Saturday, January 19, 2008

More interaction and no isolation

Today, i pass by community centre/club, i see so many posters showing many courses / classes available there. I see so many young and old practising taiji in the basketball court.
This is good to participate all these activities. You can learn dancing, cooking, meditation, language course, etc. according to your interest.
This is one of the places that you can learn some skill or build up your interest.
Through these type of healthy activities, you can make more friends, you have more interaction with all walk of lives, you are free from isolation.
So, if you never participate this type of activities, then you should consider join one or more activities during your free time, you will feel great.


mglt0907 said...


stumble upon ur blog by chance.

Is true though we have to interact and widen our circles of friends and enrich our lifes.

Have a great week ahead.

Michelle Gan

Space of Reality said...

Hello coolingstar...

Great tips... I like that... I want to participate with communities, like paying badminton, but sometimes I a just lazy :(

Space of Reality

laura b. said...

Hey coolingstar9, you are right. Joining classes and activities is a great way to make new friends and learn new things. No one should have to feel isolated if they don't want to.

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, widening our circle is good for everybody, we will feel better in life.

coolingstar9 said...

It is great to know that you like playing badminton, hope you can participate with passion like you writing blogs. keep it up, my friend.

coolingstar9 said...

laura b,
coolingstar9 shares the same view with you, i hope more people go to join these type of activities,know more friends, hee hee also can keep fit.