Friday, December 21, 2007

Keep on learning new things with passion

The advent of computer changes our life rapidly. Many years ago, many countries encouraged their citizens to learn about computer so as to be able to adapt the changed world.
Mr.Woon, a cleaner had attended a basic computer course ten years ago. Since then, he built up the great interest on the computer. He knows how to download music, video, movies, all types of softwares. Although Mr. Woon is not highly-educated, but he likes to learn new things. He can repair computer and know all parts of the computer.
Yesterday, he just bought a 1GB RAM and installed it into the computer, the performance of the computer is now better after the upgrade.
Because of his interest, he has the updated knowledge of new software. To my suprise, he even know how to play computer game.
Besides work, Mr. Woon built up his interest on computer, it brings him lots of happiness.


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