Saturday, February 23, 2008

You are valuable asset to the society

You need to have positive thinking about your job. Please remember that whatever honest job you doing is a direct contribution to the society. To exploit your hidden potential , you need to constantly upgrade yourelf. I wish all of your successful in whatever fields you are in.
I received some comment so far, but what is your view?
Helen said,
whatever problems we met while working, we should have positive thinking.So that , we will feel happy when working.
Tracy said,
Yes, you are right my friend, we should be optimistic in dealing with our life and always Pray for God's guidance that we can overcome stress from work and to any trials and hardships in our life, there is a saying“There is nothing impossible with God. So have confidence to yourself always and be useful in the society “For what you do unto other's, other's do unto you"confucius says. Good luck and God bless you always.
Oleang said,
We are gears of society machine, then when you stop other will effect too.
adreamer2 said,
What a wonderful thing to think on….
My contribution:
We are the last pages of His Story…..
Your sister,Ginger,((dream interpreter for over 20 years))
Abdul Khalique said,
Yes i do agree with you.. you are absolutely right…m with u.. am on ur side….
Lai Leng said,
One should think positive and look forward in life.Be grateful and respectful to those who are good to you,be benevolent and tolerance for those who treated you badly.Be optimistic and treasure what we have achieved or gained as life is short.A simple word word is to live happily and gracefully for we only live once in a life time!
Lori said,
This is true,whatever you do, take pride in doing your job. I take pride in answering questions in yahoo answers.
Dan Dempsey said,
Though I’m not currently working, I believe I need to have more positive thinking in my life. Sometimes I feel stagnant and without motivation about many things. Not sure how to start thinking positively, but I know it is supposed to be a very good thing to do.


I Love Philippines! said...

Hello Coolingstar. First I want to thank you! Next, this particular pfriend. He used to tell me that in this world, we cannot get all what we want. So if you happen to work, you have to:

"You have to do it not because you love it but you have to love it because you have to do it"

Another nice post...

Sexy and Healthy said...

Yes, if one thinks so bad and is already in a bad condition, it really makes a "worse" situation.

Thant's why I have been commented at work by my director as the one who "Never loose composure"... hahaha..maybe for my positive attitude who always laughs at problems.

Free SPirit said...

Positive thinking helps a lot. And we really don't know hoe powerful our brain is.. how it changes everything around us. Things happen in our brain only and whatever we think, helps a lot on what will happen. If we think more of success, success is near than failure.

Il Monetiser said...

A good article here. I agree that thinking positively is good. And being optimist really helps. But at times, we cannot stop ourselves from facing reality. It is because we are human beings that has some laws of nature in our body and mind... that are simply difficult to control.

coolingstar9 said...

i love philippines,
It is my pleasure to help you out and I do not know why I feel so happy for that. It should be the job of participation.
Your friend mentined that not all we want can be achieved, it is true. This is one of the worries that people suffer. Since this is the reality, we have to accept it without any hatred.
Simple life with positive mind are the solution. Learn to love the job is needed.
Thanks for your good contribution, have a sweet dream.

coolingstar9 said...

Sexy and healthy,
You laughing at the problems can reduce your stress level, it will make your mind work properly.
Lets smile more, it needs not cost us any cents.
I believe one day your director will give you the award.
Share you the new encounter, have you heard about sexy food before?
Lets sleep early for monday's work.

coolingstar9 said...

Our mind is really powerful, if you do good, it will become more good. on the othe hand, if we do bad, it will become more bad, its all because our mind.
Positive thinking is the key factor to chase away negative elements.
I hope you will continue with your positive mindset and have a free spirit. Have a good sleep.

coolingstar9 said...

il monetiser,
Yes, it is true sometimes we can not control easily. But we have to learn how to control our emotion.
With stable mind, we can think properly.
Lets live bravely and have the undainted spirit to face and solve it.
I wish you always peaceful in your mind, have a good rest.

Anonymous said...

You can change your life with positive thinking. It will not change overnight but with consistent and persistent action in time you will see the results. Start each day simply by looking in the mirror and saying out loud "This is a great day, I choose to make it great." It is a choice, you are the only one that has the power to control your thoughts. For more on positive thinking check out my blog and articles at:
If you would like a free copy of my up and coming ebook "The Complete You; Achieving Success from the Inside/out" leave a comment on my site and I will contact you when it is out.

Positive Thoughts to You!
Carol Biondo

bluedreamer27 said...

hello there coolingstar ive got an award for you and a tag hope you like it have agreat day

Mummy to QiQi said...

hi CoolingStar9, thanks for dropping by my site. Glad to get a new blogger friend :)

Btw, just here to drop you a game at :)

I Love Philippines! said...

Hello again! Wow! You have a new image for your heading..just noticed. We are co-awardee of bluedreamer. Congratulations!

I think you would really make a good advisor... I just saw from your replies to comments.

Thanks again.

coolingstar9 said...

I am very happy that you are here to contribute about positive thinking.
What you say is true that we are the one to control our thoughts.
We are the one to control our own destiny.
Thanks for the tips, I will digest it and put into action.
Action is important also.
Have a great day.

coolingstar9 said...

I am really happy to receive the valuable award from you.
My responsibilities are now more and I need to contribute more even how busy I am.
Have a great day, Bluedreamer27.
I am really appreciate, hope the award can push me to the highest level.

Faisal Admar said...

I've bad experience with government department. Old fart there taught me that when you are smart and know many things, you’ll definitely do more works than others and people will keep calling you for helping them with things such as computer hardware and software. Actually it really happens on me.

I was an IT student before [ah forget about what cert I got], and yes I'm pretty good with computer. So, old fart in my office is abusing my specialty for their benefit. Do you get what I mean? For me to do more works and for them to relax and acting like they have a hill high or tons of works! Can you imagine?

So for my case, there’s no use to show what we have.

coolingstar9 said...

faisal admar,
Life is really challenging nowadays. I am glad to know that you are an expert on computer field and I hope you enjoying sharing your knowledge with people without any expectation. The outcome is that you will gain more.
Have a nice day, cheer it up, my friend.