Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian

To prevent misfortunes, we must know the Description of Evil-Doers and do our best not to do that.
Let's us study the part six, the description of evil-doers. Remember try your best not to do all these to prevent misfortunes come to you.
Part six,
Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian said:
Nos 1:" There are some people whose behavior is unrighteous."
Nos 2:" Their deportment is irrational. In evil they delight."
My view:
In this world, some people always have the evil mindset, they always like to do immoral things that we can read all their nonsenses in daily newspapers.
These people think that they have high capabilities after doing all the evil things. I see so many people had eaten their own fruits. These people indeed were the most pitiful people, they had never realize that every action has the reaction. Because of that, they do what they like but finally they are the own have to face the music and have the great suffering.
The great reminder is to adopt the mindset of righteousness.
Do you have anything to say about nos 1 and 2?

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