Monday, December 20, 2010

High qualification but poor character

The scholar Mr. Wong expelled from the university because he had been found guilty of owning child pornography videos. His gross misconduct led him losing the scholarship as well. He suppose to be the teacher after graduation.
He had also been sentenced to six months' imprisonment by the UK court. He has also been disqualified from working with children.
This 23years old is not suitable for teaching kids because he never show good examples.
Nowadays, people with high qualification not necessarily they are people of good character unlike ancient time.
What is your view?

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Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think there is any corroboration between character and qualifications.
The UK worst ever serial killer, Harold Shipman, was a family Doctor.
As for the story you quote, my experience is that people who want to abuse will do whatever it takes to get them into a position where they have unbridled access to whichever group they wish to abuse. If that requires them achieving qualifications, that is what they will do. Look at the Catholic church - 7 years in a seminary doesn't give you good character.
At every time in history there are people who are insiduously malevolent, I don't think it is any worse today. We are just more aware because of the media coverage.