Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sincere love

On my last post: harmony, Faisal Admar said that he didn't have much problem with his siblings. they respect each other and love each other so much since they were kids.
Glad to know that Faisal Admar don't have much problem with his siblings since kids.
Faisal ask : 1.Do you think marriage is for making kids and hope that they will take care of you when you are old? do you really believe in that?
My thinking:
Traditionally, marriage is for making kids and kids need to take care. However this type of concept has been changed and now we have to prepare ourselves for the old age.
2. Faisal has made some survey and ask: Do you know that most of the kids nowadays live far away from their parent? end up parent still alone.
My thinking:
Yes, the trend is that kids live far away.I hope kids can stay near parents or stay together.


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