Monday, February 8, 2010

Lead the children but not controling them

Chinese lunar new year is around the corner. I wish all of you have the prosperous new year2010.
I like to share with you how the good teacher giving unconditional love.
Mr.Ong is the teacher with true compassion.He shows the very good examples to his students. As the teacher, he behaves like the teacher.
He knows very well that this is his responsibility to educate children well. He leads the students towards the path of brightness. He not only teach them the knowledge but also how to be the moral people so that they know what is wrong and right. He is leading them but not controlling them.
In year 2006, for some reasons he had the chance to attend the seminar about the traditional values and also learning the student guide. He was so happy because he now knew how to train his students to be the good students, good sons, good daughters.
The student guide provides Mr.Ong the ample knowledge so that he can learn and show live example to his students.
Today, I like to give you how Mr.Ong turns the criticising session into discussion.
One day, two primary students were fighting outside the classroom, a student quickly reported it to Mr.Ong. Mr.Ong arrived the site and observed that it was the small fighting and argument. Luckily both students were not injured. In order to let students understand and change the bad habit, he turned criticising them into discussion session. This self education ready worked well.
Mr.Ong led the two students to the classroom and let them voiced out whatever inside their mind. Mr.Ong listened to them attentively but he never scolded or canned them. After they voiced out what they had inside their mind, other students started talking.
At this moment, Mr.Ong asked both of them to analyze their faults. They took turn said:" If I never do that. we both wouldn't fight with each others."
After that, Mr.Ong told all students to take out the student guide from their bags. Mr.Ong told them to check which faults they were committing.
Wow, students were so focus and looked through the student guide. A student raised up his hand said:" I know, student guide's quote says-when siblings are careful with words and hold back hurtful comments, feelings of anger naturally die out."
The other student raised up her hand and said:" I know, student guide's quote says-when your body is hurt, your parents will be worried. If your virtues are compromised,your parents will feel ashamed."
One student said:" I know, student guide say-siblings who keep harmonious relationships among themselves are being dutiful to their parents."
My friends, through these discussion all students learn to treat each others like brothers and sisters. The Harmony surely will bring smile to the teachers. The students are treating teachers as their parents as well.
Mr.Ong had done the good job. Since then no fighting happened in that class.
My friends, if we are teacher, then we should be like Mr.Ong, caring ,loving. I think if every teacher like Mr.Ong, our students will be blessed. If we never lead them properly, one day these students will blame you for not teaching, guiding them.
Wow, Mr.Ong is ready the good teacher and I believe all students under him will appreciate his love forever. I salute Mr.Ong and all teacher like him.


QuaChee said...

hi coolingstar how are you? sorry ive not been blog hopping for a long time. btw yr blog has a lot of posts now! cool! :)

and btw, nice write up u did here. very good advise :)

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nothingprofound said...

No doubt. A good teacher, a kind teacher, can have an enormous impact on one's life.

Fatima Da aka Fatibony said...

Great post......I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework ~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"