China people have the chance to learn the ancient philosopher's valuable teachings again. China people had no chance to learn this traditional values for decades. It had created lots of social problems because people did not know what were right and wrong. The teachings of China's most popular philosopher Confucius, who was born in 551 BC, centred on peace, harmony and each citizen's duty to respect their superiors. But the teachings were denounced and banned under Mao's times , particularly during the icon-smashing years of the radical Cultural Revolution 1966 to 1976 ( the most darkest years in recent history of China ). The current government realise the importance of Confucius teachings can solve many social problems. Last year, I had written about Confucius teachings like love parents, love brothers and sisters, ways to be the normal person, the feed backs were good. I hope China can continue this good move. I believe if China can adopt this moral teachings, China people' life will become better and better. What is your view?


nothingprofound said...

Time will tell, I suppose, whether this is just a symbolic gesture or has any real influence on people's behavior.

coolingstar9 said...

In recent years in China, there are some voluntary educationists passionately spreading Confucius's teaching.
This is the right move to inject " elements of harmony " in the societies.
With these, We hope more upright people and less evil-minded people (like those in the milk incidents few years ago ).
China had neglected the " positive teaching " for at least 100 year."
This is the final chance. If not, China will slowly become ' usa ", that's the end of China.

yun yi said...

I take this differently from your view. The revival of Confucianism is absolutely what Communist government wants, because government like to make people feel they are living in a harmony like under communist rule.
The "harmony" Confucius wanted to have thousands years ago was essentially the same as modern China - the "harmony" built on sacrifice of individual freedom.
The statue of Confucius in Tian An Men square is an unfortunate sign of historical regression of China.

JaneneMurphy said...

My view is mixed. Confucius was a wise man who should be revered, yet yun yi raises an excellent point. Still, there is so much more to Confucius' teachings. Harmony does not always mean suppression. I'm hopeful for the best.