Monday, February 11, 2008

Good education is the key of your future success

Yesterday, i went to watch Stephen Chow's new movie CJ7. In the movie, Stephen Chow acts as a construction worker who never received education. He sent his only son to the famous school hopeing that his son has a bright future.
It is really important to give our children good education so that they have the solid foundation to cope with the competitive world.
As a parent, it is our responsibility to remind and guide our children properly because this is their golden time for learning, their absorbing power are very strong.
In the movie, a male teacher shows very bad example looking down the student, Stephen Chow's son who are dirty and poor. As a teacher, we should show a very good example by showing care, to instill a good value. Teachers and parents must interact with each others well, together we can ensure our children been really taken care.
The movie is the comedy show with some really touching scene.
This is my little thought about education. It is good to learn something more, like how to be a good teacher and parent.


levian said...

i agree. in fact, children behave exactly how they are taught n shown to behave. such as that rich kid, it is obvious that he was taught by the male teacher (or even his father) to be proud n unwilling to share, until someone beats him with a better toy or so. parents n teachers does play a huge role in a child's mental development. how wide their acceptance are, all depends on how they are brought up.

joshuaun said...

ya,i just watched on last sunday=)
i oso wrote it in y blog=)

joshuaun said...

i just watch is so cool!!!!!
i oso write it in my blog=)

mr_viruz said...




Free Spirit said...

Wow! I like your is very true. A person with an educated and broad mind, may not necessarily be having a good life but he/she cannot be easily fooled.

Healthy and Sexy said...

Hi! Coolingstar9. Thanks for dropping by my page. You are right, education is very important. And I do belive that it's not all from the teacher and from books. As I used to study, my university professors were so broad minded and very happy if we, students, see mistakes in their teachings and we suggest corrections. We were always told that our university is a "market of knowledge" where everyone interacts and interchange ideas, not only from teachers to students. i do love my university and the professors there. I love their views and open mindedness.. I do hope many i f not all professors and teachers are like them.

I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! A very good post and very good teaching to readers. You are right, teachers as models must act good for students look up at them.

coolingstar9 said...

It is true that parents play an important role to instill the right values to children because they are like a white paper.
Teachers also have a great responsibility for that. Thanks for the comment.
Have a nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

I had seen your blog about Stephen chow's film CJ7, very informative, thanks for the visit.
Have a nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

You are right, education is really important for children.
Thanks for your tag, I have just seen it, I wish you happy forever not just valentine's day.
I am also your active reader.
See you soon.

coolingstar9 said...

Free spirit,
It is true that they are more brilliant, thanks for your contribution, I will visit your blogs soon.

-mimay- said...

hi coolingstar, how are you? Thank you so much for the comment. I was so surprised 'coz I rarely get one. heheh. Anyway, I can't wait to watch Stephen Chow's latest flick. I am a fan too. It's nice to know that they are making people realize the value of education. Movies like this should be promoted and promoted well-with the government's support. Anyhow, we can never tell right? So, feel free to visit my page anytime and if you want to exchange links, I would love to do so.

coolingstar9 said...

Healthy and sexy,
Your experiences shown that good teachers/ Professors were willing to accept new ideas to improve their way of teaching. This open-minded way of interaction is really good.
Thanks for your great ideas.
Have a wonderful life.

coolingstar9 said...

Welcome you to my site to surf, this is my pleasure to visit you again.
It is good to watch some comedy show, hope that you can enjoy it and learn something.
Glad to know that your interst on education.
I will add you, have a nice day.

coolingstar9 said...

I love Philippines,
Thanks for your nice comment. Lets work together to help our young generation to have a good start in their life.
Have a nice day.