Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good doctor

The medical advancement is developed greatly but many people seem like not healthy in this century. This shows that human beings facing lots of health hazard. Sometimes what we get the information about the health matters not necessarily be true.
Student guide say:" A truly virtuous person is greatly respected by others. He will not be afraid to speak the truth and he will not fawn on others."
Mr. Pang is such a good doctor. He is sharing his experiences about the health issues. He highlighted some critical medical problems as follow:
Nowadays, if we turn on television, we can see some advertisement showing half-naked photos or video. Many television programs talking about husband/wife having lovers and many sex-related issues with exposed photos or video. When we go to the shopping centres, we can see all types of advertisements showing ladies with improper dress. If we surf Internet, so many unhealthy site can lead children to the dangerous zones if they never cautious. Even the medical book also spreading that masturbation is not harmful to body.
All these confusing women/men relationship and discussion only bring harm to people and children. It seriously pollute children's mind and lead them to the dangerous path.
One of the Asia country has 1 million young people who can not work and become the useless people because of the bad influence-corrupted foreign culture.
Do these young generation have the bright future?
I will continue this in my next post.


Sam said...

How are you? I enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a great weekend ahead.

coolingstar9 said...

Appreciate that you enjoy reading my posts.
I am feeling great recently and I wish you always healthy and happy, I will visit your site to share my view soon.

umihoney said...

visiting you.great article.thank you for sharing.look forward to reading more.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for visiting. From now onwards, I would like to share somethings that can lift up people' spiritual level.
I like to see more people going to the bright path.
Best wishes to you and all your family members.

Ibn Hanif said...


I appreciate your post very much. I'm glad to see that someone is writing on health issues.


coolingstar9 said...

Ibn Hanif,
Thanks. Human beings are the blessed one. We have to do whatever we can to instil positive thoughts so that all negative or evil thoughts can be dilluted or disappeared. Especially in this socall high technology age, human beings' moral standard no up but down. This is the area that we have to ponder about and do not always believe " high technology " is good.