Sunday, December 12, 2010

Situation study one

On 13-12-2010 at about 1020hrs, Mr. Push, one of the operation executives of security agency firm- Superman agency guard services, called Mr. Cool that the auditor was proceeding to the site for security audit in half an hour. Mr. Cool is the assistant security supervisor working in the commercial building. This commercial building is using Superman agency guards to guard the building.
Mr. Push told Mr. Cool to get preparation on that audit check. Mr. Cool did not know about audit check because he had never encountered before. On that day happened that security supervisor was on leave, the in charge on that day was Mr.Cool.
Let's see one interesting thing happened on that day.
Everyday there are many visitors come to the commercial building. There are some consultants always come to the buliding for some specific project either for short term or long term basis.
A consultant firm B company has about 10 consultants. Every times when they want to go to their office to work, they need to go to the security counter. Security need to issue consultant pass to them.At about 1050hrs, the auditor Mr. Cunn came to visit the building. The auditor asked Mr. Cool how you verify the consultant. Mr. Cool said:" we will check their identification paper before we issue consultant pass to them."
Take note: As the matter of fact, most of the time security just ask the consultants:" what is your pass nos and then issue the pass to them. Because security officers are too familiar with them, security officers never counter check their identification papers.
One that day, a lady consultant approached Mr. Cool for the consultant pass. Because of the auditor near the security counter, so Mr. Cool asked the consultant:" Could you show me your identification paper? The consultant Miss Alice said:" How come you ask for my ID, all the while security officers never ask me.'
Miss Alice gave her ID unwillingly and continued saying:" I am using my colleague's pass for a long time.
Mr. Cool felt surprisingly and wondering. Mr. Cool saw the ID and issued the pass to her.
Miss Alice talks were overheard by the auditor Mr. Cunn.
After Miss Alice was issued the pass and went to the office. The auditor asked Mr. Cool :" How come you are doing such a thing, she is using other colleague's consultant pass, you just simply issue to her. And She said that all the while your never check their Identification paper?.
Mr. Cool was in a daze and did not know why Miss Alice saying this. The auditor told Mr. Cool please do not do this thing again.
After the auditor left the building, Mr. Cool told his security colleague:" Fxxxing hxx, this lady consultant just stupid, she should know there might be some reasons that I wanted to check her ID. She should talk properly when someone beside me. I know we never check on them because we know they are regular but I have to check her because the auditor is here.
His colleague told Mr. Cool :" Next time you need to talk to them if we wanted to check their ID, they should co-operate and just give their ID because auditors might be checking any moment.
Mr. Cool was in angry state.
In the evening, when Miss Alice was returning the consultant pass. Mr. Cool talked to Miss Alice:" How come just now you mention that you are using your colleague pass. You make people confusing, do you know that the person who besides me was the auditor just now."
Miss Alice:" I did not know he was the auditor and I was telling the fact that I was surprised that you were checking my ID Because you never check before."
Mr. Cool:" Alice, We have the right to check your ID."
Miss Alice said:" That means you are going to check on me other day?
Mr. Cool:" I am telling you if security officers ask for your ID, you just give to them, no need to talk more, why just now you were mentioning you are using other people's pass, you are confusing our auditor. your pass nos and your name are in this form, you are the one who is allowed to use the pass. why you were saying that you are using other people's pass. the auditors thought that we simply never check at all"
Miss Alice:" sorry for the inconveniences, do you want me to explain to your auditor?"
Mr. Cool:" No need."

For additional information:
In flat , Miss Alice has her own pass for example pass 1112. She mentioned that her pass 1112 previously was belong to her workmate. Mr. B. For few months the pass nos is designated to Miss Alice.
But her saying ( when the auditor there near security counter )made auditor confusing that security anyhow issue the pass. In flat, security was issuing the right pass 1112. Pass no 1112 and her name Alice is in the consultant pass form.
In short, Miss Alice saying ready confused the auditor and security Mr. Cool. that's why Mr. Cool lost his coolness.
My friends, do you think Mr. Cool (A) right or Miss Alice right?
What is your view?
In my next post, I will tell you the next development, let's wait and see.
Did Security supervisor blame Mr. Cool?
How Mr. explained to his supervisor?
How the auditor going to feedback what he had observed to the superman security agency firm's manager?


nothingprofound said...

Alice should get her own pass, and that would prevent any further misunderstanding in the future.

Janene Murphy said...

I don't think you can assign blame to either person. In many security situations, people on both sides do get lax about rules when they have an established relationship. Still, Alice should know that she could be asked at any time for an I.D. If she knew that the guard was asking for it because one of his bosses was looking over his shoulder, I think it was rude for her to put up a fuss.

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