Monday, October 19, 2009

You are blessed

Today my friend Miss Tan shares with me the real story. After hearing the story, I suddenly realize that I am blessed. I believe most of you are also blessed. You will understand fully why you are blessed after reading this touching story.
Many years ago, there was a child who was born with skin problems. Do you know what type of skin problem? The skin was look like a scaly ant eater. This was not the normal skin, its skin was easily fell off. This was indeed the tragedy for this little kid.
When the little kid reached the schooling age, her parents sent her to school. The unfortunate thing was happened, others kids all dared not to come near her because of her skin problem. Because of this, the school told her mother that she could not study there further.
The little girl was very upset and the mother apologized to her that she was born like that. The mother cried and told her daughter that she had to find her own way.
The little kid was so curious and learned herself whenever she found the old book outside. Whenever the other children visited her house, she would ask them what the meaning of words on the old book.
One day, The writer Mr.Zhang heard about that, he was so caring. He found the team of doctors to help cure her skin problem. After treatment, there was much improvement on her skin. One day, Mr.Zhang asked her what was her wish. This little kid said; I want to be the writer.
Mr.Zhang told her; Ok, I will teach you from now on.
My friend, Mr.Zhang was so caring and he helped the little kid selflessly.
The good news was that this little kid was already grown up and now she was writing articles for the local newspaper.
After reading this story, surely you will realize that you are blessed. You were born healthy and you had the chance to study and learn.
So, treasure it and ask yourself : what are you doing now?
This story is written in hurry, please forgive me if any written errors.
Have the nice day, you are blessed and I am blessed as well.

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nothingprofound said...

I agree. That's the best attitude: that one is blessed just to be here.

The Pet Chatter said...

I heartily agree. We are all extremely blessed. The trick is to see the blessings and be truly grateful so that we attract more blessings.

Theresa111 said...

Thank goodness for Mr. Zhang! What a blessing he was to this young child.

chubskulit said...

Yup, we are all blessed in different ways!

Chrissy said...

Lovely story William and as someone who suffered from a chronic skin problem as a child, I can in a way feel a lot of empathy for this child at school. Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am, and I am truly a very lucky person. Have a lovely day :)

GoddessDionna said...

Wow We need more Mr. Zhangs around. And yes, I am blessed. I'd rather have my health, strength and sane mind over anything in this world.

Much love, Goddess Dionna

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

I wasn't quite 'born healthy' - but I was born, and that's something to be thankful for in itself.

And - in response to an implicit question - yes, I consider myself greatly blessed.

ladyviral said...

Curiousity is always good :). what am i doing now? Reading your blog for the right attitude to lead :).

foongpc said...

Oh, I agree! I am blessed and I am so thankful for every blessings in my life! : )

AngelBaby said...

This is a beautiful story showing us just how blessed we are. Thank you for a nice reminder.

Love and Blessings,

Daisy Soap Girl said...

I am indeed blessed when I wake up each morning. Everything else is a bonus.

melisa said...

This is a blessed true story. I hope there'd be more people like Mr. Zhang.

The girl is also admirable in that despite her unkind experiences she was still motivated and focused to become what she is now.

Thanks, William, for sharing this story. ^^

budbud said...

Very touching storyT.T

May I copy this story into my blog??
please reply me with comment on my blog.

coolingstar9 said...

Glad to know that you like this inspiring story.
You are asking my permission, this is ready the good attitude-ask permission.
You are welcome to do that, hope you can just mention this post was written by coolingstar9 and put my blog site link there, thanks.
Have the nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

It is so true thay one is blessed just to be here.
Since we are blessed, then we should do something meaningful.

coolingstar9 said...

The Pet Chatter,
You have the good point that we must be truly grateful so that we will attract more blessings.
Is it something like the law of attraction? I think so.
Enjoy your weekend.

coolingstar9 said...

Mr. Zhang is a very caring and selfless person.
He also spent his time to write good books to enlighthen people how to live happily.
Mr. Zhang is the good example. This was ready the touching story. Best wishes to you.

coolingstar9 said...

I agree with you that we are all blessed in different ways!
Thanks for reading this post, have the great day.

coolingstar9 said...

You fully understand the pain for those who suffered from a chronic skin problem.
Yes, it is the good reminder for all of us- how blessed we are.
Have a lovely day :)

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, you have the positive attitude towards life.
Yes, we need more ' Mr.Zhang " in this world.
Wish you happy go lucky always.

Deepika said...

i am satisfied with what i am having now.. So i think i am blessed.