Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Borderless knowledge

This is a " click " world, why I say that? Children started to learn and use computer at the very youngest age even in preschool . They learned how to use mouse to click and click, am I right?
Today, I surf internet for an hour to find some information, I use mouse to click from one web site to the other, the internet is like the deep sea, so many things to see and learn.
When we go to the web site, we look through the page, we will click the " link " if we find interest on it. If we are really interested in learning some more, we will click further. Likewise, If we find no interest at all, we will stop clicking further or go to the other web site.
This is a " click " world, for advertisers, they expect people to click their advertisement, so that they can promote their products or services. How successful he is depend on how many traffic and clicks .
Likewise, any popular or successful blogger also depend on " clicks ". If no click, then slowly they will disappeared from the internet unless he is blogging purely on passion.
For blogger, there is some rule applied especially goggle advertisement , he himself can not click the advertisement on his own site or tell people to click the goggle advertisement on his site.
How to have more clicks without telling readers to click on it is an important task for those blogger who want to earn some money from the advertisement.
I feel excited whenever I see more clicks because I know that I can drink more coffee. I feel happy because they enjoy reading my blogs and they want to know more relevant information, that's why they click the relevant advertisement.
This is my personal view , hope you enjoy reading it, have a fulfilling life.


Beth said...

Clicking is a strange think.. I use public Internet so the more clicks slow me down and use up my time.

Beth said...

Why can't my comments show Cooling? I posted yesterday and nothing and again today!

fwidman said...

True, clicking ads is important for a blogger. Not to click your own ads, as this is how I lost my google adsense account, which is strange to me as the few ads I did click on my blog were ones that I was interested in learning more about.
Sometimes, when visiting a blog of another, I click on an ad or two just to help that blogger out :)

Our Love Story said...

that is the very reason why i click yours very often! smile! : )

coolingstar9 said...

Sorry for publish your comments late. It is because I not always using computer. I only access computer after work or free time.
So happy to see you here.
It is true sometimes we can not access site quickly due to many reasons like using dial up, broadband speed slow, etc.
Upgrade broadband speed will help access web site faster but we have to pay more for the service.
Wish you happy, healthy and enjoy your work.

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
True, clicking your own ads for whatever reason is against the rules.
For me, I stick to the rule. I do not click my ads and never tell people to click because it is unfair to advertiser.
fwidman, thanks for your visit, please take care of yourself, be happy and important healthy body.
best wishes from coolingstar9

coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story,
For me, blogging is really interesting, I can share my little ideas to readers. I can learn from others also, the readers got many good ideas.
Blogging is my hobby after work. I stick to the rules, be honest myself.
I still have much room to learn, I do not compare myself to others.
I just be myself, do the right things and no expectation.
Have a peaceful life, healthy and happy.
best wishes from coolingstar9

neomesuff said...

the world wide web is a click away to knowledge, entertainment and networking..so thts y i dont watch tv much nowadys heheh

coolingstar9 said...

Wow, Nowadays you do not watch tv much because you find that internet has lots of information plus entertainment.
This is the wonder of internet, do learn something good, neomesuff.
Have a nice day.

nisha said...

Hi cooling star.. lovely post you have out here. And am so glad you are a pr3 blog now, dont go for paid posts as google tends to bring down pr as soon as a person starts writing paid posts!!

This blog has lots of info, am sure you(not me) are going to be a successful blogger someday:)

coolingstar9 said...

Hi, nisha, thanks for your encouragement.
You say:" This blog has lots of info, am sure you(not me) are going to be a successful blogger someday:)"
Thanhs for motivating me.
I wish you become a successful blogger also.
Have a nice day and happy and fulfilling life.

Aaron said...

Great article cooling. I just clicked over from Digg, to let you know your friends are reading.

coolingstar9 said...

Great to see you here, thanks for reading my posts.
You say:" Great article cooling. I just clicked over from Digg, to let you know your friends are reading."
aaron, I will visit you, have a wonderful journey.
Best wishes from coolingstar9