Sunday, August 1, 2010

Singapore national day 2010

Wow, time is running very fast, Singapore national day is coming soon on 9-8-2010, this is the 45Th anniversary.
These few weeks, I can see many planes flying on the sky. Many residents are putting national flags to celebrate.
Looking back, the small island went through so many struggles yet we still can survive. This is because of the hard work of both government and all residents in Singapore. In year 1965, we were separated from Malaysia, at that time many countries doubted whether Singapore could survive or not. The then prime minister said:" We will survive."
The undaunted mindset of the leaders and the diligence of residents are the main factor why Singapore can survive until now.
Although Singapore has no natural resources but we have manpower resources. Singapore is now the corruption free country. We always take risks and try new things and go globally with high confidence.
I appreciate all these and would like to contribute to my country. I just do my part doing my job properly.


Funkkeejooce said...

You must be proud of what your nation has achieved. There are a lot of leassons to be learned from countries that do well. Corruption is one of the most common diseases that is prevalent in most goverments specially in third world countries. If we could eliminate corruption and warfare and concentrate on human welfare, what a better world we would have. Wish you a Happy National Day!

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, I am ready proud of all achievement in Singapore. Corruption-free is so important for the country.
Also, all people live in harmony is also very important. With the stable political environment, all can live in peace and enjoy the happier life.
For me, I am happy living here.
Thanks for your wish. Wishing you always happy, healthy body and mind.
From: coolingstar9

* Michael * said...

Yes, National Day is coming. Wishing you an enjoyable National Day too!

There are some places and things to do during this long 3day weekend:

Dun miss the magnificent firework display:

And the National Day Parade:

coolingstar9 said...

I wish you always happy, healthy.
May all good things come to you.

Jimmy Ng said...

What if Sabah and Sarawak also break away from Malaysia and follow after Singapore footsteps, it'll be an entirely different chapter altogether.

Singapore has progressed tremendously due to the commitments and great leadership of Lee Kuan Yew. With that I salute Singapore.