Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cultivation is very very important

My young brother visited my home during the lunar new year eve. He has four kids age between 13 years old to 5 years old. Out of these four kids, the 5 years old son makes him headache. It is because this kid is very playful most of the time. This 5 years kid is studying in kindergarten. The principal of the kindergarten told my younger brother that the kid was so naughty and the school has lost the patience and hope. The Principal said that this 5 years old kid always disturb other kids like kicking, extending his legs while kids walking. The principal advised my younger brother to send this naughty boy to other kindergarten.
Hearing this, I told him that I might be able to coach him. These two days, my younger brother sent his naughty kid to my home, I taught him for three hour each day.
How to teach this 5 years old kid? I revised the student guide and do some planning work and I hope I can instill some good values to the child. My training was as follows:
The first day, I took out the student guide and we recited the first chapter together. After that I told him the ancient filial story about the child who was very taken care of the mother. I asked questions related to the story and repeated the questions again and again. My intention is to let him how the handiwork of the parents and we had to be the good kids so as not to let parents worry.
After that, I let him saw the DVD, the same story and again asked him the similar question. My intention is to strengthen his understanding on the good values.
The second day, I asked him many questions and let him answered. I corrected his answer if he had answered wrongly.
My questions to this 5 years old kid are as follow:
1. Do your father busy in work everyday?
2. Do your father feel tired after work? Why he is so tired?
3. What type of children are considered good kids?
4. While talking, small kids should talk loudly, softly or totally soundless?
5. Why we should not fighting?
and many other questions.
During the coaching, if the kid was naughty, I quickly wrote down his faults and told him immediately.
Surprisingly, I found the kid actually was so understanding. With my patience, I strongly believe he will definitely become the good boy.
My friend, if we can cultivate him at this age, he will be able to lead the healthier life later.


marry said...

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nothingprofound said...

It's kind of you to take time to work with the boy. I hope things work out/

complémentaire santé said...

Im agree with you

bluedreamer27 said...

child psychology can work effectively as well..

have a great day cooling star sorry if i failed to visit your blog lately, i am now following your blog so that i will be updated with your latest post and so i can visit you here more often again

have a great day and happy blogging my friend

hope to see you in my blog again!

Beth said...

Some kids just need extra attention and help. i am sure he will calm down and turn out better because of you!

David Tamayo said...

Your story is a great example of how spending quality time working with a child can make a difference. There has been an epidemic use of the drugs used to treat ADD/ADHD. Sometimes all a child needs is a little extra attention like Beth said instead of putting kids on drugs unnecessarily. (p.s. Thanks for your visit and comment on my site I really appreciate it) Take care ;o)

umihoney said...

Kind of you.Hyper children are generally very smart...and your nephew seems a smart child.Good luck.

Ali said...

yepp hyper kids are normally very sharp


AngelBaby said...

I just stopped by to visit and see how you are doing.

The Little boy is lucky to have you helping him, it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job teaching him.

I have been on a quest looking for a new place to live, for the past 7 months. Now I am all moved into the perfect place for me so I can visit all of my favorite sites and yours is one of them.

I just did a post on the pioneers of Your Caring Angels so come by and see because you are one of them. I hope you like it.

Love and Blessings,

Seemu said...

that's really sweet of you... some day that kid is going to see you as a role model...

Medchrome said...

Cultivation is important... I agree.. nice post

Anonymous said...

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Ian C - My Twist News said...

Coolingstar9, I finally found my way to your blog and I am sorry it took me so long to get here.
Your posts are very precise and informative.
I try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day, but sometimes I find it tough.
Thank you so much for the inspirational words in your blog.
I will certainly visit more regularly.

Jimmy Ng said...

Sometimes kids are like that. They're only scared of someone else rather than their parents. Since he's the youngest, he could be the most pampered/spoilt(which most parents won't admit) and became a knucklehead.

It was nice of you to help up with your brother and managed to turn him into an obedient child now. You've been a good helping hand to your brothers.

If he has gone home to his parents, do keep a constant watch over him by calling him often to remind him to be a good boy.