Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Volunteer work

Few days ago, my sister asked me whether I was free on this Sunday. She asked me whether I wanted to do volunteer work for the old folk home.
Since I wanted to upgrade myself spiritually, I told her that I was free.
On Sunday I followed my sister to the old folk home. Wow, I saw so many volunteer there. My sister and I helped out to peel off apples and packed bananas inside the box. Each box with 100 bananas to be distributed to elderly people in the old folk home.
This was the first time experiencing the volunteer work.
After few hours, the job was done, I felt joyful. I decided to do more volunteer work in the future.
Did you do the volunteer work before?


Janene Murphy said...

I am a strong believer in volunteering and do it a lot, primarily in my children's schools. I tell others that if they are looking to volunteerism as a way to garner 'thank yous,' it's not the job for you. It can be a thankless undertaking. You need to feel it in your heart. For me, it feels good to help others.

umihoney said...

That was indeed a very noble effort.In giving we receive.

Beth said...

I love volunteering. I do it when I can and while I lead a busy life, I try to make time to do so. I would like to visit the local old folks home in the future.

How are you?