Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do the right thing

Yesterday, I saw a paper pasted inside the lift. The paper had few words as follow: " You can see the flowers, please do not take it away. If you take the flowers away, you feel happy but the flower lover { owner } will feel sad. "
After seeing this, I believe someone might had stolen the flower pot from others. This is really a bad deed. I know there are many flower lovers who put the flower pot outside their house. If anyone really loves the flowers, he should ask permission from the owner, he should not steal.
Do you encounter something like that?


waliz said...

yes..last time i was collecting cacti in a day one of the pot was missing...and i feel really2 sad..everytime i see the one which looked like my missing cacti i will remember ths incident again and again...

coolingstar9 said...

There are many flower lovers in the world. They feel happy whenever they see their flowers. They enjoy watering plants and gardening work. They put a lot of efforts.
I understand how you feel when your cacti missing last time.
It is a bad habhit to take away others flowers, doing this will ruin one's life and it might lead him to the wrong path.
Thanks for your valuable comment, Waliz, have a wonderful life.
love and blessing

joshuaun said...

no...........because I have no planting any flowers.....

but my mother have, but nobody dare to do that.........hahahahahah:p

coolingstar9 said...

Ha ha, your mom is the flower lover. I believe that she lives in safer place.
joshuan, have a peaceful life.

Joy0z said...

What a cute post but really happening in real. I love flowers too and it's funny to think when I was yet a little girl I pick flowers from my neighboor without their knowing and put it in my ears. They were not mad infact they give me the whole pot to take care of the flowers and have some for my ears lol!

coolingstar9 said...

Joy0z said,
You love flower too. When you were little girl, you pick flowers from your neighboor without their knowing and put it in your ears.
I believe you just pick one or two. Your kind neighbour was not mad,in fact they gave you the whole pot to take care of and have some for your ear.
This was happening in the past, I believe You will not do it now.
Thanks for your sharing, have a peaceful life.

Faisal Admar said...

i never encounter this kind of problem before. maybe i because i don't have a fancy flower pot at home. but this is bad... people are unpredictable sometimes. hurt their own kind. :(

coolingstar9 said...

Faisal Admar,
You never encounter this kind of problem before because you don't have a fancy flower pot at home.
You have the point that people are unpredictable sometimes they hurt their own kind by doing something bad.
Have a peaceful life.

sunshine said...

Hi CoolingStar9,

I prefer the flowers on their own live pots (stems), therefore, everybody can get delightful and happy from them like me.

Thank you for your good post. You've still done good job.

coolingstar9 said...

This is a good idea, big truck with colourful flowers.
Have a nice day, take care always.

Hazel said...

ya, u r right. i hate flower thief also.

Our Love Story said...

i am a flower lover... i prefer fresh flowers than artificial ones! yah, it should be a must that we ask permission when getting something that don't belong to us... it's the rule of the thumb!

missed yah... hope to see u in my site! take care always! cheers : )!

coolingstar9 said...

You hate flower thief. I believe you also hate any kind of thief.
Happy blogging, hazel.

coolingstar9 said...

Our Love Story,
You are a flower lover and prefer fresh flowers than artificial ones!
Yes, fresh flower go through growing process just like human.
We have to observe-the rule of the thumb!
The frequency of visiting other blogger site is reduced this two week due to some personal commitment. I will visit you soon, let's cheer up. have a nice weekend.

Lynn said...

haven't encountered something like that. you're right, the person should ask. stealing is bad!

ranu said...

Whenever someone steals flower pots or ruins other people’s gardens basically they are trying to take away the joy and happiness associated with it. Someone had destroyed all the plants in my backyard (it was an open backyard). What I did was complained to the committee and planted more beautiful ones.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, stealing is bad! This bad habit will hinder our success in life.
Have a nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

About stealing-
It is true that they are trying to take away the joy and happiness associated with it.
Why we must take away people's joy and happiness?
You have the point, we should give joy and happiness to people.
Have a nice day.