Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worried citizen

The following article was written by worried citizen. ( Published on Tan Kim Lian blog )
SGEP 28 March 2011
PM Lee – Think of the Future
Prime Minister Lee said that the citizens must think of the future when they vote at the forthcoming general
election. I agree with PM Lee. I wish to share this message with him.
For the past decades, I have been a staunch supporter of the PAP. I must admit that I did not have the chance to
vote for them, as I live in a constituency that has always been a walkover for the PAP. I have also been a proud
Singaporeans, happy with the economic progress that has been achieved through their leadership.
At this election, I will be thinking about the future – not for me (as I am half retired), but for my struggling
children and their children.
I wish to ask PM Lee about their future:
1. Will they have to compete with foreigners for jobs and for HDB flats?
2. Will the wages be stagnated while the cost of living keeps climbing up and up?
3. Will they have to serve National Service and be called up now and again, disrupting their careers, while
competing with foreigners?
4. Will HDB flats be affordable, or will it take them 30 years and longer, for both working parents, to pay off the
5. Do they have to work long hours, 10 hours or more a day, to be cheaper, better and faster, just to keep their
6. Will they have the time, and the courage, to produce children – which they cannot afford to keep?
I wish to ask the Prime Minister about their future. Will there be a future for Singaporeans, under your economy
policy and leadership?
Worried citizen

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