Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everybody has good nature

Part one- we all have good nature
Although there are different view on human nature. I believe everybody has the good nature.
Once we are born, we are like blank paper. Our brain start to absorb new things. Especially before 3 years old, the absorbing and memory power are extremely strong. Some wise parents will instill good values to them, this is ready the smart move.
Although everybody has the good nature but kids can learn habits easily when they are young. Good habits or bad habits decide their future.
When we open newspaper everyday, we can see so many people committing a lot of crimes because they have no strong foundation on moral parts, that's why they have to suffer from their own bad deeds.
If we parents never teach them properly, then we should not have kids at all. What is your view?
Part 2- Clear away illusions
Last post, I have mentioned that I was the 3 years old blogger. I have the wild thought then. I thought to stop blogging unless I have 100 comments on my last post.
Mr. konwayeast jokingly said:" That sounds like blackmail! I love it! Age ain't nothing but a number. COOLINGSTAR9 has the knowledge of a man with blog experience of a million years." At that time I thought :" Since I want to celebrate the 3rd years of blogging, then I have to wait until the dream come true. I have to keep my promise that I only can continue writing once I have received total of 100 comments on my last post- title- stop stealing."
Very soon, a blogger friend gave me some tips, he said:" coolingstar9, you know, you don"t have to get 100 comments to be a worthy blogger cs9"
Hearing that, I instantly realise this was my illusion. I immediately drop the idea and now I am feeling so relaxed.
Let go is the secret of happiness. What is your view?


nothingprofound said...

"Let go is the secret of happiness." A valuable lesson to learn.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, let go all illusions are so important.