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Sanzi Jing

let's study part three of Sanzi Jing. This is the first time I ready go through it.
Part three talk about China history.
經子通 讀諸史 考世系 知終始
The classics and the philosophers mastered,read the histories.Examine the connection between the eras,know the ends and the beginnings.
自羲農 至黃帝 號三皇 居上世
From Xi and the Yellow Emperor,they are called the Three Sovereigns.
who lived in ancient times. [Fu] Xi ("Animal Domesticator") (2953-2852 BCE)
[Shen] Nong ("Divine Farmer") (2852-2737 BCE)Yellow Emperor (2698-2599 BCE)
唐有虞 號二帝 相揖遜 稱盛世
Tang and Yu, called the Two Emperors,one abdicated after the other and theirs was called the Age of Prosperity.[Tang] Yao (2357-2255 BCE)[Yu] Shun (2255-2205 BCE)
夏有禹 商有湯 周文武 稱三王
The Xia had Yu,the Shang had Tang,the Zhou had Wen and Wu;they are called the Three Kings.The Xia dynasty was founded by Yu the Great, the pacifier of the Great Flood (21st century BCE). Wu founded the Zhou dynasty. Wen was his father, who died during the conquest of the Shang.
夏傳子 家天下 四百載 遷夏社
The Xia handed the throne from father to son,making a family of all under Heaven.
After four hundred years,the Xia ended.Xia Dynasty (2205-1766 BCE) Before the Xia, the throne was not hereditary.
湯伐夏 國號商 六百載 至紂亡 Tang ended the Xia,the dynasty was called Shang.
After six hundred years,it ended with Zhou (Dixin). Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BCE)
周武王 始誅紂 八百載 最長久
King Wu of the Zhou slew Zhou (Dixin).Eight hundred years long;the longest dynasty ever.Western Zhou Dynasty (1027-771 BCE). The 800 years include the period of the Eastern Zhou, when Zhou rule was only nominal.
周轍東 王綱墮 逞干戈 尚遊說
When the Zhous made tracks eastwards,the feudal bond loosened,shields and spears flaunted,wandering advisers held in high esteem. Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-221 BCE). The court moved east to present day Luoyang.This was also a time of the "Hundred Schools of Thoughts" where teachers, strategists, and philosophers offered their services to the various states.
始春秋 終戰國 五霸強 七雄出
Began with the Spring and Autumn Period and ended with the Warring States Period.
Five feudal lords ruled, seven feudal states arose. Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BCE)Warring States Period (475-221 BCE)
嬴秦氏 始兼并 傳二世 楚漢爭
The Qin of the Ying clan, started to unify all the states.The throne passed for two generations and Chu and Han contended. Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE)
高祖興 漢業建 至孝平 王莽篡
Gaozu rose, and the Han dynasty ruled until the reign of Xiaoping, when Wang Mang usurped the throne.Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE-9 AD). It was founded by Liu Bang, who ruled as Han Gaozu.Wang Mang interregnum (9-24)
光武興 為東漢 四百年 終於獻
Guangwu rose,and founded the Eastern Han. Four hundred years,ending with Emperor Xian. Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220)
魏蜀吳 爭漢鼎 號三國 迄兩晉
Wei, Shu and Wu, contended for the Han trophy.Called the Three Kingdoms,
it lasted until two Jin Dynasties.Three Kingdoms:* Wei (220-265)* Shu [-Han] (221-263)* Wu (229-280)Western Jin (265-316)Eastern JIn (317-420)[Sixteen Kingdoms (304-420)]
宋齊繼 梁陳承 為南朝 都金陵
Followed by the Song and the Qi,then the Liang and Chen,they are the Southern dynasties, with the capital at Jinling (Nanjing). Southern Dynasties:* Song (420-478)
* Qi (479-501)* Liang (502-556)* Chen (557-588)
北元魏 分東西 宇文周 興高齊
The Northern Dynasties are the Wei of the Yuan clan,which split into East and West,
the Zhou of Yu Wen clan,with the Qi of the Gao clan. Northern Dynasties:* Northern Wei (386-533)* Eastern Wei (534-549)* Western Wei (535-557)* Northern Qi (550-577)
* Northern Zhou (557-588)
迨至隋 一土宇 不再傳 失統緒
Finally, under the Sui,the empire was united. but not passed on,it lost the succession. Sui Dynasty (581-617)
唐高祖 起義師 除隋亂 創國基
Tang Gaozu raised a righteous army,ended the disorder of the Sui,established the foundation of his dynasty. Tang Dynasty (618-907)
二十傳 三百載 梁滅之 國乃改
Twenty times the throne was transmitted,in a period of 300 years.The Liang destroyed it,and the dynasty changed.
梁唐晉 及漢周 稱五代 皆有由
The Liang, Tang, Qin Han and Zhou, called the Five Dynasties, each exist for a reason.Five Dynasties:* Later Liang (907-923)* Later Tang (923-936)* Later JIn (936-946)* Later Han (947-950)* Later Zhou (951-960)* [Ten Kingdoms (902-979)]
炎宋興 受周禪 十八傳 南北混
The fiery Song arose, and received the resignation of the Zhou.Eighteen times the throne was transmitted,and then the north and the south were reunited.Song Dynasty:
* Northern Song (960-1127)* Southern Song (1127-1279)
遼與金 皆稱帝 賽衾踢 諂備著
Liao and Jin each called a dynasty.The Yuan extinguished the Jin
and finished the Song era Liao (916-1125). Tartar.[Western Xia (1032-1227)]
Jin (1115-1234). Tartar.Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). Mongol.
太祖興 國大明 號洪武 都金陵
Taizu arose,set up the great Ming,called himself Hong Wu.The capital was at Jinling (Nanjing)Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
迨成祖 遷燕京 十七世 至崇禎
until Cheng Zu moved it to Yanjing (Beijing).Seventeen generations until it ended with Chong Zhen.Chengzu reigned from 1403-1425.
權奄肆 寇如林 李闖叛 神器焚
The power of the eunuchs unchecked;bandits flourished like a forest.Li Chuang revolted,divine artifacts burned. Li Chuang was a rebel leader who sacked Beijing, causing the Ming emperor to hang himself. The defending general, Wu Sangui, invited the Manchu army into the city to help defeat Li Chuang. They did but then they stayed and founded the Qing dynasty.
清太祖 庸景命 靖四方 克大定
The great ancestor of the Qing received destiny's call; Peace in the four directions,
achieved great stability.Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Manchu.
廿一史 全在茲 載治亂 知興衰
The twenty one histories are complete.They record government disorder;understand prosperity and decline.Republic of China (1911-Present)
People's Republic of China (1949-Present)
-----------------------end of part three of Sanzi Jing---------------------
I think it is good for children to know his country's history.

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