Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you always pass the test?

All of you are blogger or readers and I believe some of you always pass the test, examination from primary school until university. Some of you had failed one subject or more subjects during your schooling years.
Why made you fail the subject? either you never study, can't understand,etc. But teachers surely gave your the scheduled date for test or examination. So, we all had ample time to prepare. With concentration and ample time to prepare, we could pass the test.
My friends, in our daily life especially now we are all adults. There are many tests for us at any time. This means we do not know the scheduled date/time for test.
Do you pass the following tests daily?
1. Anger management test.
2. Free from greed test.
3. Free from temptations test.
4. Moral test.
My friends, if we never prepare, more likely we will fail the above tests. If you want to live happily, we have to pass this tests daily?
What is your view?


bluedreamer27 said...

hi coolingstar, thanks fro visiting me again in my blog, it's been a long time

bluedreamer27 said...

hmmm among all the test you have mentioned i think i can pass the "Free From Greed" and Moral test.

Anger and temptations are totally uncontrollable though, with the right attitude, you can prevent your self from anger and temptation

thanks for sharing this coolingstar
hope to see you again in my blog!
have a great day and happy blogging

Larry Clark said...

Since I am not perfect I rarely pass the daily tests of life. I do not believe God expects me to be perfect and pass every test of life but I do believe He wants me to continue to try. I have found the more I rely on the Holy Spirit the more I pass those tests. So it is not even my own trying that makes the grade, the glory goes to God.

coolingstar9 said...

Frankly speaking, I have spent more time on other matters recently.
Glad to know that you can pass the "Free From Greed" and Moral test.
For Anger and temptations, I think we have to understand the need to overcome it. Then, we should not gradually change it or reduce it.
We all can make the difference. Happy blogging and see you again.

coolingstar9 said...

I make some correction.
" For Anger and temptations...we should not gradually change it or reduce it."
" For Anger and temptations... we should gradually change it or reduce it."

Jimmy Ng said...

Larry Clark quote:
"I do not believe God expects me to be perfect and pass every test of life but I do believe He wants me to continue to try."

Nobody is perfect in this world else he/she should be in heaven. I think our existence in this world serves as our refinery processes. Just like Gold needs to be refined to be at its purest condition. Likewise the trials and tribulations that we received are the refinery process that we're going through. So to be a good person or to be a bad person, the choice is in our hands. Be truthful to your conscience. So, which test you want to pass is your personal choice. If you can pass all the better.

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