Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rich man's life

Mr.S was the very successful businessman. He had been selected for the top post in China few years ago. Although he seem like a person of bright future but he died at the age of 30 overs years old.
Why he died so early because of his wealth. When he had a lot of money, his desires became more and more. He had three different women at that time.
One day he felt very weak, he went to see the Chinese traditional doctor Mr. Pang. Mr. Pang was the skillful doctor. He observed him and did some analysis.
Doctor Mr. Pang told Mr. s:" Your body weakness is because of excessive sex, if you continue do that, your legs will become dumb and cool. one day your legs will be amputated. You have to stop having sex for 2 year to prevent your body becomes worsen.'
Mr. S never believed it and continued to have excessive sex with his three women. Half a year later Mr. S called doctor Mr.Pang:" Doctor, what you said was right, my legs is dumb and cool, any solution?"
Mr.Pang told Mr.S:" I had told you before and now you have the signs, no cure already.'
Few months later, Mr. S died at the age of 30 over years old.
My friends, Mr. S had shortened his own life because of his excessive desires. What was the point of having wealth and lost the life so early? He was reducing his luck.
What is your view?
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